New Woodpile is out

Greetings me Droogs!  Just a heads up, the new Woodpile Report is up. Remus and the Woodpile Figured I’d do a ‘solid’ on it as I love Remus’s take on things… More Later The I.R. Big Country

“Woke, Broke and Stupid is no way to go through life son…”

Goooooooood Morning my Droogs!  Seems we’re going to have to start doing a countdown to the Ultraviolence and be ready to kick off the Boogaloo.  It’d be real horrorshow to say the least. Well this mornings topic is fairly obvious. Charlie’s Angels Crashes n Burns I mean you’d need a FLAMETHROWER to burn that amount… Continue reading “Woke, Broke and Stupid is no way to go through life son…”

Drop the Fucking Hammer

Good Evening to the Droogs and Droog-ettes that willfully sacrifice brain cells and intelligence quotient points to come here for a good ole right winger “dumbin’ down’ ho-down”! Well, todays rant about the ChiComs reenacting “Schrindrers Rist” in Hong Kong wasn’t enough…  I’ma all sorts of assed up about various things, but the worst of… Continue reading Drop the Fucking Hammer

Never. Give. Up. Your. Guns.

Salutations me Droogs!  A hearty Hi Ho and away we go into another spin shot of weirdness and general bullshit. First off, some Admin work:  1)  My extreme thanks and gratitude to Phil over at The Vulgar Curmudgeon for linking my “They Reek” post from yesterday.  Holy shit my daily hit count went triple!  My thanks sir!… Continue reading Never. Give. Up. Your. Guns.

OK… Thanksgiving Past

Greetings and Good Evening to my Droogs in the Land of Humidity, Stupidity and faaaaaar to many (((New Yawk Transplants.))) God help us on that one. True Thanksgiving Story. A few years back, pre-divorce from XHH6, I unwittingly agreed to going on a Cruise through the Caribbean with the Demon-in-Laws, the shithead Brother-in-Law, his Slut… Continue reading OK… Thanksgiving Past

Motherfuckers continued….

Oh yeah… I’m fucking heated. Greetings My Droogs.  Big Country here with a whole spleen filled up with bile and bitter hatred for “The Man” and any other corporate motherfucker out there… A quick question: Just when are we going to be allowed to start shooting these recockulous pieces of excrement in human form?   Mah trigger finger… Continue reading Motherfuckers continued….


Greetings and Good Morning to all the fine folks who inhabit the walls and sconces of this blazing bullshit I call a blog. Holy shit I still feel like hammered dogshit.  This fucking cold got its claws into me and the Sapper -but good-.  Well now… to the Motherfuckers portion of the title.  Demoncrats.  Motherfuckers… Continue reading Motherfuckers…