Raffle Time, No PolyTicks, Sorry!

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
I can’t -not- do something as a thankee for all the kindness that my worthless ass has been shown.  Y’all are awesome.  I have trouble trying to figure out the best way to do it, so’s the way we’re going to roll is a Raffle so to speak.

Everyone who’s donated to the Boolit Bean and Boot fund is automatically entered.  Every $20 gets you a ticket.  So a couple of y’all with more money than common sense got a leg up so to speak.  The Cee-Note you donated is 5 entries.  Entries are automatic per $20 donated.  Sorry if’n I’m a bit random as we go, but as I stated before, spent the early evening with GranBebe and man…
I’m fucking spent.

Even worse?
Wifey is too.
She beat me to the bed. 
She snores.
I’m fooked.

Ahhh well… so back to the point… A Raffle.  Start date’ll be this past Wednesday/Thursday… I’ll know when as the donations started unexpectedly showing up.  And By the way gang,… HUUUUGE thanks.,.. the ‘summer increase’ hit the power bill and because of y’all I paid it without being hyper stressed OR having to do Blood Plasma…


So, I’ve done some digging around, and found in the back of the safe, an -interesting- non-NFA toy.  It’s a rare piece actually.  An iTac Defense all-Glock  Adaptive Carbine Platform. 

It’s designed to ideally to convert a Glock Pistola (or the like) into a Carbine.  Made in New Hampshire a ways back, the toy and the concept seem to have faded/been bought out by IMI and CAA who turned it into the RONI Glock Adapter.

Now, couple of BIG differences between the iTac and the CAA Roni, which is now the carbine kit primary go-to.  The Roni, from it’s own website: “…Roni is made with an aluminum spine that houses the locking mechanism, surrounded by a high-density polymer that feels almost identical to the polymer used in Glock frames.”

In other words, it’s plastic with a lot of imbedded aluminum.
Not so with this fucker. OK, adds weight, but man… solid as a rock.  No need to disassemble the weapon itself, the pistol gets a mount on rail system, which locks it into place:

I’m pretty hammered, so if I’m out of order? Sue me LOL.The way it mounts, well hell… here it is all ready to have my Poly80 Mounted in it:

Then, once I put the parts on the rail:

Tightened the locking screw, and made sure that pin was in place.  Next step? Slide the rail mount into the frame.

Once in, the ass-end (which I failed to take pictures of as I removed it,) has a grip-pressure plate to assist in stabilization and locking the weapon in place.

Press down on the pin, and Bob’s yer Uncle.
Then remove the ass so’s to allow the pistol to fit into the frame.

It comes pretty intuitive to the system in general, (if that makes any sense… it’s 1 am, I’m stoned/hammered and dealing with weird shit…. go fucking figger Aye?)

When yer done fiddle-fuckin’ ’round, it looks like this:

Works really well with ANY Glock that I can tell.Even with an Iraqi Aftermarket makes-it-a-Glock-18 bangswitch (which I no longer have <le sigh>) But OMFG it’s cool and turned the Glock into ‘something else’… Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye


Sorry.. drunk humor here…
Anywho.  The raffle will run from Wednesday of 30 June to 14 July of 2021.  Each ticket for this here on out is $20.  Winner gets the Glock Fun Kit, my thanks, and an autographed copy of the Halloween “Charlie Mike Comix” comic book.  Any of you thugs, scum, and other scurrilous Droogs who donated via Paypal, I have your emails.  Y’all are already entered.  Anyone who only threw a 5 spot or ten, well hell… not sure what to say there… money is tight… I’ll leave it up to the crowd to say if’n a 5-10 donation BEFORE this counts as a raffle ticket.  Also, anyone NOT wanting in, who DID donate, let me know at rakkasan101st@protonmail dot com, so’s we don’t have confusion.  It’s gonna go by email, and if no email was with the donation, whatever handle you left so’s I knew you weren’t a ghost.

Maybe I’ll have the winning email drawn by a topless chick Aye?Wifey might even want to do it… she’s got fantastic fun bags for a 50 year old babe.
Jes’ Sayin’ 
Why the hell not… always good to get traffic bumped up, and titties definitely help.
OK, More Later, Spawn here in the A.M. I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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