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Tell ya whut, no need for any food this A.M… might have to dig out the ‘Murican MRE gum to help out things… y’all prior service know of what I speak.  Anyways, found out who the awesome dude was who donated so generously to me n mine.  Man, still can’t thankee enough.  That being said, I’ll just say that his location of Oz sparked a conversation with Sapper about some of what should be the most Powerhouse Countries by their past history, and seem to have fallen –so far down- “The Pozz Hole” that there just may be no recovery.

So, as I have quite a few readers from some of the Countries in Question, I figured that this A.M. I can throw me own thoughts out there, and the interconnected nature of just how questionable things are, and the projection of where things might be going.  Of course I might be barking mad in my ideas, but what the hell.  Case in Point Australia:

Australia… a country founded by Great Britain back when it was still “Great” as a dumping ground for everyone the Brits wanted to kill, but couldn’t because the optics even for them were too bad to execute a starving 8 year old kid for stealing a mold-covered bread crust out of Milord’s trash privy.

A country, that, by the meme above shows that it’s a country that God wanted to use for his own purposes, but somehow, somewhere, Man didn’t get the memo, and still started settling despite ALL the animals, insects, reptiles and flora that He in his Glory created there are essentially Murder Plants and Murder Animals.

DESPITE all of this, the Convicts, by their nature, they survived and prospered.  Must have pissed off the Brits to no end… to the point they kept fucking using and abusing Oz, even to this very day.  King and Country Wot?  God Save The Queen….  Now… from  those heady days of the “Diggers”  and such, the country as a whole seems to have gone into some INSANE level of Progressive Idiocy, a.k.a. “The Pozz”.

Part of the issue is that 3rd Wave Feminism somehow took MAD root in that place… like Teh wimmez there, that I can see and from what I’ve read/heard are completely and utterly deranged and out of control.  I read a LOT of new about crazy false Rape accusations, stories of out-of-control power mad Coppers, and Lockdowns that make anything here in the States look like “What lockdown?”  Part of the reason I believe is that back in Convict Days, the very few wimmez that were there were guarded and cherished, as there just t’weren’t that many to be had.  Fast forward 200 years, and that indulgent attitude to them turned it into an Entitlement Monster.  Doesn’t help that, like ours, their Media has turned into a Chines owned Ministry of Politically Correct Propaganda run completely amok.

Pity they got scammed into disarming in the 90’s… ANOTHER reason-by-example of why to never give up the guns, nor register them.  They haven’t got a ways of throwing off the shackles now.  Nevermind tat Joe Chink in his long-game has plans for all of Australia and its resources. 

Another country I hear from on the reg in my emails is Norway.

Just how in the fuck did the Norwegians and Swedes become such a neutered group?  Fucking won’t even go that far into it… but to me, it’s all part of a plan… a much wider plan.  Can’t say who exactly is behind it, but damned man… they seem to be targeting the “Hardcore Pipehitter” nations first and foremost.  By hook and crook no less.  


The “One World Government”, “Illuminati” “The Jews” “The Soros’s” “The Freemasons” “The Deep State” and /or “Skull and Bones” or whomever… I mean ALL the aforementioned groups, real or not real, all of them have at one time or another been accused of vast, deep reaching plots to conquer Humanity as a whole, and many of them, if not all have been discredited.  That being said, I personally find it interesting that the “tribes” of Mankind, in particular the most violent and/or hardiest of our Human Race(s) overall seem to have been targeted for either elimination, and/or subjugation.

I mean look, targeting the “Critically Thinking Combat Troops of Humanity’  I mean you can’t tell me the near-constant assault on the newly reformed and re-Risen Russia isn’t intentional?  They, as well as the Polish and Hungarians have essentially told the new Leftist Progressives to go fuck theyselves Aye?  They’re almost done with us here in the States. 

The once-proud ‘Murican! Ideal fighting man has been effectively neutered, mentally-disarmed and subjugated by our own people who seem to be following a “Greater Agenda”… what that agenda is, I don’t know, but it seems to incorporate making sure Mankind, as a whole are a bunch of non-fighting fucking pussies.  Only reason they haven’t finished us off yet is that we still have ALL the guns, and some of us are still fucking crazy enough to go the fuck off if it looks like we absolutely need to.

The Vikings?  sheeee-it… Norwegian Men, by their own admittance, have become ‘disposable sperm donors’ as they have -z.e.r.o.- rights in their own country, what with their natural Rights-to-be-a-Man being completely outlawed by all aspects.  Bitches be running that motherfucker like an entitlement daycare, and because their men have BECOME pussies, they’ve been importing swarthy gives-them-tingles Muj, (Rapefugees) which has, by-the-by blown the fucking crime stats thru the fucking roof… bit o’a backfire there Aye?

The Beer guzzling Punch-You-in-the-Face Mate Aussies as mere shells of their former Murder-Country Survivor selves. No real legal rights, no real recourse.  Just drinking theyselves into a stupor.

Then, The Russian, the conquerors of Siberia and the Vast Steppes?  Currently in the Crosshairs…  Notice that almost any and all large groups that would, as by their nature be Protective and Combative and naturally aggressive have been slowly but surely ground under? 

Hell, Japan?  Poor bastards… they call their current male population “Grass Eaters” as in a derogatory term for the lack-of-balls and effeminate nature of the new Japanese Male.  What ever happened to the Sword Swinging Saki Swilling Kamikaze Crazy motherfuckers who used to get hammered, amped up and charge raging into machine guns?  Yeah… the birth rate there is so fucked that their “Boomer” population is fucked like Chuck, and their long term “Onsen” (which is their term for the purity of the race of Nippon) is gonna be totally fucked… they don’t and won’t allow ‘imports’ to come into Japan… their overall racism is so in-your-face, I’d love to see how a fucking ghetto hood rat would react to the “Nigger King” clothing chain…

Makes ya wonder just what the fuck is going on.I mean I can see the pattern.  It’s the fact that it appears to be so covert… so intangible… a series of co-incidences so vast and unreal… but the fact remains that someone, somewhere  wants Humanity as a Whole Disarmed, Disillusioned and Neutered into “Obama Pajama Bois”.  Maybe I’m just finally around the bend, but man, after the past 18 months of literally watching ‘Conspiracy Theory’ become ‘Conspiracy FACT’ call me highly sceptical that I’m wrong. God fucking help us.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. Just now noticed? Well, welcome to the highly disillusioned and skeptical club of old pre-woke neanderthals who are pissed as hell. The general masses not with us, so we use this time wisely to prepare,train and locate like minded. I should be retired by now, but I’m still globetrotting doing….. things to make money. See you in Valhalla, or fiddlers green, or heaven….Wherever we end up

  2. Once upon a WESTPAC we made a port call in Darwin, Australia. Quite little town back then, and to my newly minted E4 eyes the sight of being in a bra-less nation was a lovely one indeed. Between the Guinness & the Toohey’s Old it was a glorious 4 days of “Check liver” warning light and just skirting the edge of alcohol poisoning while watching the local ladies jiggle on down the street, and ye old wallet was emmmmmmpteeeeeeeeeeee by the time we weighed anchor and pointed the bow north. Good times!
    Fast forward to today & my best friend from the high school times resides full time in Australia, somewhere between the G in “nothing” and “Scorching Desert” on your map. He loves it and never plans on coming back to the FUSA. I envy his isolation, but his lack of ability to legally pew pew gives me the willies.

  3. What happened? In a word, sin, and is started way back with Adam and Eve. From the get go there has been a spiritual battle going on that impacts every aspect of life in the physical world here on Earth. In response to Satan’s deceit, God tells Satan “And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel” –Genesis 3:15, KJV. The bruising/crushing of Satan’s head and spiritual defeat was accomplished with Christ’s resurrection on Easter morning, but Satan still has some time left and is literally hell bent on destroying man’s seed. Just like at the beginning, Satan is among other things attacking us by trying to undermine God’s design for men and women. God designed women as equal but different helpers to men. Undermine a women’s role and everything else fails. So yes, there is a plan to undermine the Badasses. What we all need to realize is who is ultimately behind it and what our response should be. I suggest starting with the gospel (good news) of John in the New Testament, the original Field Manual.

  4. The Fins recognized that Norway and Sweden sucked for over 100 years. So, there’s nothing new here. Norway collaborated with Nazis, and the Swedes had a hard time going northeast to fight a bit against the Reds early on. Ask any ManFin what he thinks of the Swedes. The word ‘gay as fuck’ will appear. Neither country could even build a decent submachine gun like the KP31.

    1. You’re GD right! Fins used to have some mighty big balls–but, the creeping Socialism there has semi-neutered them. Hasn’t neutered their finest weapon–the Suomi KP31–freakin’ AWESOME firepower!

    2. If the Norwegians suck for collaborating with the Nazis, then what are the Finns who fought alongside them against the Soviets? Double suckers? (And yes, I know about the Winter War and the Continuation War, and the reasons for both)

      1. God fucking help me for saying this but fuck it anyway, I am starting to come around to the idea the wrong side won the second world war. Think those pesky Germans of those times would let anyone of the 3rd world flood our countries as they do now? Think they would let the nasty commie ideas creep into our national societal conscience as it is now?

  5. Re: “Can’t say who exactly is behind it, but damned man… they seem to be targeting the ‘Hardcore Pipehitter’ nations first and foremost. By hook and crook no less. ”

    The globalist deep-state, that numerically tiny but immensely powerful and wealthy group of billionaires who believe it is their birthright to rule the world, have targeted western civilization itself for dismantlement, and realize that without going after those who built it, they won’t be able to complete their plan.

    The plain fact of the matter is that men of European ancestry, a.k.a. white males, built the modern world and almost everything in it. They are the finest explorers, adventurers, soldiers, builders and inventors in human history. They have plumed the deepest depths of the oceans and the farthest reaches of the solar system, climbed the highest mountains, and sailed the most-dangerous seas. They taught man how to fly and then how to go into space. From antibiotics to the microprocessor to the electron microscope, they invented it.

    Nor were Europeans only men of action and adventure; they were intellectual discoverers and pioneers, too. Skeptics are invited to look at the Nobel Prize winners for the first fifty years the prizes were awarded for proof. The same handful of European nations (including the diaspora of the same, in the commonwealths and America) show up again and again. Centuries ago, Europeans invented modern chemistry and biology, and Sir Isaac Newton calculus. Today, we know the truth of the theory of the models of atoms and molecules, as we now have the ability to see individual molecules and atoms using ultra-powerful electron microscopes.

    And so on and so forth…. the achievements of the European races are a matter of historical record.

    The globalists – by their attacks upon western men – disclose their greatest fear, namely that those same men (and women, too) will rise up and smite them for the petty tyrants that they are. Recent events have shown, by the way, that it isn’t just Soros, Gates, Buffett, et al. leading these attacks, but the communist Chinese as well. The former and the latter are in-cahoots and are cooperating for ends they have probably already negotiated.

    In short, then, western man and the civilization he created, is under attack -not just from without, but from within as well. Those who would rip away the veneer of civilization in the name of some agenda, should pause, reflect and perhaps stay their hands, for even those who claim to despise western civilization and its people have benefited enormously from its achievements. Sometimes, better the devil you know….. than the one you do not.

      1. The “Bad, evil” Jews of the tribe, not the good ones.

        But yes, you are on the right track. Neutering “pipe hitting” peoples isn’t something the Gentile would ever conjure up.

      2. @ Pepe the Frog

        Re: ““The Jews” would have been a lot shorter and more to the point.”

        Your words, not mine. And I’ll thank you not to attribute to me words I did not state, or ideas I do not hold.

        Apropos of nothing whatever, it is known tactic of NGOs like the Southern Poverty Law Center (and their deep-state collaborators) to post “Anti-Semitic content at websites such as this one, whereupon they can then point their fingers and accuse the owner(s) of bigotry, xenophobia, whatever they wish. Do you really think you are fooling anyone with that line of contrived B.S.?

        It also goes without saying that the sort of anti-Jewish screed in which you seem to deal, is precisely the kind of content someone like Iran would be expected to publish online, or perhaps the Turks and/or some other Sunni jihadists. Again, who do you think you are fooling?

        Are there some Jews who hate western civilization? Undoubtedly, but that is no reason to tar all Jews with that same brush. There are plenty of Jews who cherish this civilization and the life it makes possible. A troglodyte such as yourself probably can’t grasp that fact, but it remains the truth never-the-less.

        Now that we’re done here, you can go back to that vintage issue of Der Stürmer you’ve been wanting to read!

  6. No one was sent to Australia for stealing bread. In the first fleet to settle Australia *everyone* was an utter scumbag, including the soldiers.

    It used to be fashionable to be able to trace your family tree back to the first fleet. But then the actual crimes these convicts committed came to light.

    As for what happened to Australia. Isn’t it interesting that Australia adopted similar lax immigration laws as the US at roughly the same time? Similar lax immigration laws pushed by a certain ethnicity.

  7. I agree with PitBullRanch even though I don’t like Pitbulls or any kind of dog. First you get to know God “Personally” so you can defeat Satan at will. Then you get your guns and ask God to lead you into battle on that day. You make Him first in your life and He will make you the man and men like you to retake your inheritance from the enemy. No God; no victory. It doesn’t matter how tough or dirty your language is. No God, no country.

  8. Best BCE ever, and I’m a huuuge fan.
    I wish I could blast it onto the clouds with lasers.
    Good on yer, mate.
    I’ll say it for them, since the Aussie “penis porters” have been de-balled into O-z zero ness.

  9. Can you spell?
    You would be taken more seriously if you dropped the unique banter spelling.
    I like what you have to say most of the time, but most first visitors to your site that have a basic education will shy away.
    You can’t reach the people if you speak Pigeon.
    Just my two cents.

    1. Agreed Ned2.
      Writing like Jefferson or Adams is something we should all aspire to, not Buckwheat or Bubba.
      Our culture is at the precipice of collapse, and yet everyone apes the porch monkeys as their idols, their “culture” is the coolest thing, from language, music, to clothes, mannerisms and body language, and we sit here and wonder what the fuck happened to our nation???
      I’m a child of the 50’s-60’s, when we dressed up in suit/tie to go out, and now see folks at funerals and weddings in t-shirts and shorts, or jeans and a flannel shirt. Some of you folks need to take a long hard look in the mirror before blaming others for the mess we’re in.

      1. I myself agree with you. However, it’s part and parcel of my writing style and technique. Lord knows DeadDad would kill me for using ‘street vernacular’ but when I go with the flow, I go with the flow. It’s not ‘willful ignorance’, just performative.

  10. The US has been sold to the PRC with years of buying cheap shit and exporting our production overseas. It is as if they desire to surrender our country to the PRC or the globalists.
    Those who have sold this country many times over believe they will live out their days on a tropical beach while the rest of us become slaves to the PRC or the globalists.
    The only thing that gives them pause is that there are about 80 million riflemen in their way.
    It all may be just a matter of waiting for our government to crumble from the weight of its own corruption, hubris, incompetence and denial of reality. Unfortunately many innocent will suffer and the hardiest will survive and have to fight off any invaders, however this has already been accomplished with open borders.
    These elected traitors have become wealthy by destroying and raping the country built by the blood, sweat and hard work of previous generations.
    I see no happy recourse, no light at the end of the tunnel. Enjoy what time we have left, take out as many bastards as you can and teach your children well.

  11. Spot on BC. Sadly its not so much about nation states anymore. Its about us versus them. (though jokes about our nations do ease the tension)

  12. You could follow up with an examination of white women’s BBC Mandingo fantasies. Thanks to porn, our women have become delirious mud sharks falling prey to the black man’s world of Colt-45, sex, and nomadism.

  13. AU: 3 million square mile island. 7 people per square mile? What is that 3 houses? 2 couples with 1 kid and a single dude. Can’t believe they feel for the BS. And guns were the issue? Sounds like some one wants AU to become Fantasy Island for China.

  14. Strong men create good times
    Good times create weak men
    Weak men create bad times
    Bad times create strong men

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