22:00 Update and they’re STILL Flying I see…

Evening Me Droogs and Droogettes…
To start with, (if anyone gives a fuck)
Yesterday: March 21 @22:00: 763 Cases
Today:       March 22 @22:00: 1007 Cases

Big ole jump there methinks.  Include 5 Assholes who went to Clearwater Beach for Spring Break from the University of Tampa and as of now are ‘Down with the Sickness”.

So as part of the update for today, I checked FlightAware for the flights from Beijing to Los Angeles and found:

24 Flights scheduled in the next 24 hours +/-.
Followed up by Milan to New York City:
43 Flights scheduled in the next 24 hours +/-.
As my favorite Movie Critic, The Critical Drinker would say
“Nah, it’ll be fine!”
Personally, I’ve tried ALL legal routes to get the word out.  I’m -not- having much luck…
I guess we’ll just have to see.  So far, its a buncha SHYTTE as far as any telling real-time stopping of flights… these CANNOT be critical passenger flights by any way, shape or form.  Someone SOMEWHERE is full of shit.
On other fronts, FedBro called, said shit has gone even more crazy inside the beltway.  Said that Biden has essentially –disappeared- even moreso than normal.  Even his campaign staff are MIA.  No word, no nothing.  It’s been noted nationally that “Plugs” as me and El Rushbo like to call him hasn’t been seen since that disastrous robotic digital ‘town hall’ but even around town (FedBro is geo-located in that area) that Plugs hasn’t even been seen around town per normal.  I mean yeah, this’s a plague, but zero comms or sightings?  He said it’s unusual.  FedBro also said that Virginia is next for lockdown tomorrow.  Guess we’ll see what happens there.
So, with that being said, I have a ‘virtual VA’ appointment in the AM.  Thats going to be interesting.  I’ll fill you in as we go.  I’m headed out after to market as I wasn’t going NEAR anything today.  I’ll let ya know what I find.
Until then I’m The Intrepid Reporter
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