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On the fons today at work and maaaan.  Had a humdinger of a call.  Wife of a Vet that no-one was helping.  Long of the short, she at one point, said he was suicidal.  That’s a hard stop right there.  I let higher know what was going on, and then kept on the fon, at which point I found out he’s actually threatened in the past, but not currently, as he’s not even home but at work.  So oh, OK… Got it.  Relay that to higher, and told them “It’s all cool.”  Much different situation Aye?
Not that Higher heard any of it.
While I was still trying to unfuck the situation, the local PD showed up for a welfare check.

Whoo boy.
The wife was cool about it, and my Higher is now trying to spin it off on me that “I said” when I didn’t and hopefully it’ll quiet down, not that they won’t try and pin something on me.  My boss whos a dear said I’m good that I ain’t gotta worry.

Now then, so I’m on the fon, and apparently the world showed up.  Whaaambulance and like two cruisers.  I get on speaker and tell one of the coppers “Hey, mis-communication, everything’s cool!” as her Hubby ain’t even home.  She’s showing them, and telling them, “Everythings cool!” Cop #1 is like “No prob, cool” but Cop #2?
I guess he was highly disappointed that he didn’t get to shoot or taze someone.  <cue authority voice> “We need to verify whoever that is on the phone, as well as go to his work and check!!!!” the whole time… Wife I was speaking to was like “This guy is like being a dick.”  I even said to Cop #1, “You need ole boy to chill the fuck out before he kills someone… No one there for him to HupHupHup!!!”

Man, then the very next call I get someone who starts telling me that the DotGov “Told me that this is what’s going on!!!” and couldn’t be moved from that… I kept trying to politely explain that “Just ‘cos the DotGov said so doesn’t make it the truth.”

Man, De Nile ain’t just a river in Egypt.
Just like Higher Higher calling in the uniformed DotGov… I mean yeah, liability, I dig that, but BEFORE calling they should have gotten with ME to ask MOR questions on the SitRep than “OMFGCallthecopsrightnow!!!!”  I understand SOP.  I was the one who initially said “Whoa suicide, hold on…” and started that ball, but damned if they didn’t grab that thing and do a Forrest Gump and run alllll the way out of the stadium with that fucker.

Such is working with an all female cast so to speak.All emotions, no logic.Total belief in “The System”And when I was talking to the cops?  Even one of the cops besides cop #1 said cop #2 was like waaaay too amped up.  Like dude… only thing that tells me is no matter what, never call the cops.
Too dangerous.
For ALL involved.
The stiking thing is the utter belief of the goodness and system in general.  I have trouble believing it.  It’s stunning.  Like jaw dropping.  How in the hell can -anyone- believe anything that ANY DotGov agency tells you?  Like at this point, it’s got to be willful ignorance.  MomUnit, bless her is sort of like that.  Does NOT want to hear anything factual that can upset the apple cart so to speak.  She gets totally bent out at the messenger.  Especially when I slip the occasional needle in about CNN, which is all she watches.  The complete dogmatic belief in shytte like that is where everything has gone wrong.  

A BIG part of it was elimination of organized religion, either by murder and/or suicide.  The murdering of religion was done by people who don’t want to believe, and force others not to believe, nevermind the Commies who want you to worship the state.  The suicide of religion is the Catholic Church willfully and intentionally allowing, nay encouraging rape and child molestation… and I’m not even going there with the current as far as I’m concerned Antipope running the shytteshow right now…

Any wonder this country is in deep(er) shit than it’s ever been before?
Look, I tend to not be overly religious.  That being said,, one can’t go through the shit I’ve been through and not believe that there ain’t a God or higher power….

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd I’m fired.

What was that about God?
Seems I said I wanted to hit a motherfucker in the head for not doing their job.  Pure hyperbole.  Of course just the thing for the HR Chick to grab onto and run with.
Terminated <sigh>This’s the shit that irritates the fuck out of me.
No writeup, no warning, no nuthin’.
Ugh…More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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By BigCountryExpat

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  1. “No writeup, no warning, no nuthin’.”

    Aaaannnnd, the HR bitch probably broke several rules in the company policy manual. A threat of a law suit could probably get your job back. If you want it.

    1. Most places these days have a policy of immediate termination if violence is threatened, even if it’s directed at an empty sky.
      We also laughed at the idea of political officers cheerleading the Party’s platform, but welcomed Human Resources into companies…different name, same shit.

  2. Sorry you worked for idiocratic’s. Hopefully better money makin’ will come your way.

  3. Bride got fired in a Health care Environment (as the Exec Admin for the CEO, OK?)
    The 4th “NEW” CEO in 5 months decides she is totally incompetent (All 4 others wrote WalksOnWater evals) and so she fires the Bride with no notice no write up, no counseling (Here is what better would look like and thatshit) just “GONE TONIGHT!!!”

    HIGHER HIGHER (in The PArent ORG) says we understand. You have a full month of severance, the bitch is also GONE BUT you gotta sign this Non-disclosure for this to hold. Yes she broke a half a rule book but no you can’t have your job back.
    Bride was doing BOTH Exec Asst AND Credentialing for the facility (Medical not Nursing).

    ACTUALLY, we were not pissed about the termination, just how it was DONE.

    Chin Up, bro… you WILL land on yer feet.

  4. OH RIGHT!!

    Bride said LAWSUIT time!! Get your termination, benes properly extended, etc! WRONGFUL TERMINATION!

    MUCH like she got though she didn’t need the lawyer.

  5. Dude, lifes been throwing molotov cocktails at everyone. This past May, was told liver disease went from stage 1 to stage 4 (thanks Covid) 3 days later fired from job of 29 years. I get to keep working till end of summer to finish project. Yea me! Embrace the suck my Semper Fi buddies tell me, so me and the pretty wife keep on keeping on. God will open a window for you.


  6. Hang tight Biggie.
    Take that gubmint check, find sone cash-gig on tge side, and milk the gravy train for all its worth! The iceberg is off the rear starboard, water pump #2 just shut down, and the band is striking up a new jig. Enjoy the ride at this point my friend.

  7. That SUCKS big donkey dicks. Well, have a shot of GOOD liquer on me! Hope it help some. Been in that position meself.

  8. Sorry to hear about the Jay Ohh Bee. I hope the setback pays dividends with a better opportunity.

    Thanks for going to bat for the guy with suicidal thoughts.

    We share a burden: both learned to do the ‘right’ thing in the 80’s Army, knowing we’d be backed by strong, principled leaders. Then only to find ourselves in the principless swamp of woke civilian employment. You’re ahead of me in one category: despite my best efforts in some cases, I have not yet been fired. I’ll catch up soon…

    1. “Kill ’em all, let God sort ’em out” is a phrase the Karens in HR have no idea what it really means LOL

      Dumb Slores, cumdumpsters ALL of them.

  9. Suicide thing and the system’s response is a cheese grater and hot sauce to my ass. My brother had some trouble… into the system. System loaded him with psychotropic drugs, locked him up for a couple of days with the occasional beat down, physical and mental. Then kick him out of “care” when they had sucked down what they could unload from insurance. Exhausted, bruised, tortured, and drugged….. perfect.”GTFO”. Eventually after several attempts, including jumping off a five story building, he escaped the system. He would have been a multi millionaire if he made it just a few months when the internet company he was working for had their IPO.

    Buddy in the FD. Homeschooled, hard worker great Firefighter EMT. First four calls for him as a junior FF; people who off’d themselves. Two in epic fashion, true WTF deaths. Good kid never phased decided to go down the path of law enforcement for pay and fire for fun. Gets asked the “you ever think about suicide?” Question and checks the “yes” box because he’s a homeschool kid who doesn’t understand what that really means, vs “how do I recover this body?”. End of his status as a normal American….got a full swat raid and gun confiscation.

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