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Obviously they took the book “How to Win Friends and Influence People” and are using the bizarro world copy, where everything is the exact opposite.  Seems that the Marine Corpse (and yes that’s an intentional misspelling, ‘cos “It’s dead Jim!”) has imprisoned LTC Scheller.

“Pre-Trial Confinement”
Uhhh, what trial?
Been following this case pretty closely, and there was -no mention- of any ‘trial’ anywhere.  My spidey sense is tingling, saying “There be fuckery afoot” Aye.  Guess this’s the next step in pissing off the DotMil.  A 4 Star Retard Murders 10 people seven of them kids and does some fag-assed weak shit ‘apology’ and hey!  No problem!
Question the responsibility and accountability of those driving this motherfucking Clown-shit-show-car, and Hey!  Relieved of Duty!  Taken to Mental Health ‘cos he’s obviously crazy and now?  “Go to jail, go directly to jail.”  And I garon-damned-tee whatever trumped up (heh) charges they bring, guilt and incarceration is already baked into the cake.

‘Cos these ‘charges’…  I can tell you… it’ll be the usual specious bullshit “unbecoming”… “raising a ruckus”, “undermining” all the chickenshit charges they can find to persecute He Who Dared Question His Betters.  He was the one nail who stood up, and iin their eyes, ALL the subsequent fuckery, from the SEALs telling them to ‘get fucked, die in a fire’ to the lowliest private in the Army saying “Nope, no shot for thee, so no shot for me!” is his fault.

Hint: It ain’t.

Like I said yesterday it’s the stupid man.  They just. don’t. get. it. 

People see and hear the fact that the CONGresscritters exempted all their own people (and more than likely theyselves) from getting the Nottavaxx.  So, “Joe Snuffy The Ragbag Private”, yeah, he may not have a fancy-shmancy degree from The University of Higher Lern’in,  but he can see and sense the utter hypocrisy wafting and emanating out of “Sodom-on-the-Potomac”

It’s not fucking rokkit science to see the “Rules for Thee and Not for Me”
And the stupid, it burns.

I mean why wouldn’t people be highly suspicious of the entire fucking thing.  They’ve lied, coerced, and generally been so fucking shady about everything.  And they’ve been -trying- to make it the ‘only game in town’… which, to some people, as they used to say, they’ll play because it IS the only game in town, as crooked as it is.  However, they don’t take into account that they can’t force you to play…

I mean they can try
But that generally don’t work out none too good in general… and since they ain’t been able to take our guns, that’s, from their point-of-view a thing of badness.  Not for nuthin’ they have tried in a half-assed sort of pulling some shit, but it’s all come to a big fat nuthin’

So far.

They ain’t going to be able to go “Full Australia” on us, ‘cos I mean they can try but man, eventually there’s a thing called “a two-way-shooting-gallery”.  And for all the vidya out there of “normal cops” in “firefights”… some of them are purely hilarious, in that usually it’s two clueless bumblefucks throwing rounds at each other until one of them is made “good”, be it perp or cop.  So, I can only imagine if they tried to do the “moving online” shew’tin rubber rounds?  The cops, outside of one instance, have never faced off against a trained and willing/eager opponent.

That time was Chris Dorner in L.A.  He put the entirety of the LAPD in full on pants-shitting mode.  To the point they had to pay out when some triggerhappy nervous-nervous cops shot the ever-living shit out of a pickup that was kinda-sorta like the one reported to be like the one Dorner was driving… two innocent wimmenz got shot all to hell just driving up the street.

8 cops…. over 100 rounds dumped into the truck.
4.2 MILLION dollar payout/settlement for the nervous cops fuckin’ up by the numbers.  Per a quote from the LA Times regarding the panic factor that it happened: “…because department managers didn’t adequately prepare them (the fuzz) for the high-pressure situation.”  If just trying to find ONE single ex-cop whos in turn ‘supposedly’ hunting other cops, well, that sort of shit?

“Wait til they get a load of me…”
Imagine how they’ll react against a well trained individual.  Dorner was a hack… Naval Intel with bare bones Infantry training.  He wasn’t by -any means- a real shooter by my standards.  He was a Reservist, and he put the fear of God into them.

A Navy SEAL?  With a righteous case of the ass?  Oh yeah… they wouldn’t stand a chance.  If dis fukkin guy:

Made them shytte theyselves by the pound, can you only imagine the stark raving terror that a fully trained, Combat Experienced, –completely– Pissed Off Navy SEAL or Infantryman could do?  “Close with the enemy, double-tap, move on to the next…” 

Maaaan.  Popcorn time!!!  

I could be off base, but the reality is after the very first ‘interaction’ between any true professional, and the Kurrent Keystone Kops, AFTER they get stacked like cordwood, I can completely see like ALL the cops ‘calling it a day’.  As in quitting in droves.  Taking their ‘service rifles’ and car maybe and head to    the house, and hoping like hell that whoever is out there doesn’t hold too large a grudge with him…  I mean being a cop is going to be a very dangerous proposition in the next few methinks…

Best get right with God folks… ’cause thems with ‘issues’ ain’t looking to be merciful methinks
So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. A crayon eater went that route last Friday. Now a “massive manhunt is under way” in the swamps of Northeast Florida for a former Marine (with the EGA and death before dishonor tats) and civvie security contractor with several sandbox tours. Only a matter of time. Well never mind. He was caught by the Hundreds of cops brought in to manhunt. 5 days on the run.

    1. Not entirely sure he could be called a crayon eater anymore, word running around Florida was that he was wacko with several drug problems. Relatively sure Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children woulda done a “He aint one of us” when this genius first started in on the methadone.

    2. Proving BCE’s point. Here’s a trained jarhead, even with a gorilla on his back, keeping how many hundreds of po-po on the search for 5 days.
      Just imagine what a trained, motivated, clean, ground-pounder (said with all due respect from a commo POG) of any branch could/would do to a civvie LEO?

  2. Just lime that bruiser in the Netherlands/Deutsch/Allegmaine in the Spring? Some 1500 activated on both sides of the borders….
    The fear in them is evident. Resistance is working, the stance on the SEALS changed already – will become undeployable unless vaxxed (cuz when we send you out to kill people, we don’t want you killing people!)
    Methinks quite a few said NOGFY!

  3. Cant read any more. Cant talk anymore. Its all beyond the pale, Bonus Army time folks. And fuck you if you want to negotiate.

  4. Regarding a “trained and/or eager opponent”, you have to recall Michael Platt, from the 1986 FBI shoot out in Miami. Outnumbered about 8 to one, with a partner disabled, he racked up 2 dead 5 wounded agents on his own.

  5. How about those two Muslims who blew up the Boston Marathon. Police from half the state were rallied to get them, and then they only found them because of a observant citizen.
    Those two were untrained and low IQ nobs. With nothing but a pistol and a pressure cooker.
    Imagine several teams of trained operators in separate locations. The police would be overwhelmed.
    Now imagine that they weren’t Americans but nuevo ArabAmericans who took advantage of the Xi Den open door policy and “imigrated” via Ol Mexico into the US and went full Jihad.
    Imagine that they decided to return some of that C4 and semtex we left in Affy and shipped it in a few crates along some of those rifles and other gear. They could even wait till Xi Den recognizes the Taliban Gov. and ship it in crates marked diplomatic mail.
    Opening up the southern border is more than just replacing us with Haitian migrants, it’s about setting up a scenario for an attack so the Gun Grabbing can begin, to Just Do Something, Get the Guns, Get the Dam Guns.

  6. I’m surprised that we don’t seem to be hearing anything from former Marines who served with or under this guy.

  7. I vaguely remember some kid…. Timothy McFly? Mc….? IDK if he was an FBI wind-up toy or trying to make a statement and sacrifice himself. But what but if he wasn’t? If he had be able to do a second or third one?

    1. When was the last time the Feds told us anything resembling the truth? Why do you assume he’s not in the Witness Protection Program living next door to Stephen Paddock?

      Someday they’ll pull off something good enough to justify the gun grab.

  8. “They ain’t going to be able to go “Full Australia” on us, ‘cos I mean they can try”

    Let’s not forget population of Australia is just shy of 26 million. Florida has a population of almost 22 million. The US and Australia simply can not be compared as equal nations. Not to mention the Aussies gave up pretty much all their arms. Bad move that. Those fucking cops over there beating the fuck out of people would be rich targets here … aye?

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