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Funny how some news starts trickling out as time wears on.  Loose lips and all that Aye?  Was on the Gab today checking out and poasting my last bleg, when I happened across this little gem here: 

The TL;DR is that Jerry Drake Varnell, (there’s that three-name thing again) a 23-year-old diagnosed severe schizophrenic, was accused of attempting to bomb a bank in Oklahoma.  Seems the ackchually FBI fomented the whole thing from getting a CI to set the kid up.  Seems he liked going on “Threeper” websites, and the Feds realized they hit the Jackpot.

Queue the “Department of Creative Made-up Bullshit Terror Attacks”

Seems the Fibbies talked him up, gave him the equipment, showe dhim where to go, gave him the plans and sent him off to ‘do the deed’ and stepped in at the right time/right place’ to stunningly and bravely stop this devious and evil white supremacist would be mad bomber.

And according to the latest? 
They nailed his ass to the wall.
Just 3 weeks ago…25 Years.  
No findings that they entrapped him
Court Chosen P-Shrinks said he was competent to stand trial.
Yah… VERY informative.  And I’m sure this’s just the tip of the Iceberg.  Seeings that there has essentially been Z.E.R.O. accountability of the Fibbies, in like ever.
THAT is what’s needed.  But it’s not going to happen.  Not through ‘normal channels’
It’s going to have to be ‘revolutionary’ in scope so to speak.  Because, as Dredd said “I am the Law!!!”

Apparently the only differences between Judges and the Fibbies is that the Judges (theoretically) are immune to corruption, and have waaaay cooler equipment and suits.

Love me some Dredd… and I do not mean the sanitized shitty United States version.  I got myself into Dredd in 1980… on a flight to England.  On British Airways, the stewardesses handed out brit-comix to us kiddos on the plane.   I was like 11 or 12 and they gave me a copy of 2000 A.D.

Ho Oh My Gawd.
Made ‘Murican comix look like the weak sauce they are.  Sex, violence blood, gore, Strontium Dog, Uncle Ump… what a great series.  I ordered over the years a copy of the original I had.. the original was published on newsprint like the New York Post, and unfortunately that type of paper shit-the-bed over the years.  Still… great memories.

Shit like that takes me back to Iraq.  We had a bunch of instances where Al Queer-da recruited a bunch of ‘Tards.  Like literally mentally deficient kids… Lord knows there were plenty to go around.   All that good ole First Cousin Humpin’ makes for a very shallow gene pool.  And the families were more than happy to try and get rid of the ‘bad branches’ of the family tree by ‘volunteering’ them for martyrdom missions.  Thankfully, that we know of, the majority of them got caught.  The Down Syndrome kids were the worst.  HIGHLY upsetting and demoralizing to the troops, mainly because Downs Kids are -so- kind, sweet and gentle… it literally takes a demon-in-human skin, like a pedophile, to do something that fucked up to people of diminished capacity.  In fact, true story… a guy showed up outside of Gate 4… the Contractor Gate back in 2004… mid-04 as I recall.  1st CAV had taken over.  Lots of LN (local nationals) wandering in and around, lots of DVD merchants.  One in particular sold a bunch of Porn to the troops. 
Bad move there Aye.  
But not for the reasons you expect.
When they got off shift, and got back to the hootch, all excited for ‘fresh entertainment and oops…turned out to be graphic pedo-kiddie rape-porn.

Uhhhhhh yeeeeah.

Now, not sayin’ nothin’, but it IS outside of the Seven Year Statute of Limitations because they -didn’t- kill him.  And there’s no evidence that he died.  HOWEVER word I got is when Mr. Abdul Kiddie Porn Dealer showed up the next day, certain individuals made their displeasure succinctly known to everyone within a two kilometer grid square.  

Yeah, he screamed very loudly for quite a spell.

Turned him into a meat sac.  Like every. single. bone. in his body… with ASP batons.  MULTIPLE times.  They even had a medic make sure he didn’t die (right kind of them there Aye?)  Then they ‘let him go’… next day, no body was found, no reports were made, but there was a distinct level of respect and fear in the locals at that point forward.  Never fucking piss off the Infantry… we have a chivalrous honorable code a mile wide.  Certain laws were meant to be enforced… with a certain amount of glee daresay I?
Lead by example Aye.

But back to the point.
Feds are “Untouchable”
Until they’re not

Willing to bet not many of the kids out there have seen Cosner’s movie Aye?
Wonder how that might change their attitudes if they had a reality check?’
Cos so far?
Lon Horuchi, murderer of Vicki Weaver, walking around free… in hiding permanently, but free.
Casey Codding and W. Joseph Astarita, murderers of Lavoy Finicum, free, and in the case of Codding, promoted.
Ashli Babbit’s shooter?  We’re not even allowed to know his fucking name.
David Chipman, present at Waco, rumored to have a hand in planning it, again, another promotion, this time to head of the Bureau of Assholes Twats and Fucktards.

See a pattern?In fact, in January… bit of an odds n’ sods incident… a Fibbie capped someone on the D.C. Metro.  
“The FBI agent who shot another passenger aboard a moving Metro train last month was first confronted by the man, warned him to back away and saw the man instead prepare to fight him, according to a 911 call by a witness to the encounter that was released Wednesday.

“The FBI agent said: ‘Move away. I’m an FBI agent. Back away,’ ” the 911 caller said. “The other gentleman didn’t, dropped his bag, approached him to fight him.”

The agent fired “two or three” rounds, the 911 caller said, as the train was pulling into the Medical Center station the morning of Dec. 15. The caller indicated that the agent then helped the injured man get off the train at the station.

The caller said the FBI agent was “attacked” by the other passenger but did not describe how and did not indicate whether there was any physical contact before the shooting.

The passenger was hospitalized with gunshot wounds but survived and has been released, Metro officials said. In the released recording, the 911 caller does not mention whether the man who approached the agent had a weapon. The FBI and Metro Transit Police have never indicated that a weapon was recovered from the scene.

Officials from the three investigating agencies — the FBI, the Metro police and the Montgomery County State’s Attorney’s Office — have declined to provide further details about what happened or release images from train-car cameras that captured the shooting.”

Hmmm…miiiiighty interesting.  Especially in light of no charges being filed at the ‘aggressor’, i.e. the dude who took 3 rounds.  “Assault on a Fed” carries a pretty significant jail time

He (more than likely) was not the aggressor that the Feds painted him to be.
Hey, our bad… our guy went a bit off the rails, and sorry you got capped.  Here’s a couple grand, we’ll take care of the bills, and you go away, and we don’t frame you and freeze dry you in public and send you up the river, how does that sound?”

Yep.  Fibbies Gonna Fib
Sociopathic Motherfuckers One and All.
So… make and take of it whatcha willMore Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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