So Some More Intel

Afternoon me Droogs and Droogettes! Florida: Yesterday: March 21 @22:00: 763 Cases Today:       March 22 @16:30: 830 Cases Update at 22:00 to follow… Got a hold of my cop buddy in Pennsylvania.  He gave me a bit of the run down on the current sit-rep in the A.O. and it sounds like a… Continue reading So Some More Intel

Local Updates UPDATED

Afternoon Me Droogs n Droogettes More localized intel gathered from a few sources.  In this case, Sapper, Inlaws, and Spawn. First Off: Florida: March 21 @ 14:30: 658 Cases UPDATE                March 21 @22:00: 763 Cases Sapper got hit with a mission this A.M.  He’s in whats been declared… Continue reading Local Updates UPDATED

Evening One and All…

So good evening me Droogs n Droogettes Florida Count: 563 @ 20:00 on March 20 Yesterday:        432 @ 19:30 on March 19 Fuckin’ OOPS. Last days to get yer shit straight. If you even had any shit to straighten out to begin with. Not that there IS shit to be found. …and… Continue reading Evening One and All…

Are You Fuckin’ KIDDING Me?

Evening Me Droogs n Droogettes Guess no one is -SERIOUS- about stopping any and all of this bug, nor are our Overlords telling us the truth about, well about anything I’d hanker at this point. I climbed onto the FlightAware Flight tracker and after seeing that the Whole Fuckin World is apparently still on the move,… Continue reading Are You Fuckin’ KIDDING Me?

Got Me a Bug

Greetings Me Droogs n Droogettes Lite posting as I’m going back to bed shortly.  Got me a bug apparently.  Don’t -think- it’s CoronmaChan but man, I’m wiped out, feeling shitty, achy and all that.  Leastways I got good drugs here at the Casa. Dunno if I’ll go down to the VA or not.  Tough call.  They… Continue reading Got Me a Bug

Feeling Tired

Afternoon Me Droogs N Droogettes Been hibernating a bit.  Not much happening than the ‘slow roll’ of what I’m now calling “The Daily Double” which is here in Florida the cases daily according to the Center for “Oh Holy Shit We’re Fucked!” Diseases.  Overnight The numbers for the past two days have +/- 5-10 doubled… Continue reading Feeling Tired

So Out and Aboot

Greeting Me Drooges and Droogettes Went out today.. didn’t want to but the Mizzuz needed to do a few errands. Observations that thereof as follows: Local WalMart: Complete shitshow.  No buttwipe, no soup, no bread, no paper towels.  Many rows of what normally would-be-packed areas of food supply completely ransacked.  It wasn’t this bad during… Continue reading So Out and Aboot

THIS is Why We’re Doomed

Afternoon/Early Evening me Droogs and Droogettes Whelp, seems that the “Quarantine Motel” that was put together a few weeks back in Kent Washington has had it’s first “runner” so to speak.  LINK. When this particular setup was being done, apparently no one bothered to ask anyone in the A.O. whether or not they wanted it.  In a… Continue reading THIS is Why We’re Doomed

Yay One Hunnerd Kay!

Greetings on theThis Most Auspicious Occasion! My MANY Thanks to the Droogs and Droogettes who inhabit this small but demented corner of the Intarwez!  Thanks to you, This place hit it’s first milestone of over 100,000 pageviews. Yeah, to some who say “Meh… Big Deal!”  I dig it. But this’s allllll me baby.  Rather pleasing… Continue reading Yay One Hunnerd Kay!