Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes! I did a thing…  Some would say ‘bad thing’ Others, ‘good thing’ Either ways, it’s done. I got a “COVID” extension on the car loan… through December.  Saves me $600 a month.  So, yeah I took that $600 and sunk it into a shotgun.  It was literally the last ‘hole’… Continue reading Gunplay

The M-249 Squad Automatic

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes! I’ma gonna start off with a few observations about the M-249, which is, by and large, the lil brother to the aforementioned M-240 GPMG.  Whereas the M-240 is a 7.62X51mm NATO STANAG weapon (Standardization Agreement, meaning all y’all motherfuckers on our side have the same shit) the M-249 is essentially… Continue reading The M-249 Squad Automatic

Back and Tired

Greetings Me Droogs n Droogettes! Couple MOR pictures of ye olde trippage to the St Augustine A.O… Finalizing as I’m too fucking tired to fuck around with too much shytte. First stop… The Fountain of Youth, but also, MURICA’s First Settlement… apparently beat Plimoth in Mass by a few months…  Dunno which is better… cold,… Continue reading Back and Tired


Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!Say it ain’t so!  Oh let it be true!  The blacks are wanting, nay demanding the right to form their own community in Central Georgia! Sounds like a plan. Go ahead. Just do it with ZERO assistance from Whitey. Which, as you know is nigh near impossible. And, on the off chance they… Continue reading PleasePleasePlease!!!

On Vaykay

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!So… St. Augustine.  Pecking this out on a temporary lappie.  Fucking using Wifey’s Goolag Boom or whatever the fuck this is… I have a new/old lappie in route courtesy of a reader (Many Thanks Sir!) who donated one for the greater good of the Intrepid Reporters Mobile Reports (like this one)…… Continue reading On Vaykay


Mid-Morning Me Droogs n Droogettes!Headed out on the road today up to St. Augustine.  Wifey’s been working overtime to support my miserable carcass, and came it and told me the other day “We didn’t have a honeymoon.  I’ve booked us a bed and breakfast.  Shut your suck and prepare to move out smartly on Sunday.”… Continue reading Honeymoon/Vay-Kay

Edjumahcation For the PATFOR

Greetings Me Droogs and DroogettesFiguring since things are getting towards the “Spicy Time Approacheth” I’d do whut I do best, and assist with some weapons instructions.  Now, Mind you… all of this is available out there in various TMs (technical manuals) and such whatnot.  I prefer B3M4178 from the Marine Corps… and all joking aside, it’s… Continue reading Edjumahcation For the PATFOR


Afternoon Me Droogs N Droogettes!NOW the word is that “A US Army spokesperson told they searched their service records for a 48-year-old Michael Forest Reinoehl and were ‘unable to locate this individual in our database.” Funny how that works eh? Add on this from the Chans: INDEED! Add on that his own sister said:… Continue reading Interesting…

“That Nigga Dead, Yo!”

Morning Me Droogs and DroogettesApparently Jashon Spencer was on the scene when our late un-lamented Piece of Shit got ker-blasted by the cops.  His commentary, found here is fucking epic. Buh Bye Dickhead Many thanks to longtime reader Grog for the link. I dunno how to embed a twit or tweet or whatever the fuck…… Continue reading “That Nigga Dead, Yo!”

Wait… What????

Late Evening Me Droogs and Droogettes.Cruising the ‘Chans and seeing what shenanigans and bullshit the autists are up to. In particular the fucktarded lib-shitstain-in-human-skin I want to waste personally. I don’t know why… maybe it’s that he was a fuckin’ Cav Scout (19D) that irks the ever loving shit out of me.  That or that… Continue reading Wait… What????