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Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Considering how I felt about the band, this might have been the ‘someone close to you is gonna die’ momnet.  Dusty Hill from ZZ Top has taken that last ride.  

ZZ Top was my band growing up.
My only ride-or-die band.  I discovered them (of course) in the 80’s when “Legs” got it’s hawt rotation on MTv.  What male hetero teen in the 80’s –didn’t– discover and/or worship them back then? 

After that, it was off to the races.  Got their whole discography.  MAD bummed to hear this, ‘cos of all things, “The Night of the Robin” we were watching Jeopardy, and the announcement came up that the Top was going to be playing the Hard Rock here in Tampa.  No shit I said, “Yannow, I really would love to see them before one or all of them die off, they’re getting a bit old man” to Sapper.  I checked the prices and then said “Guess I’ll have to see them in another life Aye?”

Guess that’s dead on, pardon the pun.

That was followed up by an ad for the Rolling Stones.
What the hell is it with those guys anyways?  Someone decanted another Mick Clone and said, “You know, we need to make some more monies to finishing the pay off on this Axolotl Tank, lets do another tour!”  Keith Richards probably dusted himself off and was all like “Why not?  I’m damned either way.”  You want funny?  I think that doing a story that the soldier who pierced Jesus’s side with the spear?  Barry Sadler did a writeup series called Casca… about Casca Rufio Longinus.  Wouldn’t it be a trip in my story, if he, the Eternal Soldier, was actually Keith Richards?

Hiding in plain sight so to speak.
So, besides that bummer, apparently they’re still and were still going to do the tour, with some long-time soundman playing Dusty’s part as he was having hip issues.  Seems that’s why he went into the hospital.  Total bummer though.

So, other things:
Somewhere a story is breaking about the ADE which stands for Antibody Dependent Enhancement.  This’s really complicated, but, MY unnastanding of it, once all the multi-syllabic words are pared down, ADE is a badness thing that can happen when you get the NotVax.  ADE?  The bad thing about antibody-dependent enhancement is that it leads to more severe disease when you’re exposed again to the pathogen, meaning an ‘new variant’ of COVID (or when you’re exposed after being vaccinated for it).  Essentially its why they never before allowed mRNA ‘vaccines’ to be made.  ALL the animal tests showed this propensity to have ADE happen, and in the end ALL the test animals died.  ALL. OF. THEM.

Word is that the ADE starts when the vaccine starts to wear off… meaning this’s why they’re pushing hard now for -everyone- to get vaxxed, and that booster shots are going to be needed.  Probably forever.  I dunno… I’m not near enough competent to explain this, but somehow, it seems to be important.  Mongo just an infantryman.  No know stuff like this.What it is though, is there was an interview out there with someone who DOES know their shit.  Read the transcript to it here:

Like I said, no idea but telling.  Something like that raises all sorts of red flags with me.
So either way, for me it’s a moot point, but for the sake of argument.  

What IS on the table is the neo-authoritarian regime that Gauleiter Pelosi et. al. seem to be forming up.  This whole “Capitol Police Expansion” in regards to it becoming the American State Police?  Man, that worries me.  Last thing we need is another more-than-likely corruptocrat-ridden police enforcement group.  Tell you what, if you want to know which way the wind is blowing, watch the unions.  Those FedGov unions are the ones who really make a LOT of the power-decisions behind the scenes.  Hell, I’ve talked about the Senior Executive Services here… and that it’s also a union shop.  Did you know the S.E.S is also like under the Department of Defense?  Has it’s own rank structure and Flag too.  

Per Wiki:
“According to the Office of Personnel Management, the SES was designed to be a corps of executives selected for their leadership qualifications, serving in key positions just below the top presidential appointees as a link between them and the rest of the federal (civil service) workforce. SES positions are considered to be above the GS-15 level of the General Schedule, and below Level III of the Executive Schedule.”

These are the Deep State Critters.Unionized Deep State Critters
Remember, you probably never heard of them.  I never did until I worked with one of them in Iraq.  The guy who ultimately had me blackballed. 
Know your enemy Aye?
So, gonna quit a bit early.  Had a LONG night with GranBebe waking up at 0230 for no apparent reason, I think TBH she woke up, and decided to stir the pot.  Faked ‘crying’ about something, and Wifey went in to console, which lasted about 10 minutes, when she got up again, wash, rinse, repeat, until I put my foot down.  Told her under no uncertain terms to get back in bed, lay down, it’s quiet time and to lay there and not make a fuss.  Or else.

Seemed to have worked.  Though I’m frazzled and tired because of it.
So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. Man I remember seeing ole ZZ Top opening for Van Halen (Hagar) in fucks sakes I guess 1988 in Charlotte at now gone coliseum. I drove my 1965 Chevy stepside pickup with a Rebel flag tag on the front bumper over across the river to see the concert. Damn RIP Dusty. BCE dude you are kinda a North Star with stuff. Stay safe brother. Prayers from NC

  2. Keef as Casca? Who knows? We don’t really know what Keith does between tours, do we? Lotta little hot conflicts around the world.

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