A Quick After Action

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogttes! Whew… Deeeeeeehydrated don’t even –begin- to cover it. Blogshoot is now ‘Blogshot.’ Sweated out Sapper’s body weight in H20, BUT! OMG Fun fun fun til the RSO shuts us down. Miguel from GunFreeZone and his missuz showed Borepatch and his missuz showed Divemedic was there  and Kevin Creighton of Ammoman who showed… Continue reading A Quick After Action

So I Got An Email…

Greetings and Whuddup! Me Droogs and Droogettes! Yeah, couple dozen Rum N Cokes’ll do that.   But, now the reloading, baking and Grandbebe to bed is done, the time to chill is here.  Been a LONG day.  Finished the day of training for work… been up since 0700.  Been running all day long.  Gotta crash soon … Continue reading So I Got An Email…

They Got to Tucker

Morning Me Droogs and DroogettesLooks like they got to Tucker. He’s been the ONE media talking head calling bullshit on this election. NOW?  It’s “Can’t find any fraud here!” “Nothing to see here” “All hail our new and Glorious Leader-for-Life!” Shit. Dunno what they got on him?  In MICE (Money, Ideology, Coercion, Ego) it’s either money or… Continue reading They Got to Tucker

Why Should We Trust Them NOW?

Morning Me Droogs N Droogettes! Back to the daily Grind.  Looking forward to come-what-may, be it stupid or whatever.   Honestly I’ve completely lost faith in anything and everything governmental. I mean it’s a given I mean how many years did I, Mr. Naïveté, allow the fucking U.S. Fucking Military to bend me over?  Then, after being… Continue reading Why Should We Trust Them NOW?

So Here’s Where We Stand

Morning/Evening Me Droogs N Droogettes I’m starting this late night with a buzz and a stomach issue.  So I’m more ‘poopy’ than usual. Positively Dispeptic Honestly. I’m Not Sleeping Well At all. It’s like the shop-worn days back in 2004, mid summer when the “Insurgency” kicked off… sort of like when shytte went sideways here… Continue reading So Here’s Where We Stand

Medical Supplies Questions

Greetings Me Droogs and Droogettes Been getting pinged A LOT on the lidocaine sourcing https://www.mountainside-healthcare.com/ I do NOT get any sort of kickback from it, but it IS a really good place to get some med gear. I.V. bags and sets as well. Highly Recommend  Later I’m The I.R. Big Country


Greetings Me Droogs and Droogettes!Seems that with all the Roo-Rhoo about Alex Trebek cashing in, a lesser known but significantly impactful individual died.  That’d be Ken Spears.  Co-Creator and writer of Scooby Doo…. One of my favorite memories… waking up at 0630 and pouring a bowl full o’Honeycomb or whatever it was that MomUnit had on hand… Continue reading Overlooked

There Will Be Blood

Greetings Me Droogs N DroogettesThings are proceeding apace, but nevertheless I’m hopeful. Nah… I’m bullshitting y’all… The fact of the matter is that man, these fuckers have no clue. This’s a quote from the Daily Mail on how the Brits see Trump Supporters: “He has millions of ardent followers, fierce in their devotion to him… Continue reading There Will Be Blood

What the Hell is Going on?

Greetings Me Droogs n Droogettes Fuck.  I can’t catch a break.  Wifey had us get some UberEats last night And I’ve been barfing alllllllll night and alllllllll day today. Thankfully I’m not dehydrated, and the blood sugars are low, but good low, not bad low.  I just feel like complete shit.  She’s not doing too… Continue reading What the Hell is Going on?