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Now this here subject is going to be a bit ‘touchy’ possibly for some.  BUT I. don’t. care.  The topic:  “The Greater Good”.  Meaning currently here in Florida, we’ve got a lawsuit that’s been filed against Gov. DeSantis because he essentially said “No mandate, No mask, no problem, .”  This of course enraged the “Followers of the Mask”

Now, the way the Ministry of Propaganda is spinning it is that De-Statan-tist (their term, not mine) is trying to kill all the children in Florida by how dare you! banning mask mandates in school.  And any school that mandates a mask for all the kinder gets the state funding pulled.

What’s really going on however is that he’s doing just that.  If your kid doesn’t want to wear a mask, or you feel that you don’t need to have your kid wear a mask, no problem.  However, the power mad School Boards and Superintendents who apparently never met a statist-neo-nazi law or rule they didn’t want to implement are suing.  THEY want to say whether or not your kid has to wear a mask.  Then throw on the Parents of kids who have ‘issues’ who are demanding ALL the kids bend at the knee, and wear the mask because their pwecious lil darlings have ‘issues’.

Which brings me to the crux.  If your kid is immunocompromised, gee, that’s a shame.
Really is
Guess what cupcake?  If MY kid has a superpowered immune system armed with tactically nuclear-powered white blood cells, HE doesn’t need the mask, it sounds like only your lil generic-dead-ender should wear a mask.  

WHY do we keep embracing the weak?

If your kid is a genetic dead end, why do we waste so much time and money funneling it into worthless dead-ends like this?  I dig compassion… I dig empathy.  I also dig that there’s such a thing as “too much.”  It’s called ‘triage’.

Triage: noun: the assignment of degrees of urgency to wounds or illnesses to decide the order of treatment of a large number of patients or casualties.
verb: to assign degrees of urgency to (wounded or ill patients).

If your lil pwecious is a genetic-dead ender, and yeah, that’s what I consider kids who are all fucked up from the neck up… the ‘can’t eat peanuts’ allergies, the ‘breathe on them and they die/get sick’ kids… the ones who have to be wrapped in bubble wrap because if not, they break a bone just looking at them… 

Don’t get me wrong, but they’re a genetic dead end.  Unless by some unbelievable miracle, they ain’t going to get better… they’re going to suck resources and eventually just cash out -anyways-… and notice, I -don’t- include the mentally defective… they in their own way have a role to play in the game of life, and I know of a guy I went to high school with who had Downs, who still has a hell of a life, got married to a nice girl who fell hard for him, and his son?  Not-Downs by some weird quirk.  A million-to-one shot there Aye but I’m talking about these kids who shouldn’t even be in a classroom.

Why should everyone bend-the-knee to the weakest?

Look, I’m not saying to go ‘full neo-Nazi geneticist and eugenics.’  They’re fucked up.  NOT their fault.  If anything I blame the parents.  And yeah, they are to blame.  The weirdo frozen-egg broad who waited to have her kids at 42, and the kid is barely functional, and can’t understand why?  The ‘late family/career first’ folks who had the first kid when the dude was like in his fifties, and the wife in her late 30’s more like early-to-mid 40s… and they wonder -why- their kids are genetic-dead-enders?  Fucking Jeebus people… despite everyone saying “50 is the new 40” and all that shit, reality is a stone motherfucker as is genetics.

Sperm and eggs?  Gotta be fresh… Just like bacon and eggs… try to make an omelet with some eggs that’ve been sitting in the fridge for 6 months past the ‘use by date’ and the bacon just starting to smell a bit ‘off’… 

and there you have it.
You want to have an omelet with those fucking eggs?
Hard Pass for meSame as having kids… IF I were to -try- to Spawn again (ain’t going to mind you) BUT IF I were to, I’d want some 18-20 year old fresh n young eggs, thank you very much.  

Problem is, people are selfish and fucking ignorant
That’s what’s ackchully going to be what kills the Untied Statz for sure… willful, unabashed greed and ignorance of Man’s Laws, God’s Laws and Nature’s Laws.
These morons genuinely believe that their ‘lil pwecious’s health’ is MOR important than reality, science and any of those ‘other bothersome children’…  THEY want what THEY want and fuck you, the governor, the rules and any and everything that stands between THEM and what THEY want/demand.  After all, the rest of us?  Serfs to be ignored donchaknow?

See, I literally picked The Xwife in part because of her family’s genetic history.  Her great grands, her grands, her ‘rents health ALL went into the equation of “Is this someone I want to have kids with?”  Intelligence played into it as well, mental health all of it.  I was raised a bit of a genetic-nazi to a point.  When DeadDad asked for MomUnit’s hand, my Grandad, a great man in his own right, literally looked over DeadDad, and said: “Welcome to the family, you’ll bring some height to the blood!” 

No shit.  He really said that.  In fact ALL the prospective spouses’ got the same evaluation, and for it, outside of the environmental impacts (the cancer I got was due to depleted uranium and DeadDad’s was a one-off) but the entire family is still kicking… some of the Aunts and Uncles are about to hit the age of 90… and my cousins?  ALL are in fantastic health… kind of scary how that sort of stuff plays out IRL Aye?

But since we’ve devolved to the ‘feelz’ “I luv her” lots of doodz think with the dick, and overlook the fact that the brother of his one-twue-luv is an immunocompromised dwarf with an extra chromosome…

And that same exact timebomb may or may not be ticking in his chick

Most of the shit out there seems to go maternally.  One of my weird things I got was a spare set of kidneys.  They found it during the whole-check every inch of me CAT scans and such whatnot back in the day during an earlier cancer scare… that because it turned out I have an extra set of meniscus muscles on the back of my legs.  That’s what prompted the full body scan when I was on active duty… I was roadmarching so much that even the extra meniscus started ‘bulking’ on the back of my legs, and the medics at first thought they might be tumors or something… so I got the full body workup and lo and behold, MOR tissue, right over the kidneys.  The docs then worried I had kidney tumors or something… bit more work, some more other testing and nope.  Turns out I’m a mutant.  “Duplex Kidneys” and MomUnit during one of her ultrasounds found out she’s the culprit with her own spare set… not common, but it does happen…

I like to think my filtration system is a four barrel rather than the standard two barrel… might also explain the extreme ability to process the booze and not get hung over?  The docs don’t think so but hey, I’ll believe what I want to believe

It’s my truth after all Aye?

But back to the issue:  Dood overlooks that his lovey is from a long line of genetic fucking errors, annnnd he compounds it by breeding with her waaaaaaaaay later than he and she should… because careers and ‘reasons’, and when their widdle pwecious comes out, incapable of being exposed to even the -slightest- breeze, THEY expect the REST OF US to ‘bend to the knee’ for their poor widdle pwecious.
Fuck that

Not our fault that your genetics are bad, and I’m sorry as fuck for you and your kid… but I’m not giving a fuck about him… in fact I care more about the sammich in the fridge than I do about your fucking kid… and you for that matter.

Make Selfishness Great Again

‘Cos otherwise, today it’s forcing you to put a mask on your kid (and I’m not even going to touch the science or anything on that particular bullshit) but then, it’s forcing the vaxx, and then eventually killing the unvaxxed.  Ask the Jews how that worked out for them… 

Having a sense of Empathy is part of being human, but being able to know when and where to utilize it is what matters.

Tribe Matters
Family Matters
Friends Matter
Neighbors Matter
Everyone else can fuck off.
Too much empathy leads to stupid shit like loading the so-far 50,000 Afghans who haven’t been vetted onto planes ahead of our own people and citizens.  THAT sort of epic dumbasshattery, trust me, is going to come back and bite us in the ballsack in spades.
All for the goodfeelz.
So, I got a Zoom Meeting, so that’s it for now.  Your thoughts?

Got a lot of people emailing me, and the question of Autism comes up.  That one is tricky to me.  It’s something that’s so random and hard to track, as from the studies I’ve seen shows its so random and really hard to track… the -only- thing and studies I’ve seen has been a lot of studies, real and or fake that it’s to do with the vaccines… and I know, I know, whoooole nuther ball of shytte to get into… I personally think it does have something to do with the mercury preservative in the vaxx’s out there… MY spawn got all their vaccs back in the day, but they got it one at a time.  Special Ordered that shit specifically so as to NOT have an oopsie…    I didn’t chance it… Autism is a pure-motherfucker to deal with, and in this case, it gets filed under ‘other’ in this particular argument… so just for the record so to speak…this here is more a rant about the Karens who insist on causing a shyttestorm because ‘their pwecious snowflake is MOR important’ than yours.  Fuck those people… people who have to deal w/Autism, man, you got my respect.  That shit is a motherfucker.

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  1. Hear you brotherman….
    Often wonsered the same thing. Ibwas lucky in genetic lottery, got a big brain. Went to smart kid classes. My parents had to cough up the dough, school district can’t afford to hire a special teacher for you and the other 9 smart kids in town, we need to hire an additional 2 SPED teachers so the droolers get 2 teachers to every 3 kids.
    Wait, what?
    I coukd have been a rocket scientist, but we need to get Delbert here to learn to tie his shoes by himself, because his Mom thinks it will be demeaning to him if he has to wear velcro sneakers.

    1. Ibwas – is that Wakanda for yourself? If so, good on ya mate.
      Annnnnddddd, sorry, couldn’t resist.

  2. OMG, (how can I say this politely?) I ducking LOVE this column! You have out i to words what has roiled in the back of my mind for decades. Thank you for your clarity.

    My sister’s kid has a set of twins that would die if they walked anywhere near a peanut. Yeah, sorry, but they have no right to demand each and every child within a 25 mile radius not eat a delicious PB&J. That said and to her credit, my niece homeschools her precious spawn.

    Finally, I want to subscribe to your newsletter.

  3. Told a woman once to keep her bubble boy in the bubble but don’t try to make rules on the rest of us for your poor genetics….she made it her life mission to come after me…..fortunately her husband got fired from his job and they had to move.

  4. Dude, you’re correct on nearly all counts (except the thimerosol and autism; not going there, but genetically identical twin data blows that away). Call everything else in the poast what it is–natural selection. My 10 generations of ancestors (and my wife’s) worked their way from Jamestown through Comanche territory Texas with war payment land grants from ‘ol Sam H. to the Salt River basin worrying about typhus in the wells and other nasty shit, not a gawdamn cold. And, yep..they had an average of 10 kids and some of them died real early according the census data. “Hey, where the hell did so-in-so 4 year old go in that one census? Oh, looks like he died.”

    Now, on the schools let’s just say this. My wife teaches down here. She has yet to receive one parental request for the dear little rug rat to wear a mask. Not one. These kids are WAY more fucked up from the young generational parents, if they even live with them…If they even speak English. We’re talking fetal alcohol syndrome, crack babies, and medieval style child abuse that causes kids to curl up in a ball under their desk hugging their Teddy Bear while wearing diapers–in the first and second grade. Yes, there are autistic spectrum disorders going from moderate to down right jungle level. Guess what…there are usually worse kids than the autistics. The superintendent is also on board with the hoax prevention maneuvers because, well, we have no Marxist fucks elected anywhere in the county. The kids don’t spread the shit…PERIOD. I don’t want to hear a gd thing from the Karen and Dicks in Sarasota, Tampa, Orlando, Broward, and Jax. This is just about the next election…PERIOD. My advise is to home school or switch schools if the board, or ESPECIALLY a YOUNG teacher hire (don’t make me describe the demographic), is fucked up. PERIOD.

    1. Besides which, masks (not N95s, which I’ve never seen in public) flat out don’t work and can starve tissues of oxygen…They also mess up kids’ facial recognition skills, which are important..

  5. Bravo! Epic rant. Made my shitty day less shitty. War on everyone except my circle. I kept hearing in my head while reading, “flame on”.

    The amazing contradiction of these fucks is they all believe in science, believe in survival of the fittest ideologies on every other level, despise God and creation, and reinforce that belief in every aspect of culture, politics and life, except when the rules apply to them. The hallmark of the stupid, and the totalitarian statists. Liberalism (in its modern fashion) always generates the opposite of its stated intent.

    My genes, mostly tall, skipped me, runners, no fatty genes, live till 80’s and drink like fishes six generations of military, coal miners and mill workers all from eastern europe with a dash of cherokee blood, so im pale white and get red as mahogany in 15 mins with keloid scars. I picked my kids momma, a tall, athletic, smart (conniving), but batshit crazy specimen. 3 out of 4 aint bad. Both kids never vaxed until they joined military, healthy and athletic as fuck, no allergies, no immune issues, no mystery diseases. Grand baby isnt vaxed, eats organic, was like leaps and bounds over other kids, daughter had grandbaby at 21, same as their mom. my daughter says all the kids in his daycare are sickly, mouth droolers with no spark in them. Go figure the moms are all 30+ something dried up prune vaginas with rotten eggs. How many dudes ran through some of these chicks by their 30’s gotta have a kid phase? 30, 50? Id say with most chicks i knew they had between 20-40 dudes by their 40’s. Shit some chics in college did 40 dudes by their junior year. Let alone how many coat hangar jobs they had. Almost every chick i know has had one, or two abortions. Pretty sure having a few abortions doesnt help either said gene pool results either, fucking up the plumbing i guess. Well, now isnt the best time, he wasnt the right guy, oh i wanted a career. 60 million plus to date. Genocide much? Or not enough apparently?

  6. The Great George Carlin once said,
    “You know what it is? These baby boomers, these soft, fruity baby boomers, are raising an entire generation of soft, fruity kids who aren’t even allowed to have hazardous toys for Christ’s sakes. Hazardous toys, shit. Whatever happened to natural selection, survival of the fittest? The kid who swallows too many marbles doesn’t get to grow up and have kids of his own.”

    I always thought it was exposure to dirt and pain and whatever outside that made kids strong. Weird over-protective parents are what caused the peanut allergies in the first place.

    I also think it’s bullshit they try to force everyone else to accommodate their problems. Schools don’t allow kids to bring birthday cakes or cookies anymore, like they did when I was a kid, because some kid might be allergic to air or water or CO2.

    Get an epipen, because my kids love peanuts and pbj and I’m not changing my world for your problems. Call the WAAAAHmbulance.

  7. Big Country- I got a question I hope you and the readers can answer. Why does it seem like nobody destroyed their stuff before leaving AFG?
    I never had to run for it, my redeployments were done in an orderly fashion, but they had to know far in advance they were leaving. Did anyone think to sugar the gas tanks, thermite the conexes, and torch everything that wasn’t palletized for home? My thought would have been to be burning all the docs, drives, etc, wrecking all the armor plates and helmets, shooting or torching or dipping the ammo in 55 gallon barrels of oil or solvent. Wiping bacon on everything in sight, etc. If you couldn’t take all the weapons home, at least keep the lowers, strip the bolts, and toss them in the latrines. Hell, run a track over them all.
    If I knew they were going to abandon it all, anyway, I sure would be thinking about how to smuggle home as many NVGs as possible. I would not want to leave anything intact if I could burn, break, or sabotage it.
    Can anyone who was there or knows someone there at the end confirm they were ordered not to wreck it?

    1. What better way can you think of for Kidsniffer to pay back his Chinese overlords with American material & technology? Dotmil leaves everything intact & just sitting there, Rapehommed i-bin Goatfuckeen gives it to the chinks, they get to reverse engineer all our shit. Bonus points for them because they get the software that runs all our shit too, which is gonna cause all kinds of future fuckery for us.

  8. There’s a strong correlation between autism and c-section births, because the kid isn’t getting that much needed oxytocin boost on his way out the vag tube. Nearly 40% of all US births right now are c-sections because moms eat so much crap that the babies heads get too big to push out the old fashioned way.

    There are other causes, but c-section is one.

  9. Wonder how much fun stuff wasn’t really captured… Fastest easy peasy off the books transfer of equipment. “oh my, yes that was ours but the taliban captured it.” Real world you hauled ass with plane load(s) truck load(s) of plantable “evidence”, paperless hardware, fast cash, resupply for out of favor / controversial groups ( blm-antifa-league of women voters ) all sorts of fun. Also a great opportunity to” balance” the books covering up all sorts of previous fuckery and don’t forget lost supplies/equipment must be replaced.

    1. gas at $3.29 isn’t the end of the world BUT things are really tightening up here. NO bottled water AT.ALL. today at wallys- Meijers had some… been hit or miss for a month now. prices going thru the roof across the board. tried to buy a new pet brush at 4 stores including PetSuppliesPlus- NOPE. went to DollarTree and got a human brush. start buying ANYTHING and EVERYTHING of usefulness on the shelves at this point, you may never see them again.. thanx uncle joe

      ain’t communism grand?

  10. BC,

    “statist-neo-nazi law or rule”
    “full neo-Nazi geneticist and eugenics”

    Why are you using that jewish slur and regurgitating false stereotypes?

  11. I believe that all of this nonsense about “offending” people and “concerns” about “public health” are a diversion to prevent addressing the REAL problem; that is, our government and its minions are LIARS who wish 98% of us “useless eaters” gone from the planet and they are now revving up their scenario to do just that. It’s not about weakness or strength ~ unless we’re talking about character. It’s about recognizing a deadly enemy and FIGHTING BACK.

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