The Difference Between Racism and “Selectivism”

Evening me Droogs n Droogettes Food for thought:  I keep looking at (despite my wife ) keep looking at the headlies that are out there and the continual screaming from –everyone- on the left that all whypeepo are “racist” and we need to “check our privilege” and other such bogus mantras “’cause black folks don feel… Continue reading The Difference Between Racism and “Selectivism”

Evening Gang

Salutations tot he Droogs and Droogettes running ’round out there in the Intarwhebz. Seems the fuzz have seen the writing on the wall, and are calling it a day.  Not that I blame them.  The unbelievable hostility that they’re getting is far out of proportion to what they (in many cases righteously) are deserving of.  I… Continue reading Evening Gang

New Format

Morning me Droogs and Droogettes… Fucking hating the ‘new blogger’.  Why do they always  have to fuck with shit?  Old Blogger worked for almost 20 years… now we’ve lost the ‘countries’ part of the stats, and some of the other stuff , like referring sites (Phil and Irish). If during this run it goes sideways format -wise,… Continue reading New Format

Greetings and Salutations

S’up Me Droogs N Droogettes. Seems we got a bit of a tiff going on in Seattle… too fucking funny.  Methinks the “Social Policing” is going to be a mite fuck-ed-up-ed. Apparently, I can’t load pics on the site right now.  Dunno whats going on, but the “new and improved” blogspot so far has failed to… Continue reading Greetings and Salutations

Been Busy

Evening Me Droogs n Droogettes! Sorry for the pause in posting…. been busy as a mo’fo with work. Slaves gotta Slave donchaknow? Oops… now I done did it.  BLM is gonna show up here to doxx and drag my name through the dirt and harass me.  I hope. Bring it Bitches. Yep.  It’s getting old what… Continue reading Been Busy

Old News but Rejoice!

Greetings me Droogs n Droogettes! Western Rifle Shooters is UP!!! “Can’t stop the signal Mal.” And I’m sure the PTB are like “Whats the frequency Kenneth?” I’ll post mor tonight… the only reason I’m up right now is I got a telehealth Doc meeting with the VA… S’gon be epic mon.  My hair, the top… Continue reading Old News but Rejoice!

Bad Sign…

Evening Droogs N Droogettes… Methinks the enemy is at ye olde gates on this here rant… The Stats for the past few weeks, since I started ye olde flammenwerfer series again and the Iraq lead up that I wrote about, my daily numbers have been between 1750-2500, with about 300+ hits on Part One and… Continue reading Bad Sign…

Part Three Flammenwerfer: in 3D

Gooooood Afternoon me Droogs N Droogettes! Here at Big Country’s Home for Mentally Disturbed Veterans and the Wayward kind as well, we’re proud to bring you part three of the “How to Build a Flammenwerfer.”  This time, in GLORIOUS 3D!!! Nah… actually it’s just the normal shit… I just wanted a reason to use that… Continue reading Part Three Flammenwerfer: in 3D