I Need a Vacation

Good Afternoon Me Droogs and Droogettes! Another fine day here in Central Flor-ri-Duh, the Gunshine State! Whelp, the Grandbaby is now sick.  Go fucking figure amiright?  When we picked her up, she hadda lil’ sniffle going on.  Nothing too intense or unexpected.  Normal lil kinder stuff.  Now?  Well, this morning she was off her feed… Continue reading I Need a Vacation

A Saudi Arabian Tragedy…

Good Evening or should I say Good Morning My Groogs and Droog-ettes! The Intrepid Reporter here from Big Country’s Home For Wayward Veterans!  I’m alive and well and somewhat recovered from the shall we say excesses of my half century celebratory shenanigans. Yeah that was a hangover.  Never mix.  Doc Dad taught me that back… Continue reading A Saudi Arabian Tragedy…

Post 50th….

Good Painful Morning me Droogs… Did the roof cave in or is it just me? I’m wiped. Smoked. 50?  Fuck that.  Kill me now. I’m going back to bed.  I’ll look for you all later tonight if and only IF I can get rid of this roadmap that appears to be over my eyeballs. Until… Continue reading Post 50th….


Good Eeeeee-evening Me Droogs! A quiet day here at Big Country’s Home for Wayward Veterans.  A looooong night was had the night before with some rather disturbing PTSD dreams that fucking kept me up half the night, and the other half?  The NGFF hadda wake my ass up as I was screaming and crying out… Continue reading Pre-50th

Well, so much for that.

Good Afternoon me Droogs n Droog-ettes.  A bit of a take on CENSORSHIP.  Apparently my store in Zazzle has come to the attention of whatever authoriteyes that’re out there and I received -this- little notification: Yep.  Barred n’ Banned for the Great Offense of THIS: Yep.  It’s come to this. Banning motherfucking –clowns-. The T-Shirt… Continue reading Well, so much for that.

UCMJ and the Fucktard

Good Afternoon me Droogs!  A hearty “Fuck You” to all the traitorous scumwads and fucktards inhabiting this fine country.  May you all find yourselves at the end of a very short rope in the extremely near future.  Preferable after the execution of your entire families. Yep.  Like the Norks… Gotta say the whole “Remove three generations” is the only way… Continue reading UCMJ and the Fucktard