Damn I’m Good (Chart added)

Afternoon/Morning to the ‘Early Reader’ Droog and Droogettes Looks like I was right again… A last group of 79 People were found infected on the Love Boat just as they ended quarantine. Guess you could say I was in the spread that I called, (even as large as it was).  They apparently unleashed, well -everyone- offa… Continue reading Damn I’m Good (Chart added)

Dammit Bob…

He’s at it again… Hard to do this when he keeps attacking my hands while I type… Til Later I’m the I.R. Big Country AND Bob

A Bit of Light Weight Posting

Evening Me Droogs and Droogettes! Got an –interesting- email from a guy who knows a guy… didn’t know this but the term I use “Droogettes” is apparently a really hardcore all-chick punk band… Who knew? I just thought it was a clever term to feminize the Droog Handle. So, as I posted earlier today before I… Continue reading A Bit of Light Weight Posting

Love it When I’m Right

Afternoon Me Droogs/Droogettes! From the Unimitatable Razorfist: Yep… The Love Boat done gone and went even more retarded. Seems they found another what the hell was it? 99 MORE Infected, bringing the total to 548 cases plus or minus. Well GAWD-DAMN! I fuckin called that one.  Next:  I’d say another 75-100 +/- tomorrow.  Its now… Continue reading Love it When I’m Right


Evening Me Droogs and Droogettes! Tonight’s MASSIVE PhonyBalony DoublePlus UnGood BadThink Numbers are as Follows: February 17, 2020 @ 20:30 hours… Infected: 73314 Dead/KIA’d: 1872 Jesus… they still can’t stop lying. Yep… According to Barrons, the numbers are, as I’ve maintained COMPLETE bullshit.  LINK HERE  For those of you who TL:DR, it’s pretty much a summary of… Continue reading Yep

Fuckin’ PayPal and China

Afternoon Me Droogs N Droogettes What the hell is it about me n the Ole Lady going out to eat?  The other day at Texas Roadhouse it was a steak that was disguised as shoe leather.  Yesterday, we stopped on the way home for an early dinner at Cracker Barrel… fuckers served me a Deep… Continue reading Fuckin’ PayPal and China

Evening Roundup AGAIN

Evening Roundup Time Me Hearties! Yes Droogs n Droogettes, its time for the 2.1% Club to have it’s Nightly BadThink Numerical Roundup (plus or minus .1% variance) February 16, 2020 @ 20:30hrs Infected: 71306 Dead/KIA’d: 1773 And now, a nice round of Applause for Whiny Da Poo AKA Premier Xi or “Leadership Joe Chink” who,… Continue reading Evening Roundup AGAIN

Evening Roundup

Evening me Droogs n Droogettes Fun night tonight… Me, the Ole Lady and the Sapper went to Texas Roadhouse for din-din.  Not bad but they -did- fuck up my steak and they took it off the check (no shit they did) otherwise it was a pretty good meal.  Fuckers torqued my steak beyond recognition… I’ve… Continue reading Evening Roundup

I Called That Un

Afternoon to all the Droogs N Droogettes still hangin’ ’round here! Saw the news (for values of what it is) That the (((MiniMikeMaggot))) or (((M3))) from now on for brevity’s sake… is gonna pick MegaBitch Killary as his running mate. OhHo!  Now, honestly can’t remember if I called it here, but I definitely talked to… Continue reading I Called That Un