The Bolt Carrier Group

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!As per requested, I’ma doing a bit o’breakdown today on the Bolt Carrier Group for the AR/M-4/M-16 series of rifles.Two Main Types. M-16 and AR-15 BCG Main difference is about a 1/2 inch of steel shaved off the ass end of an AR.  This is to prevent the AR from being… Continue reading The Bolt Carrier Group

Dr. Seuss…. REALLY???

Greeting Me Droogs N Droogettes! Fuckin’ Aye.  These wankers never seem to slow down.  The ‘gas’ on the fire of going after the best childrens book writer ever IMO is fucking appalling.  I mean REALLY?  I dig that the Left is a voracious critter as a whole but Dr. Fuckin’ Seuss? The Babylon Bee did it… Continue reading Dr. Seuss…. REALLY???

So Much For Joe…

Greetings Me Droogs n Droogettes! I give Slo about 30-45 days max at this point He just had what I call his “Kennedy/C.I.A.” moment. Meaning he’s come out publicly in favor of allowing the serfs to form a Union against Amazon.  In their eyes, that’s a killin’.  Amazon has been notorious in it’s anti-Union stance.  No matter the ‘niceness’… Continue reading So Much For Joe…

Wifey is Happy

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!After the Gray Man sale, I was able to get Wifey’s anniversary present out of layaway without resorting to insane credit card abuse.  $400 wasn’t too bad, not for what she wanted.  And man, she’s a Happy Happy Girl. A solid mahogany, non-veneered 1910 Rice-Carver (? no fucking clue Aye?)  style… Continue reading Wifey is Happy

Blogshoot AAR

Greetings Me Droogs n Droogettes! Oh. My. God. First time in many moons I missed a poast yesterday. Spent like a shell casing after Blogshoot.  Me and Sapper went at got there a wee bit late as we stopped for vittles on the way at a nice lil froo-froo Breakfasty place, and then went and… Continue reading Blogshoot AAR

Legal Injustice

Greetings Me Droogs n Droogettes!Good training stuff upcoming.  I’m listening to y’all on ‘stuff’ thats going to be needed in the future, with some info that’ll be covered this weekend.  This A.M. I’m gonna go into the upcoming problems (as I sees ’em) that’re starting and are flat-out what’s going to be the “Line” that… Continue reading Legal Injustice


Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes! Found this LINK over at Wirecutters place. What. The. FUCK!!!! For the TL;DR crowd: “An Oklahoma man suspected of murdering three people has confessed to killing his neighbor, cutting her heart out and then cooking it to feed his family, authorities said.” Are you fuckin’ kidding me!?! There’s crazy then there’s flat-the-fuck-out bugshit… Continue reading HOOOOO-LEEEEE SHIIIIIIIT!!!

All Done

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!99.99% Completed work on the new AR-10.  The only thing missing still is the crush washer, but thats a teeny piece.  An awesome Droog has throw a few in the mail and should be here before Blogshoot.  Borepatch is hosting another shewt’em up down at the Manatee Gun club here in Floreee-duh! and Sapper n’Me… Continue reading All Done

Liberal Cowardice

Greetings Me Droogs n Droogettes! So, my fellow blogger Arthur Sido over at “Dissident Thoughts” has a pretty damned good writeup on “Illiberal Liberals” Link HERE (if the bloody thing works).  The TL;DR take is his perspective (correct IMO) of the liberals of the world have come full circle… Becoming that which they rail against the most… Continue reading Liberal Cowardice

$15 an Hour

Greetings Me Droogs n Droogettes! Hope y’all are still kicking.  I’ma waiting for the cawfee to kick in meselves.  Good news from yesterday was the V.A. finally re-upped me meds.  A newer better monkey, but now I can actually bend over and tie my shoes without by spine exploding. Now to biddness of ye topic of ye… Continue reading $15 an Hour