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Lots of things lacking here today.  Motivation, kindness, intelligence… hell… society today is purely and utterly fucked.  Yeah.  Harsh, but what can I say?  truth is a truth, no matter how you try to dress it up.  Patience is sorely lacking as well, humility?  No idea what that is out there anymore.  Morality?  Just looking at any celebrity mags out there, and the half-naked-thots on patrol, showing enough skin… jeez.

I remember “The Moral Majority” growing up during Reagan’s time and them getting all up in a tizzy over some dude showing his naked asscheeks on a cop show… can’t remember who or what, just that it was ‘the big deal du jure’ of the time.  Now?

Maaaaaaaaaaaan… Porno in the 80’s showed less.

Hell… the “Girls of the 80’s” back then?  I mean that’s Christy Canyon, who, by all accounts would suffer a terminal velocity in a Dickstacking contest.  But compared to today’s wimmenz?  She’s not tatted up, doesn’t look hard and harsh… teh wimmenz of today?  Hard looking bee-atchas.  NOT worthy of a second glance, nevermind a first date.

Lot of my bros asked me why I didn’t ‘cut a youngin’ from the herd’ when I was cut free from ye olde ball n chain?  I mean –why– would you go for a post-wall 50 year old woman?  Get a young fast mover?  Let me tell you…  the thots out there?  I did the ‘dating thing’…  It was enough to put me offa mah feed for quite a spell.  Crazy, entitled, ‘trainsmash’ as Kim DuToit calls them.  At least Wifey knows how to be a wife.

And as far as people -in general- these days?  No patience.  No social ability.  No social adaptability.  Bad enough we had a whole horde of trolls running around on teh intarwhebz on the regular… Now?  ALL the people have become troll-ish.  Lack of social skills, while not good to begin with has become completely absent in today’s post-lockdown society.  Add on the neurotic lunatics who’re keeping the mask on as either a socio-political statement or due to the inability to adapt to reality, the baseline fragility at the core of our people is now exposed.

We’re oversexed, over medicated, mentally coddled and told it’s not our fault.  That it’s all them eeeee-vil Whypeepo’s fault.  This coming from a mostly-white group mind you.  People who look in the mirror and don’t even have a minute of introspection when they see a white face looking back at them.  Nope.. it’s all those patriarchal whyte hoo-mons who’re responsible for all their ills.  Especially those eee-vil NAZI Republicans and Trump dammit.  It’s all those bastards fault that they don’t have a job, and that this horrible disease ran roughshod leaving piles of dead everywhere…  over a million plus dead here in the US alone!!!  And no, I am not kidding.  I had this exact discussion with the guy running a comic book shop here in Tampa… fucker was hyper-psycho as far as I could tell.  Blamed Trump for everything, as well as the ‘stacks of dead’ that he’d “seem himself.”  Only thing I took from that particular conversation was that people have done gone and lost their fucking minds and that whatever drugs this asshole was on, -I- wanted some because it was obviously the good stuff.

Seriously.  The Lockdown broke people.  We haven’t even seen the worst of it.

Some of these fuckers are going to purely snap eventually.  I mean why do you think we’ve seen an uptick in the ultraviolence?   I’ve been saying for years that a BIG part of our problems, societally speaking is that not enough people have been punched in the fucking face.

Too many mouthy motherfuckers getting away with talking shit far outside their weight class.

And now?  -Some- folks have had it.  
And it’s showing.  Someone gets mouthy to the wrong person and said-wrong person pulls a gat, and cranks a few into the now-used-to-be mouthy individual.  You’re also seeing it what with that guy who kil’t his bitchy wife, burned the house to the ground, went to work, and capped all the co-workers he’s purely hated for the past 10 years.  The security video to that from the neighbors house is epic.  Guy comes out of the house, cool and a cucumber, dressed for work, with a duffel bag.  Behind him, the house is fully engulfed in flames… and after-the-fact we found out dude done did his old lady with whom he had a ‘contentious relationship’ with, meaning she probably gave him hell 24-7-365.  He then loads the car and drives to work, where he then calmly rolled through and capped all the people who pissed him off over the years.
For him?
Game, set, and match.

Going to be a lot more of this. 
Mark my words.
What’s also hilarious is that the Feds are still doing entrapment schemes.  Art Sido over at his blog talks about the latest “Man w/Three Names” that they ‘prevented’ from going out and doing a massacre.
Pic stolen from Art’s site…

Art goes into some detail regarding Mr. Three-names, but I did pick up on another aspect which helps push MY narrative of these guys being all part of the same program, and that’s the shitty bowl cut hairdo.  Seems ALL the wannabe mass shooters have had the same shitty hairstylist.  Methinks personally it’s so that the feds can ID “one their own” without having an ear-tag or some such marker.  Of course it only adds to the social awkwardness as who wants to date or hang with a goofball with a lame ass haircut like that?

Add on the pic Art has (which I -won’t- steal) but it shows the ‘vast arsenal’ that this mook has… Whhhhooo boy howdy.  An AR and what looks like a shitty subcompact 9mm?  That’s quite the arsenal.
The flags, as Art points out are ‘new-in-bag’ and prolly part of the “Kit, Initial, Terrorism, sub-category: Domestic, White Male.”

Although it -looks- like someone might have put parts of the wrong kit in there, and mixed in the subcat of “Foreign, Arabic Male” because of the Saudi Flag.  Maybe even the Russian Terrorist stuff, as they included a cool looking Russian Orthodox Christian flag… Tell you what though, man, it’s sooooo bad how they dress up this pig.

MY bookcase would land me in prison if it were up to all the ‘right thinking people’ out there.  Turner Diaries?  Check.  Sniper how-to books, Yup.  ALL the field manuals that I got over the years, Hitler’s biography, I mean all the books, hell posters, vintage and otherwise.  My DotMil collection of NAZI and Russian WW2 memorabilia?  All of that, as far as IF you put it allllll on display would make me the King of all Whypeepo Supremacists.  

And that too, can be directly traced to the Lockdown and ‘downstream’ affects.Because the majority of ‘normies’ out there get their information, or dis-information from the State Approved Mass Media Organs of Propaganda,  they wound up people to see -everything- as “Evil Whypeepo” being responsible for, well just about everything.
Asians getting brutally assaulted by niggers in New York?  March against White Supremacy
MS-13 raping and chopping up fellow gangbangers?  March against White Supremacy
Niggers shooting each other up in Chicongo? March against White Supremacy

Even that fucking retarded scumfucking shitloving sodomite Jussie “Fecalpenis” Smollett blamed “systemic white racism” for his hiring two buff Nigerians to beat his ass in a faux hate crime.
March against White Supremacy
March against White Supremacy
March against White Supremacy
They positively LOVE that bullshit.

And on Twitter, the “Blue Checkmarks” who seem to be the most vocal in what appears to be self-loathing of their skin color?  Well… waaaaaaaaaaay too many examples, but they ain’t what they seem to be.  Most of the harshest, most vocal self-loathing Whypeepo?  Well, seems a deep(er) dive in there shows that they tend to be Jewish.  Interesting that Aye?  Not going to delve in there a lot, BUT I -do- notice the trends, and truths.  Fact is, 90% of the ‘defense leagues’ out there are blatant in their fundraising by “scaring Liberal Old Ladies into opening their checkbooks for us.”  That’s almost a direct quote.  Theyselves know that there’s no huge Whypeepo Conspiricy to “get the Jews” or “Re-enslave the Blacks”.  Despite ALL the attempts to smear average white folks is only doing one thing:

Waking up a pile o’folks who just wanted to be left the fuck alone.

The Japs lern’t this the hard way.
The Germans too.
The ‘Muriiican Injuns didn’t do so hot, 
nor the Brits in their time.
Hell, against our own, we slaughtered each other with gleeful abandon.
This time?  God help whoever the targets(s) are
because this time, ain’t going to be any mercy.  We’ve been very comfortable and very content in our stupor.  Good easy times has made it really hard to ‘rile us up.  Most of us who have ‘seen the elephant’ don’t necessarily want to see it again.  We absolutely don’t want our GranBebes to see it, participate in it, nor become victims in it.  But at this point, what with the accelerationist rhetoric and the constant drumbeat of “Death to Whitey”, I’m feeling that I’ma gone  have to strap on my sixguns again.


Head on a Swivel. 
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. Over socialized and under informed according to the leading paper on the subject “Industrial Society and its Future” Written by a Harvard Professor in the mid 90s, far before anything like Facebook was around.

    Truly an illuminating piece of work and it can be downloaded royalty free.

    1. Anytime they tell you not to read something…
      …it’s definitely something that you should read.

  2. The dumbasses in Tulsa were getting all mouthy about “shoot every Whitey we see”. Too stupid to realize the answer will be “exterminate all niggers, beaners, and lefties in general”. The depiction of middle class white folks by Old Remus is spot on as we will see.

  3. I read the Turner Diaries. What a load of hooey. The one book by Bracken I have read was much better

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