A Short Post

Greetings Me Droogs n Droogettes!A short missive as it’s the Wifey n Mes Fourth Anniversary.  We escaped Casa De Big Country to see the In Laws.  That in itself is a pain in the arse.  Love the folks, but they are old. Like mad can’t let go of shit… many many repoeating of the same thing… the… Continue reading A Short Post

Afternoon Gun Thread

Greetings Me Droogs n Droogettes!So, I went out the other day, (night actually) as we’ve had some weirdness in the A.O… seems we got creepers in the neighborhood.  Not sure if’n it’s the same two who did a ‘light probe’ of my slider a few months back, but apparently they came ’round here the other… Continue reading Afternoon Gun Thread

Told Ya!

Evening me Droogs n Droogettes! A HUGE THANK YOU TO YOU ALL!!! JUUUUST realized in the stats that I popped over a quarter-million hits! Go Me! My special thanks to Irish and Phil.  Both awesome bastards in their own right. Sooo not to linger on with the show! Whelp! THAT was a lot sooner than I… Continue reading Told Ya!

They Don’t -GET IT-

Afternoon me Droogs n Droogettes!Busy day, whot with an Interview and finalizing the packing and shipping of the Flammenwerfer… sorry for the delay Hammerman, the kids being here really fucked up the household schedule.   But!  All is now well, things are tracking, and I’m realizing it’s about to get kinetic. They’ve been asking for that switch… Continue reading They Don’t -GET IT-

Sunday Fundays

Afternoon Me Droogs n Droogettes!Mucho appreciation to those of y’all A) Contributing to the Big Country Bullet, Bean and Boot Fund and B) To all y’all supportive jockstrap motherfuckers who’re giving words of encouragement!  Couldn’t keep doing it without y’all!  I fucking need to make a Blogroll of Honor or some such shit…  If I… Continue reading Sunday Fundays

Well THAT was Quick

Afternoon me Droogs n Droogettes! Whelp… >WOMP! WOMP!<So much for that gig LOL.  Without realizing it, and unexpectedly, Ye Olde Blogger collapsed about 3/4s of the way through the shift.  As in legs completely gave out.  Apparently, it’s reality hitting home: In my case, that’s the reely reelz deelz.   More on this innabit:  For now: Politics.  … Continue reading Well THAT was Quick

Busy Busy

Morning/Afternoon? Me Droogs n Droogettes!Sorry for yesterdays unexpected absence.  Apparently I got the job, and it’s been a whirlwind of “hurry-hurry”…  As in night a’fore last, I got the call “Hey congrats!  Email and info in your inbox!”  Found the Offer Letter, and info for Orientation, which was the following day.  I gotta break it… Continue reading Busy Busy

New Project

Afternoon Me Droogs n Droogettes! So’s… got me an interview that went well, Offer Letter on the table BUT I have to pass the Background Check… -That’s- always been a bit of a sticking point as I -had- to plead guilty intitally, otherwise no bail, and since it took 2 years to get my name… Continue reading New Project