So ANYways

Afternoon me Droogs n Droogettes So Day Whatever of Wifey being gone.  Work progresses, however slow it is, and got some news today that was a bit -bothersome-.  She went up to the Kentucky/Tennesee/North Carolina A.O. cause the step-spawn need(s) surgery… Possible tumor or some such whatever, and on my experience, told her and HER… Continue reading So ANYways

Memeing Again

Evening Me Droogs n Droogettes A great fell night by gum!  Meme’d the fuck outta some shit over the past few days, especially over in GAB as I can’t put the majority of that shit out in public.  Not -too- worried about the doxx as much as the ban-hammer… Of which it comes down on… Continue reading Memeing Again

A Quiet Sunday

Afternoon me Droogs and Droogettes! A quiet SSSSSSSSunday.  Totally dead around La Casa de Campisino Grande.  Sappers at work, I slept in late, and wifey ain’t gonna be back for a minute.  Only issue I have is no wheels as the Wifey Unit took the one ride we have, and with Sapper gone, the secondary… Continue reading A Quiet Sunday

Well THAT was Exciting!

Greetings me Droogs and Droogettes! The Flammenwerfer is a success… Sort of… Seems that I may have missed a metal shaving when I cleaned out the tank from the initial drill hole. Cause it got caught in the gun, leaving the mechanism open, fuel coming out and on fire… Bit exciting as one would say. … Continue reading Well THAT was Exciting!

Great Minds

Afternoon me Droogs n Droogettes Did the pressure test on the Flammenwerfer.  Went -relatively- well.  Initial pressurization blew the hose off at the bottom… seems I didn’t ‘lock’ the quick disconnect.  Scared the shit outta the dog when it came off… all the C02 whistling wigged her out of her puppy-butt LOL. Then, another issue… Continue reading Great Minds

Ze Flammenwerfer

Greetings me Droogs n Droogettes. Had the day off, so’s I was able to finish that project: Pint on ye olde main fuel tank….taped off and removed the top plastic piece, and sprayed 2x coats on it. Then, no that you can see it yet, is the benzine tank for the igniter… But it ain’t… Continue reading Ze Flammenwerfer

Another Weekend Gone By

AFternoon me Droogs N Droogettes! Whew…. I need a weekend from the weekend.  Chasing a 2 point 5 Year old around AND doing a big assed combo Fathers Day and Fiftieth Birthday for the Mizzuz… I’mabout spent like a shell casing. Yeah… just like dat. Made mad food.  Cooked my ass off.  One of the… Continue reading Another Weekend Gone By

New Format

Morning me Droogs and Droogettes… Fucking hating the ‘new blogger’.  Why do they always  have to fuck with shit?  Old Blogger worked for almost 20 years… now we’ve lost the ‘countries’ part of the stats, and some of the other stuff , like referring sites (Phil and Irish). If during this run it goes sideways format -wise,… Continue reading New Format