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So, as we’ve all heard, Herr Fauci is on the ‘outs’ or leastways IF the Xo Bi Den Gang of Eight can get together and decide not IF he’s going under the bus, but “when” he’s going under the bus.  Now… reality?  He’s gonna get “Lernered”

You remember Lois “Used the IRS as a Club on Baby Seals” Lerner

She was the beee-atcha who was rabidly used, at Obamamessiah’s orders more’n likely, any and all IRS elements to target conservative groups by either audits or denying them legal tax exempt status.  Amazingly, just like all fucking scum-sucking democrats, -somehow– the backups of her emails were just ‘erased/lost’ during the investigation, and the Fibbies, being the gosh-darn awesome crimefighters and general do-gooders that they are, didn’t find any willful malfeasance on her part, despite several witnesses testifying that she during her drunken box-wine rants in-office would denigrate the Tea Party as “Tea-Baggers” and whatnot.

Nothing to see here, move along.  All is well.

She was allowed to ‘retire’… with full taxpayer subsidized pension.  $102,600.00 per year.
For Life
Nice work if’n you can get it Aye?
So, my bets is Fauci steps down citing “a loss of faith in him by the American Peepul who he’s so oft put first.”  They’ll make a martyr out of him.  Unless someone who has a screw loose decides that he needs to become a real martyr.  Gods knows that the motherfucker deserves to be strung up like the Death Merchant he is.  JUST because of the shytte he pulled on hydroxychloroquine.  That gets him right up there with Mengele in my mind… 

Now, on ‘other news’
I got intel.  It’s been out there, and is now going public.  The DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) has been sitting on a Joe Chink who defected who has intimate knowledge of the Chinese bioweapons, and has been spilling it all to them.  DIA didn’t tell no-one-nuthin’ as they figured that CIA/FBI and probably everyone in-between in compromised.  They’d be right in that assumption Aye?

Now, since the media AND Xo Bi Den seem to be ‘doubling down on stupid’ and backing Fauci (should rename him to “Felcher”… look that up, try not to puke and then get back to me)  Ole Felcher is going to heave to go under the bus, and quickly too, as it looks like Joe Chink the Defector is about to spill the beans completely.
Wonder if that Joe has the dirt on Hunter and “The Big Guy” as well?

Interesting times.

Also, couple of ‘side notes’ on our Brethren WAAAAAAAAAAAY up north of me.  Canoeheadland, being run by that flamer Justin “I don’t know who my daddy is” Trudeau, better known as “Turdo” by all who know him, well, besides the Chinks running around (confirmed by multiple sources) all hither and yon, and that it seems that Turdo and his Globalist handlers have essentially eliminated the electoral process “until the pandemic is over”…

Which means ‘ain’t no more democracy up in Canadaland no more’ from my hot take.

Add on the ‘other’ stuff I’ve been reading, the RMCP, or is it RCMP?  One is Rapidly Moving Car Parts, which is what we called the Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosives Devices in Iraq, I.E. a car with a 500 lb bomb in it that a Haj would suicide into a checkpoint… when it blew, the car would blow’d da fuq up, scattering the parts, rapidly, hence RMCP’s.

Anyways, the Mounties, taking time off from mounting each other’s legs, are starting to confiscate any and all weapons that were previously legal, as they now suddenly say they ain’t, and ergo, turn ’em in eh?  

Bunch of hosers.

That and the list apparently changes so fast and furious, you may as well NOT own a weapon, which is exactly what the swine want.  
Add on as of today, the Canoehead version of FedEx, named Canpar Express and Loomis Express/DHL Canada just today stopped all and any movement of ammunition and or weapons to distributors all over Canada.  Essentially all the shit that was enroute?  It’s now stuck like chuck, and yer fucked.

I’d be stocking up if’n I were in that A.O. right now.
The noose is tightening.
Heads Up, and Down at the same time.
Shit’s getting weirder
“When the going gets tough, the weird go pro.”  Dr. H.S. Thompson
Time to go MOR pro.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. What’s the Difference between Dr. Fauchi and Dr. Mengele?
    One of them killed millions of people through his work on bio weapons and the other is Dr. Mengele.

  2. It’s not just Fraudchi’s involvement in what is essentially a bio-weapon attack on the world. What part did Xiden and the Halfrican play? With the election audit in AZ and Hunter laptop info all coming out at the same time it should make for an interesting summer. Hopefully this year concludes with fedgov being completely delegitimized in the minds of the majority.

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