Lift a Rock, Find a Fed (or Snitch)

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Wow!  As I always say, never join nuthin’.  I’ve never been a joiner since I was beaten up in the Boy Scouts.  The last thing I joined was the Army.  Good thing too.  Seems that The Proud Boy’s leader, the one that even I made a deal out of getting busted coming out of the airport in DC a ways back?


He’s a fucking snitch.


Seems he’s been narc’ing since 2014 when he, of course, busted for deviltry and fraud apparently.

Now, I keep sayin’ it.
Do Not Join -ANY- ‘SUPPOSED’ Patriot Groups
No Mutual Aid Societies.
No Clubs.
No Groups.
I swear that the ‘Patriot’ needs to be respelled to ‘Patridiot’ in so many cases.
Too many grifters, too many conmen. I mean reality check folks. If it wasn’t for the Federal Bureau of Incompetence, we’d have no terrorism at all
Lets look at the numbers of ‘genuine terrorism’ out there, and the numbers are actually quite low. Now the numbers of people set up by the Feds to entrap motherfuckers? THOSE numbers are fucking legion. In fact I read one time that during the 90’s, Elohim City in Oklahoma was founded by some seriously hardcore Whypeepo Supremacists. Apparently around the 90’s, the place was -so infiltrated with Feds, that they were literally reporting on each other. Also, the fact that Timmy McVeigh was there lends credence to some of the more out-there theories aboot Ye Olde Bombing of the OKC Federal Building. I have my own issues with it as well, especially with the Ammonium Nitrate. The amount needed there was no way in hell only two dudes loaded them 50-55 pound bags, never mind opening each and every bag, pouring in the fuel oil, and then having to tip the bags over and over a couple of times to get the oil to ‘wash over’ the prills inside. Heavy assed bags like that. A ‘for example’ is get a 50 pound bag o’birdseed. Cut a hole in it, add a quart or two, can’t remember how much but we’ll say 2 quarts for good measure of a liquid inside. Staple the hole shut. Now, pick up the bag and rotate it end to end three whole spins. Let me know how yer feeling after because I know I’d be fucking spent in my current shape, never mind doing it to the whatever thousands and thousands of pounds necessary to blow up the Murrah Building. But the Fibbies’ll tell ya that TWO GUYS alone did that.

Never Mind the retired Air Force General who said an ANFO bomb could -never- have taken out the building the way it did, and his specialty -was- explosives… as in a “General of the Shit that Goes Boom!” ordinance guy, who from what I heard contracted a bad case of the ‘deads’ shortly after going public.

Jes’ Sayin’.

So anyways, yeah, The Klan? All Feds
The Muslims? All controlled or entrapped by the Feds
The Nazis? Feds
Needs I goes on?
Nah, it’ll be fine. Best thing you do is get to know your neighbors. I’m lucky with the majority of mine, and the questionable ones? I don’t go near or talk to other than a “Howdy!” once in a while. Serbian War Criminal is the only dude outside of the fam, and I’ve now known him going on 10 years.
Anyone who purports to want to form a National Political Party like this new one?
Don’t know, don’t care. I made sure my voter reg aboot ten years ago was ‘Independent’ and if anyone asks me, I don’t vote. It’s the only way to be sure.
So, to Recap for now
Don’t say shit
Don’t join shit
Assume everyone nationally speaking, Oathkeepers, Political Parties, Groups?

Remember Parler… “they” got a lot of good intel for free

Take notes, this will be on the final exam as Aesop sez.
Be the Gray Man
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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