Morning Me Droogs n Droogettes Maaaaaaaaaaan….NOT fuckin’ happy this A.M. Got word late last night one of my favorite cousin’s kid got diagnosed with Stage 4 Leukemia.   Seven Fuckin’ Years old man… Besides the obvious, what really pisses me off is that immediately I volunteered for Marrow Donation.  MomUnit then tells me “No, they’re doing X,… Continue reading Sheeeeeeeeeeeee-it.

Saturday Morning Cartoons

Morning Me Droogs and Droogettes! Those of you in the 40-60 age group know what I speak of… Saturday Morning Cartoons: OMFG… Heaven.   Monday thru Friday, it took Military Grade Explosives to get you out of bed to go to school.  DeadDa and MomUnit used to positively –hate– Saturday Mornings as FedBro and meselves’d be… Continue reading Saturday Morning Cartoons

It’s Never Easy

Late Night Me Droogs n Droogettes… It’s Never Easy ’round here at La Casa Del Grand Campesino…  What a fuckin’ day…  I’m wiped. Humor to Start: So, minor household bullshit day work…  Replace the wall socket for Wifey in the Master Bath.  Got her a two-outlet plug with built in USB 2.0 slots… that way… Continue reading It’s Never Easy