Late Night Update

LATE evening me Droogs n Droogettes!! OMFG we’re going to take a different tack tonight… PFC Vanessa Guillen Godspeed PFC…. What’s INSANELY  fucked about this case is that she was missing for months. And her chain-of-(lack of)command didn’t do shit. They’ve arrested a dependapotamos who was involved, and it looks like the perp who done did… Continue reading Late Night Update

Happy 4th Of July

Late Evening Me Droogs and Droogettes! Not sure if it means a shit, but Happy Fourth of July.  Proper Spelling INDEED!  Abso-fuckin’-lutley. I notice the powers that be are quiet as fuck as far as any sort of ‘crackdown’ on said holiday.  Guess even the most brain-dead socialist/globalist knows to S2… as in Shut the… Continue reading Happy 4th Of July