Outage and Outrage

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
BIG Thunderboomer of a T-Storm yesterday/last night.  Teh Intarhwhebz wuz spotty at best, down at worst.  Didn’t put me in a right mind so to speak as maaan, it gave the ‘trainees’ I’m ‘overseeing’ the chance to play the bo-bo-stupidhead thing and not work.  Couldn’t blegg either.

Ugh.  No wonder I’m in a bad mood.  The quality of our new hires is shall we say…. lacking?  As in completely lacking brains, basic skills, the ability to speak English…”I’m sorry, does anyone here speak Jive?”

And some of them?  Well, lets just say that stereotypes gonna stereotype… as in two of these assholes were interviewed three times… initial, follow up and then tech interview.  Lot to go through Aye.  Everybody who wants the job has to pass the Three Gates so to speak… THEN, after making it through the various ‘hoops n’ loops’ they get onboarded.  That means going to pick up a work-from-home workstation.

Now, depending on the role, it was at least a Laptop (HP) and a 22 inch monitor.  Plus all the ‘fixins’ i.e. headset, power parts, cables etc…  Now, the stuff -I- actually took was just the lappie, as I have all my own stuff.  Especially since the monitors they offered me looked like someone had used them as booger-parking spots.  Like for real.. crusted ‘something’ on the outer edge… totally maximally grossed.  Thanks but no fucking thanks.  

Two of deze fukkin people came in, got the shit and

“Oh free sheeeeeit!” 
Any wonder I drink? 
Well, I do anyways, but this kind of shit makes at least for a better excuse.  That and my Boss having the propensity to start hitting me with MAD text messages at 0730 every. single. day.  My current work schedule is supposed to be 1100 Eastern to 19:30 daily… but for some reason, they have ALL the meetings at 0730 to 1100, and I’m expected to fucking be there.  I actually brought that up the other day vis-a-vis comp time, ‘cos the State of Flor-reee!-duh Department of Labor tends to be really harsh on companies that fuck over the workers, salaried or not.

So, latest outrages.  That fucking “Poor Lil Rich” bastard down in Texas who did the school shooting.. you know the one that got almost immediately memory holed as soon as they found out he was a member of “Muh Diversity!” got out on fucking bond.  Seems the Sprog is playing the “he wuz bullied and was a good kid who dindu nuffin!”  Yeah… Fucking nigger.

Someone vidya’d the fight in the classroom.  It sure as fuck doesn’t look like he was bullied… in fact he’s beating the every-loving shytte out of ANOTHER member of “Muh Diversity!”… I mean really laying the blows too… if he was winning, or had won, why the fuck did he pull a gat and cap, well, a pair of whypeepo and -some unidentified race (prolly MD!)?  Plus the kid he shot multiple times was 15?  He’s 18?  Last time I looked, even in a rage, going and getting a gun, out of your car, plugging three people MULTIPLE times ain’t self defense.

Now, Someone out there, even the Media is running cover for this murderous lil nog.  How do I know that?  Well… here’s a pic from the Daily Fail:

The caption reads: “This video, taken moments before the shooting, shows Timothy Simpkins, the shooter, being beaten up by in his classroom by a 15 year old student…”
Minor Problem
Let’s close it in a bit:

First off, if you watch said-vidya, the kid has long dreds and is wearing a black shirt… he’s WAY bigger and dominates the kid in the white shirt.  Like completely and utterly owns the kid… the kid in the white shirt got his ass kicked, and is just trying to keep from taking too much damage.  Now, couple of things, the kid in the black shirt has height AND mass on the kid getting beaten… now, we don’t have vidya (Yet!) of the shewtin in question, but we DO have the Sproggynog’s Booking Foto:

Dreds? Check
Black T-shirt? Check
Hmmn… seems that to me, he was the aggressor… I mean we don’t –know– but it definitely looks to me of another case of out-of-control impulse “stupid”…  What really cranks me is because he’s black, AND his fambly is rich as fuck, (he drives his own 2018 Dodge Challenger… I can’t afford a Challenger!) and he’s prolly going to get away with three blatant cases of attempted homicide.

Sheeeeeeeit.  I -supposedly- pulled a gun on someone, and spent time in the can for Assault with a Deadly Weapon, Attempted Moider… and whatever else they could throw at me with Nosebleed levels of Bail required, and I never even had so much as a speeding ticket as an adult…  Dis fukking Sproggynog goes, lays what looks like is an epic beatdown on another kid, and then lights up the room with a Glock .45, makes bail, AND now plays the “He’s a good boi and dindu nuffin ‘cos he’s bullied for being rich!” race card? 

Man, Justice in this country is fucking Dead.
I’m no longer participating in this horseshit.  Rule of Law?  What Rule of Law?
Can’t wait to see what happens next… to follow this particular case’ll be interesting, as I want to know where an 18 year old got a Glock .45?  His dad was beaten to death it seems and Mom has been rotting in jail forever and a day… several other news media outlets have been showing -other- pictures of Sproggywog, and unsurprisingly, they’ve been booking photos which in one of them he’s wearing a diamond earring that the rock?  Holy Shit! levels of huge and what appear to be gold ‘grillz’ on his front upper toofusus.  Got me a hunch his Nana and Papa spoilt lil Dindu to the point that money and lawyers have kept him out of jail so far but me?

If I were the father of one of the victims? 
Lil Fucker and his fambly’d be Dee Eee Fucking Dee.
House burned to the ground.’
Cos Homie don’t play that.
In fact, I’m a feeling that it’s almost time to start forming “Regulators” like the Old West
If justice keeps getting denied, that’s when Good but Hard Men have to take a stand
Won’t be pretty
But what is these days?

“All Heaven and Earth
Flowered white obliterate…
Snow…unceasing snow”
– Matsuo Bashō

More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

By BigCountryExpat

Fuck you if you can't take a joke. No one gets out alive so eat me.


  1. Sheeeeyt das rite demz muhfggnass honky wypipo had dis kom’n n sheeyt.

    “Oy your honnah, my client is the victim of a lifetoym of bigotry.”

    “Oy yes counsel, clearly your client is not guilty. And don’t forget, our sons have their Bar Mitzvah this weekend!”

    “Oy yes yes your honnah-see you at the (((Club!)))”

  2. none of this really surprises, does it, Big? It ain’t just law, justice, and the ‘American way’ that has been killed; it seems Biblical because the truth is dead as well. As for Regulators, it is way past the time. “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing,” (well, it also requires a lot of evil, satanic fuckers in and out of .gov, and then a bunch of fat ass, stupidly compliant and lazy sheeple…) anyway, as Pete has said for years now… and we all know it’s unavoidable at this point –
    “There’s going to be a fight. Let’s win.” …mostly because losing is something we cannot contemplate.

  3. The shit monkey got let out on $75k bond and his family threw a party.

    Been fighting these monkeys since i was in grade school. We used to brawl friday nights after the football games, my high school bused the blacks separately cuz they were so violent, fights, rapes on the bus. The malls and school bathrooms were off limits in my old AO, they would jump white people in the bathrooms, either you held your piss or you rolled at least three deep just to piss. The black girls would throw soap in girls eyes then beat on them for being white. 40 years later nothing changed. Black people are most violent, lazy group of people in general, change my mind. I wont mention when or where, i was the S-2 in a CCSB, there were only about 10 whites in the whole unit, and all the senior leadership was white out of a Battalion. Welcome to the wonderful world of Army support, aye, mostly black and mostly lazy as fuck. It was the black mafia man. Holy shit. EEO complaints against the whites all day, everyday. The security manager fucked up our clearances, mind you i was the only one with a TS-SCI. So, when i had enough of the rampant criminality i filed two congressional investigations, IG came in, undercover CID came in. Fucking unit disbanded. The security manager, a black GS-7 and a E-7 reservist got to retire when she should have been going to federal prison. She got someone with level 1-2 access to eQuip to change the yes/no answers in my SF-86 filing for my periodic reinvestigation. The answers got me put under a CI investigation, which obviously eventually got cleared up. Dindu motherfuckers. No love for deez bitches, bro. Especially with milley and not-vanilli running the DoD.

    Here is a recent news clip from my old school. Take notice of victims and aggressors, theres a pattern there. We had race riots at this school, shooting, stabbings, hell i was in one, but on the winning end of that little slice and dice. Fuck em and fuck you if you dont know.


    1. Shit, you reminded me of a serious security incident in Iraq… Think I’ll have to use it in a poast (yeah that serious and that bad.) ANOTHER case of ‘down wid da brown mafia’ taking care of each other…

      1. At my last unit, we had a brand-new E-3 supply…private come in. Hard working, well spoken Negro. Unicorn, amirite?
        Well…two years later she was an E-5, had attended BNCOC and was going to ANCOC. She’d also become a complete shitbag after being “taken under the wing” of an E-7 sheboon who taught her everything you need to know about being a nigger with a vagina in the Army.

      2. Bring it BC, most people that havent been exposed have no fucking idea we aint this way for nothing. Been there fucking done that with these folks.

        We had a racial stand down last year at the ‘Gon. For hours i had to listen to my 90% black leadership in a career field that is 90% white, hmmn a little backwards on dem der ratios aye, and this was in the E ring mind you one is still the PMG their now. They went on about their experience with da racism. Maybe i should have told some my stories? Yeah, no. You don’t you dare challenge the black mafia.

        Heres a good one, the old man did 36 in da Army, only way he made SGM was getting promoted by a COL that won a reverse discrimination lawsuit against da Army. Amazing!

        Correction, it was a CSSB, fat fingers and little keys dont mix.

  4. “If the law does not protect me from thee,
    it equally does not protect thee from me.”

    Memorize this. Repeat often. Engrave it in your heart.
    This will show up on an upcoming quiz (date & time TBD)

  5. There’s a old picture of the media “future astronaught” and a more recent picture of the dude out in the webs somewheres side by side…maybe Ace, maybe Insta…can’t remember, too lazy to go look. Basically, another local Travonz BS show. Anyway, the negro is tatted up gang style, hard. And then there’s Kyle the killer whitebread….

    (BTW BCE…You mentioned the Colt alum mags in one of your recent posts. Apexgunparts has them new for 24 bucks. Shit, dude…back up the truck. Bottom mag plate is horsed/stallioned up fine. Icing on the cake for the M16A1s. After ya swap a decent antitilt follower for the old black ones. These are the new mags and followers)

  6. In reality the rules apply to only one group, and everyone else vets a free pass.
    When the people to whom the rules are being applied decide to stop following them for real, it won’t end well for the other groups . Because when you finally fight back against a bully, they lose because they’re cowards.
    Especially when the main group of bullys is less than 15% of the country.

  7. question about my atn pvs-14 w g3

    i just powered these up and there are 2 tiny black spots in the field of view. is this normal? or do i need to get this corrected/replaced??

    1. Hmmn ‘burned pixels’ depending on Grade of Tube:
      2D – Gen 2 US Image Intensifier – Minimum resolution 28 lp/mm (32 lp/mm typical) Noticeable blemishes on screen.
      2ST – Gen 2 Standard US Image Intensifier – Minimum resolution 28 lp/mm
      2MS – Gen 2 Military Spec US Image Intensifier – Minimum resolution 28-38 lp/mm (32 lp/mm typical) Mil-Spec comes with tube data sheet.
      2HD – Gen 2 US Image Intensifier – Minimum resolution 51-70 lp/mm Above Mil-Spec comes with tube data sheet.
      3ST – Gen 3 Standard US Image Intensifier – Minimum resolution 51-64 lp/mm.
      3A – Gen 3 Advanced US Image Intensifier – Minimum resolution 64-72 lp/mm comes with tube data sheet.

      Lower grade = more spots on it.
      Too many = not good
      Hope that helps, and yes, if you need to get rid of it, all donations GRATEFULLY rec’vd.

      1. come up here and i’ll gear you up with anything you want..
        i contacted ATN and left a message about the unit. it’s not horrible, but i expect better. i’ll give them a chance to satisfy me, or i’ll send it back for refund. does anyone else have that issue with their NV? is it normal?

  8. Still can’t understand the general masses lack of any comprehension or concern as to what the stupidity and “tolerance” of this is leading to.

  9. The Army is not the only service with a minority mafia. I’ve got stories to tell about Fillipino sailors.

    Just one example: Navy promotion is based on an advancement exam, the score of which which gets combined with a points total coming from evaluations, time in service, and awards, forming a total called final multiple.
    This test is given twice a year for ranks E-4 thru E-6. Before each test the Personnel PooBahs for each job field (AKA rate) decide how many get promoted, as a percentage. After the test is given and scored, and FMV is computed, everyone up for advancement is put in Final Multiple order, and that advancement percentage is applied, creating a minimum final multiple to get promoted in the form of the guy who got the FMV just on the advance side of the percentage cut off.

    March of 1997, my E-5 supervisor missed this advancement cut off score by less than 4 points. In response, the Mafia gen up two back dated Navy Achievement Medals (worth 2 advancement points each), get his score adjusted, and presto, advancement to E-6. Personnel, disbursing (back when Disbursing Clerks were still a thing), and supply is where the Fillipino mafia embeds itself, and they look after their own.

  10. 1988 I was a young E-3 stationed at Ft. Polk. FINALLY got my promotion to E-4 Specialist in a small Company ceremony. Got the E-4 rank sewed on to all my BDUs. Few days later, my (black) platoon leader pulls me aside and informs me that a mistake was made, that the allocation for that E-4 promotion was supposed to go to Bravo Company, not Alpha Company. Was forced to pay for removing the Spec4 rank from all my uniforms. Found out a few days later just WHO got that promotion that was stripped from me. Take a wild guess. Was black dude that had less time in rank and service. Couple of months later they finally re-promoted me. A few weeks after that, black 1SG calls me in for re-up talk. I couldn’t stop laughing at his little speech and he was clearly annoyed that I had zero intention of staying in the service in light of what they did to me. The night I left the Army, my combat boots were spray painted orange and blue and flung upon the telephone lines overlooking the PT field. Greatest feeling ever!

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