I Love This…

Greetings to the Deplorables in da House! All y’all know who you are and why yer here… leastways I -hope- its because I provide some form on entertainment.  Todays subject is (besides work) is touching on the Project Veritas drop that came out today: Well that Escalated -Quickly-… Yeah… I made that on one of… Continue reading I Love This…

A Bit of Truth in Humor

Greetings and Salutations Me Droogs! Sorry for being -so far behind- the power curve but I haven’t had a full day off in like going on what?  3 weeks?  I mean the OT is killer, but I feel like I’m on a deployment to a certain degree… 12-15 hour shifts daily, 7 days a week. … Continue reading A Bit of Truth in Humor

Greetings. I’m still Alive

Salutations to all the Camp Followers and Droogs still attached to this here blog. A question:  When the hell did it become November?  I mean wow… the time while unemployed was going by quicker than I wanted, but now?  Back at work?  The time is like FLYING by.  I mean its an interesting job, and… Continue reading Greetings. I’m still Alive

Apologies. Out of Pocket

Morning y’all. Been working crazy fucking hours.  17 hour shift last night, and I’m back on shift.  I’ll update y’all tonight and over the weekend.   Fucking crazy overtime so at least I got that going for me. Big Country