How to Guide

Greetings Me Droogs and Droogettes!Poasting a bit later tonight as I actually needed to follow along in training today.  That being said, lets break it down from todays fun n’ games.  @lovelymiss also called LMA on Gab seems to be a hardcore right wing chick who’s got some good shit to say, and some pretty… Continue reading How to Guide


Greetings Me Droogs and Droogettes!Another day, another dollar.  Anyt’ing to make me holler LOL.  Yeah, the moments in time and the circular nature of the Universe is –definitely- out there.  “Those who fail to learn from history…”  We seem to be in a free fall of sorts… And yeah… Much like the guy from 9-11, if… Continue reading Moments

Movie Night

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes So what with Fat Cat Bob taking up like my entire computer space, and inflicting hisself on me and Nope Turtle, I ended up doing the movie night thing by meselves.  Wifey is still up at the ‘rents, and Sapper was working, so I had the quiet time thing going…… Continue reading Movie Night

What if?

Greetings Me Droogs n Droogettes! Bit tired… didn’t sleep well last night.  Went up to M&D to help Wifey out with the ‘puttering’ ’round their casa.  Didn’t/Haven’t gotten shytte done really.  I think is just a royal case of burnout.  I mean we started back in July with the drama from Wifey’s spawn being in… Continue reading What if?

Tipping Ye Olde Hande

Greetings Me Droogs and Droogettes! Morning folks!  After a few days, I figured NOW I’ll touch on the whole Biden Debacle.  Sort of like Joe, I’ll touch on his kid.  ‘Cept Hunter, AKA “Blowboi” Biden, he’s of legal age and should be locked up. Especially in light of the absolute shit that’s starting to leak out.… Continue reading Tipping Ye Olde Hande

OK… NOW it Makes Sense… Rittenhouse Update:

Greetings Me Droogs and Droogettes!Got some hot intel coming out of the Area of Operations dealing with Kenosha Kyle.  There’s been a LOT of misunderstanding vis-a-vis the latest and greatest news on the poor kid and the bullshit that the prosecutorial-political bullshit that keeps getting dumped on him. In a clear case of prosecutorial overreach, the… Continue reading OK… NOW it Makes Sense… Rittenhouse Update:

Nice Bidness Youse Got There

Greetings Me Droogs and Droogettes! Yep… be a damned shame to see something happen to it… Seems Yelp is now in the business of “Racial Profiling” Bad enough that they blackmail businesses and con honest people out of money…  Unless… Yeah Hawaiian Libertarian has a whole article talking about the ‘protection racket’ that is Yelp. … Continue reading Nice Bidness Youse Got There

Finishing a New Build

Greetings and Salutations Me DroogsTook on a new build (paid for in full) a few ago…   Making it for a friend and the parts FINALLY showed up.  And I haven’t been able to do shit because Mom n Dad getting in that accident made –everything- insane.  Gotta get caught up.  I’m shipping a Flammenwerfer, or I should… Continue reading Finishing a New Build

‘Nother Day, ‘Nother Media-Induced Assassination

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes! As -everyone- at this point knows: STAY AWAY FROM CROWDS. Yeah… Lest you end up like this poor guy: That’s -not- going to buff out. That’s a full on Glock-19 hollowpoint. Delivered by… drumroll please… A Pinkerton Detective Agency person hired by the media as security. That’s a big deal.… Continue reading ‘Nother Day, ‘Nother Media-Induced Assassination