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As y’all know, I can’t leave well enough alone.  I -have- to play with my new toys.  It annoys the hell out of Wifey, as when I get a new piece, I tend to keep it at arms length for a goodly time.  I call it ‘familiarization’, she calls it obsession.  Meh.  Either way I like to get a handle on how to maneuver around the Casa with the long guns, and wearing the pistol in a shoulder rig or on my waistband gets me set for the inevitable day that that becomes S.O.P….

Just like in Iraq.  You never went anywhere without your piece.  Shower?  Bed?  Chow?

That thing had better be right there, right then, and you sure as hell better have a mag.

So, as I warned y’all I worked on the M1A

I didn’t do the top cover yet.That being said, I think it came out decently.

Now.  To get that pattern, I did the following:
I first field stripped ALL the pieces parts off.  Anything that could be removed, was.  Buttplate/pad, sling swivels, all weapons pieces parts.  the only part that didn’t come off was the front band on the stock, which is pinned in place.  That’s the piece that locks the stock tot he barrel mount at the front by the gas tube.

I then taped the one part, and painted the whole thing in Olive Drab.Once it dried, I had picked up a $1 bunch of fake ferns from the Dollar Store.  I then started getting them ready:

Now, keep in mind, You need wire snips to do this.  The center of the fern ‘leaves’ have a thin wire running through them.  Cut them with the snips, and use scissors (if needed) on the fabric part of the fern if you want a clean cut.Then, I took my double sided tape:

(Upside down here because of course..)
And then started bending the wires and taping down the ferns to the stock:

This was then hit with the flat-khaki.  And this’s the results:

Now, unfortunately, when I start doing a project like this, you guys know it’s like “Buck Fever”
I get all excited and forget to keep taking picturesThat being said, you can tell just the how/where/what I did to get the final product.
The other finishing thing I do is I hit the stock after the final camo application with 3 coats of Matte Clear Coat.
It gives a really nice smooth finish, and helps to keep the dings and scrapes out of the newly-painted stock.  It also dries nicely.  I like it a lot.
Now, the question is, is do I take off the upper black cover and tag that as well?  The stock I wasn’t worried about, as a factory new replacement in Black is $70 if I were to sell it, putting it back to factory original.  The top cover though is more expensive, and harder to come by.  Gonna have to thunk on that ‘un.
Right now though, she’s all dressed up and ready for this weekend’s break in.
I’ll let y’all know as we go.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. Looks nice dude. I got a Magpul Hunter stock for the remmy 700. It’s already desert tan so I need the inverse of what you did. What paint brand did u pick?

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