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Good training stuff upcoming.  I’m listening to y’all on ‘stuff’ thats going to be needed in the future, with some info that’ll be covered this weekend.  This A.M. I’m gonna go into the upcoming problems (as I sees ’em) that’re starting and are flat-out what’s going to be the “Line” that everyone always talks about.

So sayeth The Queen

Personally, we’re heading in to a “Royalty/Serf” environment, except it’s the self-designated “Elites” who are going to run the show, by dint of cash and power/influence.  I mean good God, when -I- personally look at some of these folks, I can’t for the life of me figure out just how/where/why they got to where they are.   Case in point, Jack Dorsey… fucker on a good day looks like a drowned rat… he’s that foul smelling bum who tries to ask you for a smoke, and then some spare change.

Thing is…Those self designated “Betters” are ramping up the rhetoricTo the point I’m genuinely concerned.Like man, they no not what they do….Or maybe they do, and don’t give a fuck.Thing is, we ain’t the cowering, simpering fuckers that they assume we are.We ain’t like them.  THEY per usual project without critical analysis nor thought.  They react, badly as it’s now seen in D.C.  Fuckin’ Green Zone in Baghdad didn’t have half as many troops guarding it, and that was with daily rocket and mortar attacks on the daily-daily.  That was full on assaults and attacks… half of them fags in the Capitol wouldn’t last through a week of Balad’s incoming.  In 04 we called Balad Airbase “Mortaritaville” because it got the ever living shit kicked out of it daily.

After living through that shit, do you think I’m worried if it ‘kicks off’ and the people on the right start rampaging?  Me and mine?  Not so much, but I think Pelosi and Occasional Cortex might fully die of fright if the real shit kicks.  Can you imagine the reaction if someone dropped a mortar round on the House?  I mean it’d be a fucking absolute crime, as that building is absolutely gorgeous, but these are the collaterals that’ll come about IF these people don’t back the fuck off.

Things like this survey that came out yesterday

Showing the “Extremely Concerned” about Trump Supporters?

I mean really?

Look at that list.  It’s a laundry list of the Propaganda State’s Enemy-Media Industrial Anti-Trump (and therefore anti-American/white) industry.  The only legit concern on that list is “Americans lacking health coverage” and all the rest is a bunch of horseshit.  Like HUUUUGE heaping steaming piles of doggie donuts levels man.
“Donald Trump Supporters?”  I can’t get over that.  That thing reads like a guidebook on the “How to Start a Genocide” on average, white, proud-to-be Americans who are anti-abortion, pr-family, and love this country.

Fuckin’ Clown World indeed.

And it’s in an accelerationist mode right now.And it isn’t about righting past wrongs… well in their minds it is, but it’s bullshit perceived notions of past injustices.  The Obamamessiah spoke again the other day saying that this country was built on the backs of slaves… which ones you stupid ig’nint African halfbreed?  The white Irish slaves?  The white English slaves?  Ohhhhh he’s talking about the black African slaves… even though numerically, the white slaves outnumbered the fuckin’ Africans buy 500 to 1… howsabout some reparations for the white slaves you fucking asshole?  They were called ‘indentured’ instead of ‘slaves’ to church it up a bit, but a fucking slave is a fucking slave, no matter what the color of the skin yer wearing.  And in the case of this shytteshow?
It’s about revenge

Revenge for doing well

For being smarter, better and wiser

For having a civilization and a functional one at that

For conquering the world and going to the moon, and no, don’t tell me wouldn’t have made it there without three fucking black females… a fucking myth spun up to give the-something- to cling to, because everyone gets a consolation prize because no one is allowed to be a fucking loser, even though historically, blacks are and will continue to be just that

Fucking losers.

Fuck them.  Oprah was a one-off, and not because of rayyyyyycism.  It’s because as a whole, they are demonstratively lower in the IQ scale, and the very fact that at one point theyselves call out that hard work, dedication to a job well done, and perseverance is a “white trait of supremacy”

So, does that mean that laziness, shiftlessness and sloth is a black trait?

It goes both ways you stupid fuckers

So now they’re essentially starting to look at passing laws.  What these laws are ain’t been stated per se… they can’t scare the sheep yet.  It’s incremental.  It’s been so far going that direction…the ‘proposed upcoming gun ban(s)’ are going to be the first step.  And when they fail, it’ll ramp up from there. 

Leastways that’s what they think.

How they think a ‘war on whiteness’ is actually going to play out?  I mean really?

This ain’t 1940, and we’re not going to be ‘led gently to slaughter’

Go time is coming, and they don’t know just how bad it’ll get

Srebrenica Levels of Cleansing.  As in 30 years from now, GranBebe is gonna ask “Papi, What’s a ‘liberal?” and hopefully I’ll be there to tell her “Well, that’s the folks I helped get rid of who wanted to enslave and kill us because of the color of our skin baby.”I really hope that’s how it plays out


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  1. I see no source for the poll, nor do you explain what metrics they used, and the results look like they polled the student body at UC Berkeley. I will treat it as a piece of inflammatory bullshit until I know these things.

  2. Balad Market place always had fuckers firing at us to and from Anaconda. Got the TShirt Mortaritaville. You brought back memories.

  3. I was at Anaconda 07-08. It was always fun to show up at the PX just as the Phalynx system blasted out its warning and proceeded to shoot 6 or 7 mortars out of the sky. It was enough to make a man hard on a cold day. I miss that place.

    1. Made the mistake of being next to one of them fuckers when it went off… there’s -reasons- I need hearing aids now at 51, and man, I also need to change my underwear after that… no warning at all and the concussion from the burst was epic!

  4. I believe the economy will crash, this year, along with delivery systems (trucks and diesel), and that is why the left is so dog nuts about all of this stuff. First inflation will eat us alive, and they all the rest follows. They see it, and want their idiot fantasies to come true, first.

    1. I believe a crash is dead ahead too. Things just feel so eerie, like the hair on your arms standing up. Commercial real estate will crash for sure, then look at the number of restaurants going out of business, the waitstaff unemployed, then look at the trickle down effects of that. No tech jobs for US citizens, those jobs are all being taken by H1Bs. Gas prices on the way up, pipeline jobs gone, fracking jobs gone. The dominoes are falling. I hope I’m wrong. I’ve got kids that need jobs.

        1. Me and xbitch (really her) homeskooled BOTH Spawn for the majority of their years… Spawn #1 went back to public skool for the Jr and Senior years as he wanted to be there w/his friends, while Spawn #2 was there for 4 years, and is now trans and unfortunately insane. I’d say the ‘control group’ of 2 years in Public High Skool versus 4 years shows a distinct difference Aye? One is Generation Zyklon who grins in “1488” and the other, An Unfortunate casualty of being marinated in SJW pozz with mental health issues. Makes me mad AND sad.

  5. It’s surprising to me that at this point and time that more attacks have not already occurred. We have politicians, lawyers, judges, left wing advocates, Hollywood and music industry types that all live their lives open and online practically 24/7. Every single one of these individuals is a walking target for someone. But it gets worse; you then have their spouses, significant others, children, grandchildren, friends of the subject, their spouses and children, so on and so forth. All of those people are associated with the target and probably won’t have the level of protection that the main subject may or may not have. In this day and age, anyone can be stalked to a fairly high degree with easy access to open source information. Again, it’s surprising to me that things haven’t escalated yet, but maybe it’s just getting started and it’s beginning to ratchet up. We’ll see….

    1. I’m shocked at the number of qualified warriors who haven’t stepped up to the plate yet.
      I did my 9 yrs of service 40-50yrs ago, today they work as contract whores to the elites chasing the big bucks, or don’t seem to understand it’s now their turn. At 67 I’m not the 20 yr old grunt I used to be, hate to think we old boomers have to teach the kids what needs to be done.

  6. Once it lights up, THEMS is gonna get blown to Hell and back.

    Get this: in my vill (recently infested with hive-city Commies) FEB has always been pole-cat mating time. So a dip-shit “wokester” find Pepe Le Pew smashed to a pancake out in the street. ‘Stead of grabbin’ a shovel and disposing of same, this ‘HE MAN’ buys a bunch of hunter-orange cones from Homo-Depot and rings the dead carcass–kinda like a shrine. Honoring a dead skunk! These are the folks celebrating crushing a baby’s skull at birth. But–they genuflect to dead skunks!


    How are these creatures gonna react when they see real blood ‘n guts split all caused by THEIR DOINGS? They had better stock up on puke bags, ‘cuz that’s all they will do when they see what happens.

    There are whole lotta guys like me that don’t give a living FUCK if they keep this shit up. No laws for THEMS, no laws for US.

  7. The ruling elite know that something ain’t right. The more they try to squeeze, the more slippery it gets (I knew a girl like that once……). So they will try to pass whatever gun restrictions they can. It gives them a warm fuzzy that they will succeed in time. However – you need a willing and participant populace.
    Not so fast there buckwheat….over 340 million firearms in this country. This is the biggest advantage we have over other places where the leftists succeeded. So parse this out. Even without an organized force, the odds are against the elite.
    They have built a house of cards over many years based on the assumption that you don’t need a solid foundation for any successful endeavor. That leftist-rainbow-farting-unicorns do exist ! You just have to believe !
    When you have a divided people and a teetering economy it won’t be long until the whole edifice comes crashing down around their heads.
    I say, be ready for any contingency, but watch for the flying-monkey- shit-flinging fest. They have screwed themselves and have only created their own destruction.
    I would love to see the look on their faces when they finally “wake” up to the fruits of their own destruction.
    Those of us who survive this will have a wonderful opportunity to build America Part II.

  8. If and when the control freaks TM attempt a systematic military action against traditional Americans (Patriots), I think everyone should expect and plan for incoming small (COTS-built) UAVs w/HE at least on par with what was used in the Armenian conflict last year. When the Russians hit the Chechens, they used a lot of the BM-21 Grad to destroy whole blocks and towns. The small UAV is compatible with the passive aggressive psychology of the control freaks’ soy army and their war-waging capabilities.

    Answering this threat is going to be pivotal to deterrence and success as the cost of high quality FLIR thermal cores is <$2k each and the size of the electronics and power sources has dropped to be easily mountable on a small UAV.

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