OK Drunk as Fuck but Fuck it

Late Evening me Droogs and Droogettes Seems that we’re at the worst of the worst right now. Maybe I’m wrong.  Maybe I’m not. Point is, do you want to be wrong? Wrong is not having the shit you need to be comfortable.  Wrong is being considered ‘crazy’ by the neighbors.  Crazy being the guy who… Continue reading OK Drunk as Fuck but Fuck it

So As We Prep

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes So today was another case of “Same Day-Different Assholes”  Welcome to the call center salt mines…  At least I’m at home, and things are entertaining as far as knowing and doing so to speak. Had ANOTHER one-on-one with a broad who at least acknowledges my abilities… in fact so much… Continue reading So As We Prep

Busy Busy Beaver eh?

Evening Me Droogs N Droogettes! Whelp.. half a jug of some good, nay GREAT Deutche Wein… specifically Schmitt und Sonne Reisling…  Oh how I love that particular jug o’gutwein LOL.  Realistically, the reason ye Olde Intrepid Reporter went ‘wine mode’ was that was all that was in the house, and I wasn’t feeling the whole… Continue reading Busy Busy Beaver eh?

Lunch Time

Afternoon Me Droog n Droogettes Yep… more fun in the salt mines. Meh… its a living.  I’m just going to LMAO if they ever listen in on some of my calls…  I get the question of “Why does your company do ‘X’” to which I reply “Hey, it’s a Evil Super Gigantic Multinational Megacorp… what… Continue reading Lunch Time

Muh DYE-Verse-It-Tye

Evening Me Droogs N Droogettes! Well, went over and talked to the Serb this A.M. vis-a-vis ye olde trespasser in the neighborhoodish.  Seems that -whomever- it was ain’t from ’round herebouts.  A non-native who, by the grace of God, is still drawing good O2.  Mainly cos it woulda been bad if’n he’d done gone and… Continue reading Muh DYE-Verse-It-Tye

WHOO HOO! Trespasser Alert!

Mid Afternoon Me Droogs N Droogettes Spending the day catching up on Top Popp… Motherfucker is brilliant in his analysis of the current stupid that’s infectamated the country. redonkulas.com… check it out.  Dude is a Visionary. So his latest on the scene is that he’s concerned in his own way about how things are going. … Continue reading WHOO HOO! Trespasser Alert!

Well THAT was fast…

Late Afternoon Droogs N Droogettes! Success, or a reasonable facsimile of that thereof. My last rant about UPS? Yeeeeeeah… About that… So I got heated up after my rant… I mean after all, 1000 Remington No. 7 1/2 Primers are getting nigh on –impossible-  to come by… I sent an email to the seller… asking if… Continue reading Well THAT was fast…