Good Afternoon from the Intrepid Reporter of Fame and Legend! Eh…who am I kidding?  Its a quiet Sunday in “Big Country’s Home for Wayward Veterans”… tho its down to just me and the Sapper. Back when I first got divorced I had a dire need )like all other times?) for money, and had possession of… Continue reading Sunday…

“Mostly Peaceful Protesters”

From Ace of Spades LINK to Real Clear Politics Uh.. yeah… about that.  Tweets and video showing hundreds of Antifa attacking and assaulting Trump Supporters, including women and the elderly at his Minneapolis Rally… I know he’s trying to shiv that Somali Con-Artist-critter, the Ungrateful Slore Iilan Omar, Brotherfucker in Charge of the MinneMogadishu Mafia… Continue reading “Mostly Peaceful Protesters”

Its going to be Ugly

Morning to all the fine folks out there in I.R. Land.  Been doing the early morning thing today (as in I got my lazy carcass out of the fartsack before 9AM thanks to the NGFF. Couldn’t stop myself… she made breakfast and coffee… which ’round this place is a rarity.  -I’m- the designated cook up… Continue reading Its going to be Ugly

More Pyromania Lessons

OK Time to continue with the Weapon of Mass Destruction:  The Flammenwerfer This part of the game, again the disclaimer: DISCLAIMER:  I AIN’T RESPONSIBLE FOR SHIT.  I KNOW NUTHIN’ I HEAR NUTHIN’ AND I SEE NUTHIN’.   THIS’S STRICTLY FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES  AND IF YOU ARE CRAZY ENOUGH  TO FOLLOW THE BOUNCING BALL, ITS -ALL- ON… Continue reading More Pyromania Lessons


Good Afternoon from the Bunker of the Intrepid Reporter!  The Friday Fun Day is on us once again, (not that I notice… meh one day’s the same as all the rest)  That being that, I got the Granddaughter coming over this weekend, so posting’ll resume when I can… chasing a 20 month old redhead takes… Continue reading Tribalism

Gold Fever

Good Morning, or for me, good morning and good afternoon for y’all in I.R. Land. Yeah being unemployed has bennies to a fine line.  Me?  I’d rather be working.  This ‘unable to sleep’ while worrying about the mortgage, the bills, the dog and the rest has me staying up until Oh Dark fucking late, which… Continue reading Gold Fever

Wednesday and on…

Greetings and Good Afternoon y’all.  The I.R. just trying to make a day or two without stress…  Lately this whole ‘no job’ thing is wearing on me.  I went to the Veterans Administration (yeah, I’m that fucking desperate) and talked to my p-shrink, who put a consult in for the Job Assistance folks.  The 30… Continue reading Wednesday and on…