Part Two Flammenwerfer

Afternoon Me Droogs N Droogettes! My, how much fun can one country have?  Defund the Fuzz?  Fucking hilarious!!!!  It’s going to be a long summer, made even more entertaining by the concept of “Escape From ___(fill in city name)___ Another post for later… I got to get on this Flammenwerfer Part Deux for y’all, and… Continue reading Part Two Flammenwerfer

To Clear the Air a Bit

Evening me Droogs n Droogettes! A ‘bit of a tiff’ methinks Oi started, rather unintentionally… Me Boomerific Beat Down wasn’t meant to include any of y’all… Apparently the Definition of “Boomer” is ageist as fuck, which is hysterical in that the Libs love using the “O.K. Boomer!” epithet as an attack on their elders/betters, which calling… Continue reading To Clear the Air a Bit

Part One Flammenwerfer

Afternoon me Droogs n Droogettes Mostly pictorial stuff on the build.  I put together about 90% of it, and its all there. So: For the Record: LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Do NOT try this at Home. Do NOT build a flame thrower if you are a fucking moron with delusions of being a handyman. Do not use… Continue reading Part One Flammenwerfer

Afternoon Gang

Greetings from Big Country’s Home for Wayward Veterans and All me Droogs N Droogettes out there in the ethernet zone. Well to start with for today: Seems I won the current battle with the job.  I go back -sometime- next week, although in what capacity I have no idea.  I do know that the knives’ll… Continue reading Afternoon Gang

My Thanks to My Readers and MOR Bullshit from the PTB

Gooooooooooood Morning Me Droogs n Droogettes! HOLY SHIT!!!!  1490 hits on my post from yesterday! 1900+ hits overall!  A new record for the I.R. of late fame and fortune! I have to thank -everyone-, especially Phil, the Vulgar (grumpy) Curmudgeon (double-negative there methinks) and Concerned American, late of Western Rifle Shooters Association, (R.I.P. and damn you… Continue reading My Thanks to My Readers and MOR Bullshit from the PTB

Starting Slowly

Morning Me Droogs N Droogettes Seems that early yesterday evening Western Rifle Shooters Webpage got bent over and fucked in the ass by the PTB. VERY worrisome in that he pretty much just linked to Double Plus Ungood Badthink Web Articles with a bit of Snark.  Sort of a Patriot Aggregator web page… Drudgelike if… Continue reading Starting Slowly

Burn Baby Burn!

Burn it allllllll down….(gotta love that 70’s fashions and facial hair eh?) Evening Me Droogs n Droogettes! Tonight I’m LMAO… they’re marching right by the house, and the neighbors have all been lookin’ a might ‘hard’ about the bullshit level.  We had plenty of time to know just where and when it was going as… Continue reading Burn Baby Burn!

Another Loooong Night UPDATED

Evening me Droogs n Droogettes Seems these fucktards keep sending out messages to fuck with us ‘Burbers…  To the point that there is/was? enough credible/actionable Intel that the Sheriff one county over, a Mister Grady Judd, issued the following: Unlike my county, the Polk County Sheriff is my kind of people.  Guy was born in the… Continue reading Another Loooong Night UPDATED

Long Night

Afternoon Me Droogs n Droogettes Long night at REDCON-1 around Big Country’s Home for Wayward (and heavily armed) Veterans.  Had to bust out the battle rattle and ready up as the local brand of AntiFa apparently came ’round dis way to play, and looted the Verizon store 500 meters from Ye Olde Casa. Decided that… Continue reading Long Night