Evening Droogs n Droogettes! No real posting tonight as I made a vidya: Hitler Reacts to Covid-19 Y’ALL SAY THERE’S NO SUBTITLES DAMMIT… HERE’S THE LINK https://captiongenerator.com/1801462/HITLER-AND-COVID Specifically the lockdown lifting… Let me know what y’all think. The Intrepid Reporter Big County

The King has a New Throne

Greetings me Droogs n Droogettes… Spent the morning doing ‘around the house’ chores. Namely installing a new Throne in the shitter: The old one was beat the fuck up and was the original that came with the house.  Paltry half-gallon “earth saving” bullshit model… that started malfunctioning about 2 years ago.  I know… I should… Continue reading The King has a New Throne

Another Weekend….

Evening me Droogs n Droogettes! Finally… the weekend is here.  Holy shit it’s been a slog getting here.  The job is going well, leastways as far as working from the house, I’m in total enjoyment mode.  Waking up 15 minutes before the start of my shift?  Wearing my nasty assed sleeping shorts and ripped up… Continue reading Another Weekend….

Fuckin NICE!

Evening Droogs n Droogettes! a short one before bed… I’m still pretty fucking wiped out from the Granbebe and the Missuz spent the majority of the day doing the remaining laundry whilst I worked.  Then she pretty much slumped into Ye Olde Recliner, and sorta-kinda melted into it.  I know she’s alive ‘cos that magnificent chest… Continue reading Fuckin NICE!

OK Update of new besides Me

Late Evening Me Droogs n Droogettes Sooooooo OK… the new gig has me talking to people alllll over the country.  My biggest calls are from New York… both Upstate and New York Fuckin City, NYFC for brevity. The picture painted is a Zombiepocalypse… minus the Zombies. Currently, things have completely –stopped– as one long term… Continue reading OK Update of new besides Me