Observations from NY

Evening me Droogs n Droogettes! Another Friday come n gone and thank fuckin God. Although no rest for the wicked apparently.  The HOA sent out a “Big Brother will be coming around next week, so make sure the lawn is raked, the trees trimmed, etcetcetc.  Personally, they know not who they be fucking with methinks. … Continue reading Observations from NY

What a Day

Evening Droogs N Droogettes! Oi!  Fuckin’ some of Wirecutters luck rubbed off on me the wrong way.  Last night the washer started running a bit funky… sounded ‘off’ to me.  So, I let the fucker cycle and went to bed with the idea to throw the now-cleaned clothes into the dryer at oh-dark early when… Continue reading What a Day

Wirecutters Back Up

Afternoon Me Droogs n Droogettes Apparently Wirecutters blog took a GIANT shit (as well as his truck, AC and whothefuck knows what else?) Dude is having a hell of a week on top of the whole trapped in the Casa mode. If y’all get a chance to pop over, hit his tip jar.  Sound like he’s… Continue reading Wirecutters Back Up


Jeebus… Morning Ds and D-ettes… Heh.  ‘Deez’… DEEEEEZ NUUUUTS! OMFG… its 0400… I woke up at 0330… Bad dream that I can’t remember WTF it was… Fucking hate PTSD… –Truly- the gift that keeps on giving.  The worst part is not remembering just what the fuck the scene was that was running through my diseased… Continue reading Muthafuuuuuckaaaaa…..

Navy Political stuff

Afternoon Me Droogs and Droogettes 15 minute break towards the end of the day with the Dolts. Some of you yesterday commented on how it ain’t so bad.  Y’all are right to a certain degree.  I -am- ostensibly at the house…  and I’m most certainly not dealing face to face with these motherfuckers… Although I don’t… Continue reading Navy Political stuff

So There I Am…

Greetings me Droogs and Droogettes! Middle of the afternoon I’m still on the clock… Fuckin’ kill me.  Day two of training and I’m dealing w/Dolts. I love that word… so olde-timey.  Highly insulting too IMO.  The folks that’re doing the virtual training remotely from the house are a nice enuff sort from what I can… Continue reading So There I Am…

Sunday FunDay

Afternoon me Droogs n Droogettes Just woke up… it’s 12:00 EST and damn.  What a week so far. My most sincere Apolly-olly-ollygies for being out of pocket.  Had Work on Friday.  What a complete and utter shitshow the first day conference call was.  More on that in half-a-tickity-boo.  Then, The Grandbaby was over for a few. … Continue reading Sunday FunDay