A Human Shitstain

Afternoon Me Droogs N DroogettesBeen doing some “Enemy Doxx” Research and throwing it up on Gab.So far THIS: Piece of scumfuckery has been Identified. NOT BY THE CORRUPT COPS Nope.  By the fuckin’ Autists on the Chan… (Great Job Gang!) And it got confirmed, because his sister called the cops to confirm that this was… Continue reading A Human Shitstain

Spicy Time Is Here

Afternoon Me Droogs and DroogettesWhelp… shits for real now. With thanks and apologies to WRSA… Seems that the Rules are Changing. Wearing a “Patriot Prayer” ball cap?  That’s a shootin’.  Wearing a “Blue Lives” American Flag?  That’s a shootin’. Being in Portland, trying to Support Trump? That too, is a shootin’. They done gone and fucked… Continue reading Spicy Time Is Here

A Reader Sends

Afternoon Me Droogs n Droogettes!Got an email today from a reader who’s got some issues with one of his Boomsticks.  Seems he’s got excessive ‘wear n tear’ on his AR and wanted my input: “Hey BC! A few years ago I bought 2 ARs. One for me and one for the new wife as her… Continue reading A Reader Sends

So I Finished it…

Greetings Me Droogs n Droogettes! Managed to get a few things done despite the cuteness that is GranBebe.  Her latest is being a ‘helper’ around the house.  She’s got her own itty-bitty cleaning gear and dutifully pushes the dirt and debris on the floor around into somewhat neat piles (to be p/u by Papi shortly thereafter). … Continue reading So I Finished it…

Need…. Coffee….

Morning Me Droogs n DroogettesAnd yeah, found out we gots us some wimmenzfolks who done come ’round here. Guess I’ma have ta dust the corners ’round here.  Bit of a Short Poastie here at the House today.  Yesterday was a shitshow what with Grandbebe showing up, me doing and being the bartender, short order cook… Continue reading Need…. Coffee….

Play Stupid Games,

Win Stupid Prizes! Afternoon Me Droogs n Droogettes! Looks like it kicked off last night. Two down, millions to go. Looking at ALL the vidya that I’ve seen so far, the kid is in the right… as in a righteous shoot. Being chased by a HUGE crowd screaming “Get that guy”? Check Fear of his… Continue reading Play Stupid Games,

Make Them ALL Good

Greetings Me Droogs n Droogettes! More work done on Wifey’s toy: Loving this… Killin’ ’em w/Cuteness… Sooooo…      Seems the “mostly peaceful protesters” ran into someone who wasn’t willing to put up with their shit: Almost made them good… Permanantly. Seems that Whypeepo are starting to lose their patience with the NNL and BLM… Continue reading Make Them ALL Good

Blasting Fun

Afternoon (Morning to me) Ye Droogs and Droogettes! Big Country’s coming out of a fucking coma this P.M… feels like the A.M. to me… and nope… no chemistry involved.  Apparently, my carcass can go days and weeks on end under spirit-and-soul-crushing tension, without any real obvious side-affects.  That being said tho, when I reach the… Continue reading Blasting Fun


August 24, 2014  Dear ISIS I figure since everyone seems to be giving their two cents on your threats and attempts to intimidate the United States into some form of capitulation, I figure that it might be time to give you guys a “reality check.” Call it a public service, call it what you will.… Continue reading Dear ISIS

Back Home

Evening Me Droogs n Droogettes! Tough night with the In-Laws… Ma is losing what little marbles she has left, and Da lost all his hair. Like ALL of his hair. Docs got no idea what it is… literally every. single. strand.  Eyelashes even… fucker is balder’n an egg.  He’s taking it in stride, but no Kojak… Continue reading Back Home