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Hope y’all are still kicking.  I’ma waiting for the cawfee to kick in meselves.  Good news from yesterday was the V.A. finally re-upped me meds.  A newer better monkey, but now I can actually bend over and tie my shoes without by spine exploding.

Now to biddness of ye topic of ye daye…$15 an hour:

Now, anyone with two brain cells to rub together knows the whole nevitable blowback that’s gonna happen with the whole Federally mandated $15 an hour… Small businesses are gonna take it in the Kiester by Easter if it gets pushed through.  It looks like it is, and man, that’ll be the end of Mom n Pop stores, and I even think that a lot of fast-food locations are gonna shit the bed, if not automate and get rid of all them now expensive Happy McBurgerflippers. 

My concern that’s been percolating in ye olde thinkin meat isn’t just the small business, nor the ‘downriver’ (it sure as hell ain’t gonna be a stream, thats fer sure) effects, nor even the personal impacts. 

Nope… it’s how that shit is gonna affect ME

Me as in “I’ve spent 30 years learning and getting to the point where I can earn my living”  I.E. a professional, who’s making $19.81 an hour when broken down.  Now, mind you that’s with what I call the ‘healthcare kicker’.  Lots of companies, rather than pay out the Obominable Healthcare Extortionist rates, pay an hourly employee ‘bump’ so’s we can get our own insurance (hopefully at a severely reduced rate).  Now, since it’s aboot $4.20, that means realistically I’m getting aboot $15 an hour.  I’m lucky.  Full VA Bennies… I get to keep the ‘bump’

After working 30 plus years.

So… where does that leave me?  I’ll tell ya… Ima gonna be hitting the bosses up for a bump or they can -hopefully- find a competent person to replace me.  And considering that yeah, this’s for the most part a phone-monkey job, yeah, they can probably find someone.  BUT long term I’m just one fuckin’ guy.  Just wait til the rest of the workforce decides to do the same exact thing that I’m going to do.

Fuckin’ Chaos Aye?

‘Cos dunno ’bout you, the inflation that will happen after all the Happy McBurgerflippers start earning what they think is going to be a “living wage” shit’s gonna go off the charts in cost increases.  We’re already seeing it in car prices.  New cars are retardedly expensive, and JugEars Obamamessiah the Assfucker (piss be upon him) with his “cash for Clunkers” shit-program positively destroyed the used car market…  Along with the retarded ‘Green New Assfucking” that they’re instituting to outlaw Internal Combustion Engines (ICEs), it means that it’s a progressive plan to enslave us.

“Keep us on the Plantation” by eliminating cheap, easy transportation

Cut the wages to “Equitable Level” i.e. just enough to barely make a living

Keep real food at a premium,and start forcing artificial shortages and make the ‘alternative’ food available to the masses

Possibly eliminate the vast majority of “Useless Eaters” to keep things ‘sustainable’

What I’v always wondered is just who do they think is going to do the gruntwork in their new overlord positions?  I mean guttin’ a pig to make chops is an ugly nasty job, and there ain’t no full automation -yet- that can handle the whole shebang.  Which means slaves, and guards for the slaves…  which, to quote Heinlein from “Space Patrol” 

“Who Watches the Watchers?”  

‘Cos I know if I managed to finagle a position of being “The Guy with the Gun?”

Welcome to Thunderdome Bitches!

Yeah…again, yeah they’re going all ‘accelerationist’ in their plan, but they lack the ability that they need to actually pull it off properly.  It’s called Critical Thinking

Ain’t taught no more in the skoolz… not even in the Poison-Ivy Leagues

So, long term, stay inside the OODA loop, keep your friends close, yer enemies closer…

Preferably as close as your side yard

4 foot and a layer of crystal drano does wonders

Ask me NOT of how I know this

Jes’ Sayin’

More Later Today fer sure

I Remain The Intrepid Reporter

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