Drinks ‘N Stuff…

Evening Me Droogs and Droogettes! Seems that the “Great Pushback” may finally be upon us. ‘Bout fuckin’ time aye? As in the Corporate Retards,  meaning Females, Human Fuckin’ Resources, Retards, Morons, and General Anti-Human Fucktardians might be finally waking the fuck up. Leastways, one can hope. Essentially, Red Bull is an Austrian (this is important later)… Continue reading Drinks ‘N Stuff…

Late Afternoon Folks!

Greetings me Droogs and Droogettes! Sooooooo another day, and Cool Beans! Dolla to Make Me Holla! Seems the purchaser of Ye Olde Flammenwerfer is a “Medical Doctor of Some Repute” and got elbow deep in guts n’such.  My most serious A-polly-olly-ollogies to him for thinking he ghosted.  Apparently, shit where he’s at’s been ‘busy’ which… Continue reading Late Afternoon Folks!

Wow… Just Wow…

Afternoon me Drooges N Droogettes! Been under ye Olde Rockpyle, dealing with a house fulla motherfuckas LOL.  In the past 48, I’ve had Spawn #1, his woman, Wifey’s Pregger Daughter (mom of Granbebe) and her hubby, Redneck, (dad of granbebe), and Sapper and meselves packed into what was once a spacious 4 bedroom McMansion with plenty… Continue reading Wow… Just Wow…

Mini-Flammenwerfer Inbound

Greetings and Salutations me Droogs and Droogettes! Time to shrink the Flammenwerfer! Had a guy reach out wanting a small “more mobile” version so’s I went and bought a 1/2 size tank. Of Course dude has fallen off the radar now that I sunk the requisite bux into the pieces parts amiright? Either way, it’s… Continue reading Mini-Flammenwerfer Inbound

An Interesting Piece

Evening Me Droogs and Droogettes! Time to take some time off from the come Race War ™ and Inevitable Societal Collapse, A.K.A. “Da Purge: Time to Take Out The Trash”.  So, in keeping with my usual, I’m doing a fave post about guns… Leastways gun repairs. The Wifey has a client who told me she… Continue reading An Interesting Piece

It’s Coming

Afternoon me Droogs n Droogettes! NOW all the AntiFa losers are all freaking out about “fed intervention” and “being snatched off the streets” and whatnot…  Calling Trump a Fascist/Nazi yadda yadda yadda…  To the point these clueless fucktarded Mayors are -demanding- that the feds leave their cities… “Terror Tactics?” Maaaaaaan What the fuck are these people… Continue reading It’s Coming

Fuck ‘Em, Kill ‘Em ALL

Evening me Droogs n Droogettes! Yep. It happened. The St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner decided that waving guns as a deterrent to a Chimpout is warranting of prosecution. If this warrants prosecution and the bullshit that goes along with it, it’s high time to start killing motherfuckers. Someone in your yard?  Threatening you?  That’s a killin’… Continue reading Fuck ‘Em, Kill ‘Em ALL

Basic Maintenance

Late Afternoon/Early Evening to Me Droogs and Droogettes! Yeah, the whole “no longer working” thing has it that waking up at 13:00 is a plus, but means the majority of the day slips by.  Not a -bad- thing… sleeping in means less time getting angry about shit I have zero control over.  That and avoiding the whole… Continue reading Basic Maintenance

A Current Overview

Late Afternoon me Droogs n Drooettes! Time for another trip down the rabbit hole, and see whut we can see.  Good news of sorts what with the race-hustling CONgresscritter John Lewis who achieved “good” status overnight by dying on cancer or some such shit. Good fucking riddance. The -only- ones who’re really saddened are his… Continue reading A Current Overview