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And as they used to say……..

Apparently the new numbers per China for Jan 28 are:
6049 Infected
132 Dead
Yesterday, Jan 27 to recap those numbers:

4614 Infected
106 Dead

And the Day Before Jan 26:
2799 Infected
80 Dead
See a pattern here?  Doubling of the infection rate and an interesting number of the KIA… in each instance listed so far is that the dead number has increase by 26 exactly.  Wonder what the statistical model is for that?  I mean -someone- -somewhere- is saying only 26 people died when the exponential growth is like doubling every 24 hours minimum.

And the horseshit that they’re going to ‘peak’ in 10-12 day?  Hows that supposed to work?
I mean come on.  S.A.R.s OFF-Fish-Shully Infectamated a -total- of 5327 in China and KIA’d a total of 349 Peep Pull.  It took NINE MUTHAFUGGIN MONTHS TO ACCRUE THOSE NUMBERS
And here’s the issue:
I’m going to keep posting the daily round up, if only so’s I can keep track.  Ye Olde Headspace and Timing ain’t what it used to be, so better I have a good record of whats happening.  It’s also a good idea just to get it down on paper, as the ‘rest o’them’ seem to have a “Meh, wash yer hands, all is well” outlook.
Good for you if you feel -that- comfortable.  Me?  I –REALLY– don’t want to go out by way of a bug.  Been there, done that… MRSA or some such flavor, Lung Cancer, Rare Mytoplastia Pneumonia…  I had ’em all.  I either want to go out fuckin a hot broad from a Cardiac event like Eisenhower, or knee deep in hot brass, and a passel of enemies at my feet, well ventilated.  Either way I’d be good.  But dropping dead of the fuckin flu?
That’d be just plain embarrassing and humiliating considering how hard I’ve lived this life LOL.
More Tomorrow, til then I remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country
Live press conference with Lead Joe Chink:
YouTube Viday … go to 12:40 for the “Money Shot”
“10,000 currently infected…”


By BigCountryExpat

Fuck you if you can't take a joke. No one gets out alive so eat me.


  1. Apparently, Mao Chinaman is only listing KIA from cases that are already listed as having it. So they aren't counting people who are dieing of pneumonia who haven't been brought in with Corona. And only the KIA from the big cities, not podunk dirt villages.

    The reports coming from the families of medical providers who are being shipped into the hot zone are something very telling. The families are acting like their medprovider family members are… dead as soon as they leave the bus, train or plane depot.

    For once we are getting semi-honest reporting from the people of what is going on. They (the people) have seen some gnarly stuff over the years. The fact the people are acting all 'end-of-days' is very interesting, no?

    I fully expect the government to crack down on all cell phone and computerish communications soon.

    The only problem… it's too late to quarantine. Chinese have been fleeing this crap for a week or two before Red China actively admitted they have a problem. So much for sealing the infection in place.

    Gonna be curious times, maybe frisky times ahead.

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