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Afternoon Me Droogs and Drooettes!
Man, a Happy Valentines Day, brought to you by the Greeting Card Corporations who weren’t making enough money, so they made up some shit-holiday to fill in their deficit post Christmas.

Aye.  Fookin Wankers, the Bloody Lot o’em.

So… as the title sez: 219 and counting.  44 MOR pee-po infectamated.

So According to the Princess Cruise Line Website HERE
February 4th: 10 Infected
February 6th: 41 More Infected
February 9th: 66 More Infected
February 11th: 39 More Infected
February 14th: 44 MOR added

Total: 219.  And… according to Time Magazine (Worthless Wankers R US IMO)  It’s the Highest Infection Rate in the World.  No fuckin DUH as they’d say back a few years ago in the neighborhood.  The article, which just is TS:DR (too stupid: don’t read) is a summation of the fact that the PhonyBalony BadThink Numbers that are coming out Joe Chinkland are –good– and the numbers on The Motherfuckin Boat are –skewed– because numbers and closed environments or something…  Reasons… that was it!

Yeah, they’re trying to say that the boat has a higher R0 (Arrr-Naught… sounds vaguely piratical?) b/c its a closed environment.  Aesopage and Silicon Greybeard have been stating the same thing… personally, I think its a -great study- that can give us far better effect ratios of infection specifically BECAUSE it is a close-in almost-closed environment.  I mean, its not air-tight by any means… it a great horizontal version of a huuuuge apartment building… instead of standing up, it’s on it side, and floating.

I mean the Chinese tend to pack in like fucking sardines anyways in the poorer sections of town anyways… Many Chinese neighborhoods are likened to packed rabbit warrens of humanity… so what not a better way to scale how the infections are actually going by adding a few zeros onto the Cruise Ship numbers eh wot?

3700 Total Pax becomes 3,700,000 people in a Small-ish Chinese City
Use the current 35.3% infection rate
Then, use the current 17% mortality rate
629 People DEAD potentially on the boat means 629,000 potential DEAD in that city.

Thats a LOT of carca-mooses.
Clitical fer suuuuuure man.
So, for todays Joe Chink PhonyBalony DoubleBad UnGood BadThink Numerical Numbers, we have:
February 14, 2020 @ 20:30
Infected: 66962
Dead/KIA’d: 1523
Yep… Jeez…they still be using that algorithm…


Now, and interesting part, apparently being a smoker increases your chances of getting hit with the infection…So this could explain why its so bad in Chinaland… apparently 3 out of 5 people ALL AGE GROUPS smoke like fuckin chimneys.

Which is prevalent and an identifier in the 3rd World.  Add on that ALL of Apefrica and MOST of the Former Soviet Union ALL are MAD smokers, it’s going to be interesting to watch.

Especially since the FIRST case hit Egypt today…   I’m still waiting to see if the numbers in Apefrica go Ape Shit so to speak as Joe Chink has essentially been colonizing the Subcontinent for the past 30 years… estimates run as high as 2.5 million Chinee in Rezidencia all over…  There’s like z-e-r-o medical care beyond VooDoo HooDoo and chicken feet as a cure, so WHEN not IF it hits in earnest, Africa is finito methinks.

So, More Later in the AM.  Been a busy assed day and I’m wipe-ed-out-ed.
I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. Dude… trying/tried… not just me… Most of this fucking bullshit is blogsots issue. I appreciate the comments -when I get 'em- to example… I usually post in the Fox or Google, neither of which let me reply to comments.. to reply I have to go into IEW and load like I'm a newb or some shit. I agree… total horseshit. If you got something tho, hit me at theintrepidreporter2019@gmail and I'll post 'em as I get 'em and make a post about them, as you usually have great observations…

  2. Let's play what if with our erstwhile "friend" Joe Chink in Chief. All indications are that the politburo is paralyzed and doing the only thing they know, which is suppress, quarantine and kill those who try to move from where they were ordered to remain in place. Starvation will commence, enhancing the downward spiral.

    Having spent 7 years visiting parts of the PRC where we were the first roundeyes to ever visit the town and factories therein, I can tell you that no one in the hinterlands has a fig of an idea on how to prevent the spread of disease. Plus they still scrape up human waste and work it into the fields for fertilizer. Honest, first hand observation of the practice. Would not eat anything not cooked to death after seeing that.

    In any event, my expectations on this is that a very large number of Chinese are going to be buried before the vector dies down (if it does). Mao may finally lose the title of worst killer of his own people compared to Xi and I am not assuming Xi and the current top dogs survives this. Story being spun is that it is the jungle meat market but I think the Wuhan lab researching military use of pathogens may prove to be the source.

    The west had better slam the door tight on movement of persons out of China, and fast. It is already spreading in Africa which is going to cause even more problems given the porous borders. EU land with the open door to migrants is going to be next in line for trouble but may be able to control the spread, maybe. US has to worry about Mexico and Canada being gateways. Things are going to be very interesting for the next 90 days or so by which time we should have a clearer picture based on hard evidence. Stay safe and work on your situational awareness, big time.

  3. Agreed. Head on a swivel and all that. Xi doesn't care except to maintain his own power… My personal fear is that he decides to blame the US for this debacle and to 'save face' does something like launch his Long March nukes at us… I mean if -everything- is going to be toast anyways, then the Samson Option comes into play… ugly times ahead.. a whole post on that is coming later…

  4. Ugh! Have had some thoughts on the "nothing to lose" scenario over the years. Xi has already lost face a bit with the on-going trade battle but he will need to import food, lots of it which makes nuking your primary supplier a "really bad decision". Look forward to reading others views on this.

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