So, Take Heart

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!

Those who say “we’re beaten” never understood…

We’re haven’t even fuckin’ started you limp-dicks.

Ya gotta keep perspective.  It’s gonna be a long, hard slog. 

Sorta like I did to yer Mom.

Jes’ Sayin’

Reality:  In this current ‘instant gratification world’ of instant dopamine hits, retardation via the (((media))) and yeah, anyone who gets bent at me ’bout that, do your own research.  The media is 90% controlled and owned by Jewish Interests.  As I’ve said before, I welcome all, I treat all equally…just like shit.  If yer doin’ ‘shady shit’, expect to be called out on it.  I have no love for -any- sort of ‘supremacy’… be it white, black, green or yellow… we’re all equally worthless unless proved otherwise.

So, with that outta da way, we’ve become soooo accustomed to the 5 minute news cycle, that IF something doesn’t happen then, “Whelp Ermagerd! It’s never gonna happen!”

To whit I say, Stand the fuck down and please, shut the fuck up.Y’all ain’t helping shytte.


So… what we got here, is a failure to communicate.  Literally.  Y’all need to be doing the ‘local-local’ boogie.  Time to find out who your local ATF agents are… ask yer local gun store… provided you have a relationship with them… if you don’t already, you are a fucking no-go at this station, please self-terminate so you don’t waste any more valuable oxygen.  If asked the ‘why’ factor, tell ’em you want to ask specific questions vis-a-vis getting a Class 3 license or some such… just ask for the names… or go down (if open) to the local federal building, and ask same-same.  Understand that by going into the “Belly of the Beast” you’ll be on camera, so full facial mask, gloves and even sunglasses are a prerequisite. 

Scope it out… Intel, Intel Intel.  

More the Better.
Also, Understand a few things.  The morons who talk about the “Unbeatable Untied States Military and all the hardware and Tanks They Have!!!”  Yah… Ooooo-Kay.  Ask the Afghani Farmers who’ve been kicking the shit out of us using pre-World War One Lee-Enfields as a primary weapon or the Iraqis who, on the reg, blew the fuck out of our tanks…

Our Tanks you say? 

Those Mighty Battlesteeds of Indestructability?

How can you say that Big Country, you Magnificent Bastard?

Whelp… here ya go.. a small sampling from Da HDD:

That’s a flamed out M1A1 after a Molotov… one Molotov

Ask me how I know…


That’s like three or four Supra-Uparmored HMMWVs that we hadda unfuck… there’s a reason we called ourselves “CSI-Arifjan”

I had Graves Registration on Speed Dial

Used to find pieces/parts still in the wreckage when we were trying to figger out the “who-how-when-where-what-unit” stuff when random piles of blown-the-fuck up equipment showed up.

The worst was the head I found

How the fuck do you not find some poor bastards Nugget?

God DAMN that job sucked sometimes

Any wonder I drink?

So, Me point Aye? Is that, just like Nam, the future bad guys are at a ‘distinct disadvantage’

Mainly because 

A) The majority of the future OPFOR has already fought an insurgency and learned from it

B) The retards in charge never had boots on the ground so have no clue how to roll

C) Terrain favors the enemy (Us)

D) The majority of OUR future enemy don’t want to fight

E) Long term, it’s not going to be overnight, but methinks it’ll be quick

More on that later and the thought processes about that.  Too much to cover right now…Never the less, this coming Saturday, I’m going to cover the unclassified aspects of the M1A1/A2SEP2 Abrams Main Battle Tank and the parts that -might- be of interest. 

Stay Tuned

More Later, I Remain The Intrepid Reporter

Big Country

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  1. Well said. The Dear Leaders don’t understand that they have crossed a line, and there simply is only one option now. They put upwards of 50,000 troops in DC for the installation (25k NG, 15k .gov guys with badges, and somewhere north of 8k “regular” cops and troopers. After nothing happened (like anything would have anyway) they congratulated themselves and said “Well, I Guess We Taught Those Deplorables Who’s Boss Now!” and started dropping their guard almost immediately. Let’s see how that works out.

    And I like the new site btw. Can’t wait to see how long the old page stay un-nuked.

    Standing by.


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