Where We Are and Where We’re Going?

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
So, more cogitation of the grey matter.  Lots and lots and lots o’fookin’ talkies aboot ye olde situation.  I.E. the recounts, the obvious intentional division of “us” versus “them” on all fronts.  The obvious attempts to de-fang, if not completely eliminate our police forces nationwide.  The corruption of our youth, the dissolution of the Rule of Law…


One can’t help but wonder if there is a genuine plot by some largish group like Spectre that’s behind the string-pulling that’s essentially unravelling our foundational concepts.  Not for nuthin’ tho, our perverse system encourages sellouts and being in it for all the money you can get.  Fuck everyone else, what’s in it for me?

What’s happening is obvious.  As well as plenty of “other things” going on.  Recounts for one.  Lots and lots more recounts and questions as to the validity of the election.  Trump is looking like Orange Jumpsuit in New York, lots of shit boiling all over….  Plus the revalations of a 60,000 strong unaccountable multi-branch super-secret squirrel Army of some sort… the kind of shit right out of Harry Tasker and “True Lies” level of secret…   Damned strange things are afoot… LOTS of negative stories abound about our Betters… specifically Slo and the Ho.  Seems that Kamel-toe got caught out with violating some ethics, (color me shocked)… and Slo obviously wasn’t driving that truck.  Add on that so many negatives, from the Ministry of Propaganda means something else is going on.  

Now, break out the foil gang.  Gonna get weird(er) than normal ’round here.

Looking it over, all these “Qtards” who seem to think that the election is going to be overturned?  That fucking window has closed.  Like I said, ain’t no “take backsies” on that shit.  “Never was” as the Astronaut meme said.  Add on that the guy that should have-would have righteously won?  They’re gonna jail his ass.  So much for fair and balanced Rule of Law Aye?

Then the cops… looks like and rumor has it that they want the DotMil taking over policing.   Posse Comi-whut?  Commie indeed.  Add a DotMil national police force and that’s a good start to a dictatorship.  The DotMil is almost completely compromised.  We can see it from orbit.  

Now… the how and where and why.
IF and it’s a pretty solid chance, judging from the way things are shaping up that Slo is going to be 86’d for mental decline, while the Ho gets run out of town on a rail, as she can’t be used as the puppet she was intended to be.  She’s too independent, too abrasive, too hated, and generally too stupid to keep her suck shut.  

So, IF the President and Vice are out on their collective asses, be it by an overturn of the election (40% chance IMO) or a jettisoning of garbage (50-60% chance) that leaves who in Charge?


The gin-hag herself.  Not for nothing, but ever notice she’s solidly untouchable?  Even when she almost demanded the nuclear football?  Ordering the troops around, calling the fucking DotMil directly and issuing orders?  OK… sure she’s the Speaker of the House… so fucking what?


Now… watching the other side, the “They Thirst For Death” Republican’ts.  Ever notice how they fold like a lawn chair?  Their biggest concern right now seems to be keeping their side all together… shit I’m reading pretty much shows they’re more concerned about a third party fracture.
I mean people are sick of them.  Leopard, meet spots.  Unchanging.  Why do they give a fuck if there’s another party.  It’s for damned sure they ain’t ever getting a straight election ever again…  So why do they keep doing what their doing?

Well, look to history.
The Roman Triumvirates.  

This was where the Roman leadership formed a tri-partite government.  The first was an informal arrangement between Julius Caesar, Marcus Licinius Crassus, and Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus (Pompey).  Both Caesar and Pompey were military men, with Pompey being incredibly popular.  Crassus had the dinero.  Insanely wealthy by anyone’s standards.  Pompey brought the DotMil (Legions) with him as enforcers, and Caesar was the Populist.  Crassus was the finance.  They ruled somewhat equally until they started fighting with each other.

The second was a political alliance formed after the Roman dictator Julius Caesar’s assassination, between Caesar’s three most important supporters: Octavian (future emperor Augustus), Mark Antony and Marcus Aemilius Lepidus.  That one became Law because  the Senate actually voted and endorsed it.  It was a military dictatorship where the Empire was broken up into 3 sections…

Boy… sounds eerily similar to what they’d like to do here Aye?
Break the US into more ‘manageable’ sized areas…
With the ‘power and consent of the Senate’ more’n’likely.  

See, they could do it… sell it as a “Red Versus Blue” and that ‘they don’t want a civil war… so we’re doing this for the children.’  Meaning that they break us up into politically  aligned states, that have the red states (production) maintain the base of “voters” in the blue states.  The “voting” at that point will be resembling and North Korean vote or a Iraqi vote under Saddam Hussein, with 99.9999% of the voats going to the uniparty in charge.  And the Republicunts will be on board, as they get their cake, eat it, and fuck the rest of us per usual, just as long as they get their percentage.

Fuck You, Pay Me.

They could pull it off.  The DotMil, being in the position to crack down and ‘support our poor, overwhelmed, overtaxed and overburdened police’ could start crushing any and all dissent.  Not that we’d hear about it or know, as the Ministry of Propaganda is hoping, praying and working towards the Uniparty Gift that keeps on giving.

“Well, the current President is (fill in blank.. illegitimate/demented) and the Current Vice President is (fill in the blank illegitimate/corrupt) so the Head of the Senate needs to take over -for now-.  Seeings that the guy who ackchully won is in jail, well we can’t have that, and seeing that the divisions in the country are sooooooo out of control, we’re gonna share power.”

Any bets?
Believe me… Foil time, but I haven’t heard anyone else come up with something better or stupider.  Just short of an alien invasion (which they also seem to be prepping us for) it’s a pretty good theory.  I mean why not?  Plenty of fucktards who want the power but can’t legitimately get it.  So this could be the route they choose to go.

Who the hell knows?
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  1. Plausible, but the circumstances are different. The situation of Rome at the time, was a transition from republic to empire, and it was flush – so lots of dough to pay the enforcers (legions). Here , the republic ended long ago, and the empire has been bled dry, with fewer places to plunder, and competitors quite willing, and able, to tell us to fuck off.

    So I can’t see that the organized crime syndicate (aka the government) has the where-with-all to pay the Praetorian guards to do their dirty work. Much better, and more lucrative, for them to off them and run the show themselves. But even then I see that as unlikely – the diversity crowd in their midst might break some nails and high heels.

  2. Well, one big bomb could ruin everybody’s day. Who has them? The Chinese:Iran:Russia-although they don’t scare me:Pakistan:and several bolt holes of less than edamacated squirrels of certain persuasions. The Betters don’t fear them, though they should. I’m thinking that big booms could be a factor.

  3. WTF? The Martians are coming so don’t worry about it. The planneddemic didn’t scare enough sheep into submission so now the Martians will scare the living shit out of all of them; War of the worlds type shit. You know, the ones still wearing masks . Fucking unbelievable. Dot.mil will get the anti vaxers to speed things up. We can only defeat the Martians with a one world rule for womankind.

  4. They can plan whatever takeover scenarios they like. The question is can they pull it off ? Not seeing the best and brightest behind this, more like a non binary larry, moe and curly on meth. As for the wood chipper, too noisy, heavy and expensive. A piece of log chain and a short road haul will take care of most problems.

  5. How about this: the Chinese want – nay, need – North America to stash their excess population and they’ve trashed their homeland with careless industrialization. We’ve paid for Chinese shit for decades with fiatbux and the political sellouts have secretly decided to pay off the unpayable by giving away the continent (eg. Harry Reid). When the critical number of der schtupid have been vaxxed, the PTB will shut off the useless eaters and present the “cleaned up” country to the new owners.

    1. The Orientals have long memories; it’s payback time.
      Go back 100-150 yrs ago; western missionaries looted China of priceless artifacts, Rockefeller/Std Oil helped itself to Chinese oil which the USMarines/Navy guarded for decades, we turned their women into whores and house girls and you wonder why they want to get even?
      The entire world is getting ready to turn on US for all the past favors we’ve shared with them, America now gets to pay the bill for what the NYC bankster elites stole from the rest of the world these past 120+ years. Welcome to the party.
      Russia and China ain’t the bad guys, they’re just another excuse for a new war to get the elites off the hook for a collapsed dynasty.

      1. Also don’t forget how the Globalist jewish Sassoon’s and their related (((Global Tribalists))) forced opium addiction on the Chinese in order to get their grubby dirty rat paws on the Chinese’s silver and other assets.

        That’s just one of many reasons that the Chinese have NEVER forgiven nor forgotten the evils of Globalist jews!

        And many gullible folk still continue to be taken in by the (((Holy-holo-hoax)))…stupidity reigns supreme!

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

      2. I wonder if they also remember people like my Grandfather: and a couple of my dad’s cousins fighting the Japanese in the CBI, helping to free their country from the Imperial Japanese Army?

        1. Warren,
          Unfortunately your Grandfather and your Father’s cousins WERE hoodwinked into fighting “The BAD War” for the total benefit of the Globalist pedo Rothschild Banksters and their bolshevik/zionist footsoldiers.

          They believed the bolshevik/zionist bullshit spewed forth from Globalist owned and operated Hollywood and print media (which (((THEY))) still own and operate to this day) along with the bullshit from Franklin-‘I LOVE Bolshevisim’ – Delano Roosevelt.

          Don’t believe me, then please take the time to read investigative journalist Mike King’s, “The BAD War – The Truth NEVER Told About World War 2” (here’s a link to it in PDF format – you can enlarge it to full sceen and magnify the text from controls in the lower right hand of the screen):


          Also recommended is the documentary, “Europa – The Last Battle”


          Hope that helps to start clearing out the life-long indoctrination and crapaganda that the Globalist’s and their ‘education’ and “entertainment” vessels have put between your ears.

          NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  6. “They’re gonna jail his ass..”

    No, they’re not. A lot of this going around the WRSA crew lately. The fucktarded Andrew Weissmann and his powerful lawfare group couldn’t do it. The 40 so called rank and file dirty FBI couldn’t do it. The filthy communist Brennan CIA with Gina Hasbeen couldn’t do it. You think they did not already had every friggin financial documents they could get out of the Mueller caper? You think there wasn’t an IRS dump on all this early on? The Soros bitch and crooked Vance in NYC merely grab 24hr headlines for their mouthbreathing base and then they retreat. The point is the IC that ran the 2020 election couldn’t do it and had to go all in on the dirty deeds that will be exposed. That ended up in Fort Pelosi for the time being, and that’s it. Swell job, eh?

    Will Trump return? Not the way the hopium freaks think. That story isn’t over, though. So, why bother speculating?

    In the meantime, embrace the collapse because they always overstep their bounds. They always fuck up. They know their time is limited. Never doubt dead Rush.

  7. Keep your anti gun lobby at bay. At any and all cost. You want to know the difference between the United States, Britain and Australia at this point in time? You have guns and we don’t. As long as the average American can defend himself and his family you have hope. For the record I was a child when we lost our guns not that I would have been able to do jack shit about it anyway.

    1. The Get a 3d printer and download the defense distributed software from your favorite pirate bay style torrent platform.

  8. I think the alien invasion is more likely than splitting us up. Too much chance of the separate entities going their own way, similar to how the E and W Roman empires were supposed to remain together just with separate emperors. It is easier to get power than it is to share it…

    Most likely deep fake technology will be used to create an alien visitation that demands world peace administered by a global government. Sound crazy? About as crazy as today would sound if predicted 5 years ago.

  9. There is no legal way to unsteal an election. That is a huge incentive to steal an election.
    The solution is the Declaration of Independence. But the Declaration is just pretty words justifying our coup of the king.
    No. America is gone. There is no rule of law now. There are only edict that come from the rulers.
    These vax passports are just another Holodomor, a way of starving us out if we don’t take the poison. Without the vax, our money is no good at the grocery store.
    There is no happy ending here.
    Just try and be happy now, this weekend. Hug your kids and wife and have a beer with your neighbor.
    It is August of 1939. We know what happened on Sept 1st of 39.

    1. The left is panicked over the Maricopa audit, because the constitution may not allow Chinese asset Joe Biden to be replaced by Trump, the Arizona, New Hampshire and Michigan Senate races can all be redone, even after a Member of Congress has been sworn in the courts can and have ordered new elections, also a lot of people would go down for the fraud, including Obama and Zhou Biden and can be convicted of federal election crimes.
      The courts could even grow some cahonnes and void all the Predatorent’s executive orders as illegitimate.

      1. Keep dreaming……you’re exactly why no one will step off the porch and do something, they’re all still waiting for their Trump miracle.
        The coup was a complete success, and you haven’t figured that out yet. Just like you won’t admit the rule of law left here a long time ago. Time to wake up now.

      2. Rainman and Warren,

        “..It is August of 1939. We know what happened on Sept 1st of 39.”

        Yes, the reigning Globalist pedo Rothschilds used their owned puppets, FDR and Churchill along with Poland’s Edward Rydz “Smigly” to instigate a situation in Poland which would force Adolf Hitler to commence to a necessary police action against the bolshevist jewish and Polish terrorists.

        Just in case your ‘history lesson’s didn’t tell you about him, here it is for you to read:

        Meet Edward Rydz “Smigly” – The man who started WW2

        And Warren, put down that hopium/copium crack pipe –
        there is NO ‘recall’ or ‘voting our way out of this’!!

        The Globalists from “The City of London” won – and there’s
        not a damn thing you or anyone else here can do to change that!

        The best anyone here can do is try to live as freely as they can in their own AO’s…and that’s it!!

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  10. Many fiefdoms run by warlords, who are being screamed at and put upon by a former fedgov with no income and no power. Kind of like the King of France when he ruled a duchy-sized area in the middle of France in the Middle Ages. The fiefdoms will be loyal to the central gov. in name only, and will pretty much run things their own way. The nukes will be in the hands of the warlords who grab them, with a few landing on some of the ratlands on the seacoasts. With the collapse, the main story will be people crapping everywhere and killing themselves and their short-lived progeny thereby. Nothing, absolutely nothing (short of Divine Intervention) can substitute for clean drinking water and sanitary systems. The weaker fiefdoms won’t have either. China or Russia or both may decide to take the plunge, but they’d better be masters of their own homelands before stepping in here. And what’s to prevent a successful Russ/Chin field marshal from declaring his own fiefdom here? Just like in Roman times, a lot of people are going to have to die, and a lot of towns will have to burn before you have a clear winner. Pelosi? A minor footnote in history.

  11. I have a different take on current events.

    All of shit going on, is much MUCH bigger than that leprous where pelosi. She’s just another cog in the machine-a bit bigger than most, but she has people she answers to… unfortunately those people are most definitely NOT AMERICANS.

    Check out the following: https://greatgameindia.com/coronavirus-chinas-secret-plan-to-weaponize-viruses/

    The virus is real, but not nearly as deadly as once feared. The *vaccinations* are the real weapons, putting spike proteins on the ACE2 receptors of those who get the jab. Net result will be the human immune system being supercharged, aggressively attacking the same protein in the virus, *as well as where it it occurs naturally in the human body,* next time the jabbed person is exposed to a naturally occurring virus. Thus, the immune system will attack those proteins, especially prevalent in heart, lung, brain and testicular or uterine tissues. The body will attack itself. You’ll start seeing a LOT of Americans die this fall/winter, when the next flu season hits, at FAR higherrates than can be “spun” by MSM talking heads and blow-dried politicians… I’m estimating millions, conservatively. They’ll die of many different reasons, but they’ll all have one thing in common- they all got the jab.
    How does this fit in the global picture?

    Right now we’re seeing the intentional degradation of our military warfighting capabilities, combined with the intentional poisoning of Americans via “the jab,” and the aggressive persecution of anyone who would dare to question the wisdom of such actions. But this is happening in ALL Western countries, not just the USA.

    Notice, China is not taking the jab, and India is quickly backing away from it (having thousands of people dropping dead from the jab, and a somewhat honest media, makes for predictable results).

    Western people are being targeted for termination, Eastern Asia people are not. And, as we die off, I’m sure the tens of millions of illegal aliens (and probably hundreds of millions more, in the future) will be quite happy to replace us. All they have to do is reliably vote Democrat every two years, and everything else is theirs for the taking.

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