My Solution

Greetings Me Droogs and DroogettesFAR be it for ye olde ‘umble blogger to come up with what’s an equitable and simple solution to the electoral shyyte we’re currently under Aye? Got a simple solution… easily put in place Provided the fuckers in charge are willing. Which they ain’t Easy enough Election time: Each county in… Continue reading My Solution

Sunday Yard Work

Morning Me Droogs n DroogettesDoing Yard Work… And during breaks, This: Oops. FedPoast? Mebbe. Mebbe a storyline for a new book I’m writing of a few guys who got sick of the near-continual harangue of a bunch of retarded fuckers who, on one hand said “This election is fraudulent!!!” when it was Orange Man Bad… Continue reading Sunday Yard Work

Brain Drippings

Greetings Me Droogs and Droogettes! Man, whatta day!  Roller coaster-ish like a motherfucker.  My thanks for those who commented support, a Fuck You to the pricks and trolls.  Past 24 hours have been flat out.  Law of Mother is a reaaaaaally nice old broad, but man… she’s a bit offa her game.  Couple o’nuggets shy da… Continue reading Brain Drippings

Uh Oh!

Greetings Me Droogs and DroogettesIt’s a shit sammich and we’re allllllll gonna take a big, fat bite. Yesterday evening, as I was prepping for movement to the in-laws for Ye Olde Weekend, (Mom came home, Dad’s still in Rehab) Serbian War Criminal came by.  This -right after- Cowboy who had called at lunchtime. Cowboy asked… Continue reading Uh Oh!

Turn on, Tune in, Drop Out

Greetings Me Droogs N DroogettesTime to admit it. The country is fucking –dead– as it was originally established. It, quite literally, has gone MAD Our votes do not count. So, ergo, the Social Compact has been broken, rendered null and void by their hand. So… where to go with it?  Lots of people on here agree that… Continue reading Turn on, Tune in, Drop Out

We’ve Run Out of Boxes…

Morning Me Droogs N Droogettes OK… I’m barely here and haven’t really looked at the news. Don’t want to really. It’s obvious that we’ve been moved to the final “box” in our ‘option tree’ We’ve run out of boxes… We’re down to one… May as well put a big ole “red X” on ‘soap,’ ‘ballot’ and… Continue reading We’ve Run Out of Boxes…

Bleeding Pennsylvania

Morning Me Droogs N Droogettes!Not even a wet fart. No –real violence- thankfully…. not sure how I feel about that… But now the fun begins… For the definition of “fun” Amazeballs how all them votes started turning up AFTER the fact in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania?  The other thing that shows the fraud being perpetrated is the numbers I’m seeing… Continue reading Bleeding Pennsylvania

So Far, So Good, So What?

Evening Me Droogs n Droogettes!Broke my 5 day fast on the “No Booze for You!” tonight.  NOT getting shloppy, but the nerves ain’t helping.  Besides… the Rooskies in Doubleya Doubleya Dos were HIGHLY lubramahcated on ‘Tater Squeezins.  But so far tonight, a few early surprises when the Reuters Poll showed New Hampshire (my birthplace) for… Continue reading So Far, So Good, So What?

Oy Vey and the Kerfluffle…

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes! Bit of a kerfluffle apparently.  Getting targeted for my supposed “anti-semitism”.  Which is hilarious because I hate everyone equally.  No extra points for being a member of the Tribe.  I know every. single. race has it’s good ‘uns and it’s bad ‘uns.   Why is it such a bad thing to point this… Continue reading Oy Vey and the Kerfluffle…