So I’m Hammered

Late Night/Early Morning Greetings to my Drooges and Droogettes Just a couple of thoughts whilst I hit the Korova Milk Bar… too damned bad I can’t get a Vellocet or other styled drug-induced Shakes… However, A jug of Iced Finlandia does fine for now. The point of this lil roundabout… WTF is going on?  I’m… Continue reading So I’m Hammered

THIS is Why We’re Doomed

Afternoon/Early Evening me Droogs and Droogettes Whelp, seems that the “Quarantine Motel” that was put together a few weeks back in Kent Washington has had it’s first “runner” so to speak.  LINK. When this particular setup was being done, apparently no one bothered to ask anyone in the A.O. whether or not they wanted it.  In a… Continue reading THIS is Why We’re Doomed

Yay One Hunnerd Kay!

Greetings on theThis Most Auspicious Occasion! My MANY Thanks to the Droogs and Droogettes who inhabit this small but demented corner of the Intarwez!  Thanks to you, This place hit it’s first milestone of over 100,000 pageviews. Yeah, to some who say “Meh… Big Deal!”  I dig it. But this’s allllll me baby.  Rather pleasing… Continue reading Yay One Hunnerd Kay!


Afternoon me Droogs and Droogettes! All proceeds according to plan. Last pile o’food bought, the lowers I bough at the end of February have been picked up, and now? We wait. Its now just fine tuning things and staying busy.  Got a lot of little things to finish up, now to include finishing a long… Continue reading FWIW

Remain Calm

All is Well! Evening/Morning Me Droogs and Droogettes Cognitive Dissonance: the state of having inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes, especially as relating to behavioral decisions and attitude change. noun PSYCHOLOGY Seems a few many people IMO are stuck in the C.D. mode of: “Well it ain’t happened here so I’m good!” “The media is just… Continue reading Remain Calm


Evening to the Droogs and Droogettes in our pre-lockdown dumbassery. My OODA Loop is pinging… maybe I’m wrong. My call? Trump declares a Nationwide Medical Emergency commencing at 17:00 (5PM to you civvies) at Close of Business on Friday until the CoronaChan is Burned Out. No leaving home, no unnecessary travel, don’t leave the house,… Continue reading My Call: UPDATED

Moms Diggin In

Good Afternoon me Droogs N Droogettes! Well, it’s official.  My ass is saved by the bell –again-.   Got an email from corporate this morning… “Due to the COVID-19, we have been notified by the Kuwait Ministry they are suspending all entry into Kuwait for nonresident personnel. This means Kuwait is not allowing anyone in country… Continue reading Moms Diggin In

Tired of Morons…

Evening me Droogs and Droogettes! Just a quick post… been a LOOOOONG day w/the Mizzuz running around and doing work.  She had a photo shoot for a magazine today, hair n makeup… I drove her because why not?  And man… then off to the VA for my script pickup and all the rest of the… Continue reading Tired of Morons…

Daaaay-go!!! Daaaaaay-go!!!!!

Me say Daaaaaay-go Dagos go and Quarantine their Homes! (with apologies to Harry Belafonte) Greetings Me Droogs and Droogettes! Sorry for the departure and lack of comms overnight, but I did a thing… Yeah, I’m both a Glutton for Punishment AND fucking Retarded as Phil would say… No worries tho… IRON-FUCKING-CLAD Prenup signed before I… Continue reading Daaaay-go!!! Daaaaaay-go!!!!!