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So couple of things
First off, sorry for the late Poast.  What a day.  Literally the definition of “Why motherfuckers hate Mondays.”  The benighted folks of whom I have to make Heap Big Daily Requisitions for new sprockets for Glorious People’s Tractor Factory, whelp, apparently they shook off the vodka-holidays haze, and got on the delivery of said-aforementioned widgets and sent them to me.  In a HUGE dump, which then I hadda (on top of regular work) figure out which sprocket went to which tractor, and make sure that it was sent properly to the assembly team.
Post dinner, Gran#2 whilst feeling better, had her meds (liquid clindamycin) got down the wrong pipe.  Which then resulted in a coughing fit, which resulted in bazooka barfing up, well everything, everywhere.  Sapper helped out but man, for a minute it was assholes and elbows and me barfing meselves (curdled stomach milk ALWAYS gets me… that’s one smell I can’t choke back on… brains? blood, intestinal dump and feces all over?  No biggie… barked up half digested milch?  

I, at least, made it to the sink before I contributed to the Bog of Eternal Stench.

Adulting: 0 out of 10, totally sucks brah. Highly dis-recommend.

Add on the interruption of one of my best friends who I haven’t heard from and quite frankly was worried about as he’s living in Portland Oregon… he called after like forever and we ended up talking and drinking for 3 hours on the phone, and then passed the fuck out, so I completely missed yesterdays poast dammit. 

So, onward.

Phil and Mikes place getting funked up was not a hack nor a DDOS.  Seems the ‘theme’ went bad and trashed the place.  Kept saving and requesting data in a loop that flattened the place. WordPress got ahold of Phil today explaining it in tech speak, and a couple of you cobbers here and at other sites did a damned good writeup here n’there in geekspeak on what was going on.  And nope, considering Sarah is nothing but a walking talking sperm receptical/vag, I knew she had nothing to do with it.  Must be a bitch to be that stupid…
Jes’ Sayin’
Keep your cockholster closed sweetie, you -might- one day score a man BEFORE he finds out your rabid.And also, remember Sarah, don’t get cocky.Daddums wouldn’t like it.He only likes it when you diddle HIS cock Aye?

And badda-bing, it’s back and restored.  Phil’s should be up n’ running too shortly too.Yay!Now for the bad newsPer the Prosecutor, I got to stop doing the expose.

Seems there’s shit going on in the background that he can’t say anything about, but man, these fuckers ain’t gonna know what hit ’em.  The term “Marshals” got thrown around quite a bit.  I’ll just leave it at that.  Leastways I told him I’d hold off, and if he doesn’t get off his fat fucking keister, I’m going to keep on keeping on, and then, well there’s always frontier justice Aye?

Gots me a hunch we’ll be seeing that in my lifetime… a LOT if the play goes down the way I -think- it’s gonna go.  But yeah, we’ll see.  I don’t trust ANYONE in the Goobermint anymore at all.

Worthless placeholders, all there to enrich or empower theyselves at our expense

Which leads me to the bullshit Washington State is pulling without a hint of irony, the possible formation of ‘strike teams to ‘inter’ the ‘unvaccinated’ in ‘camps’.
Link: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/01/bill-filed-washington-authorize-strike-force-involuntarily-detain-unvaccinated-families-already-set-internment-camps/

“The measure would allow local health officers “at his or her sole discretion” to “issue an emergency detention order causing a person or group of persons to be immediately detained for purposes of isolation or quarantine.”

/ourboy Aesop does a destructive rant which I can barely add to.  ‘Tis a thing of beauty.  Only a fucking jarhead could be so eloquent. https://raconteurreport.blogspot.com/2022/01/wa-state-prepares-to-openly-go-full.html

However, it’s not “Full Auschwitz” as much as “Full Potato”… as in a law that’s going to be half baked, dumber than dirt, and a great thing to plant in the spring.  Along side the “local health officers”… that’ll last up until the first duffle bag with 8 heads of the heads of the aforementioned “local health officers” gets dropped off at the governor’s mansion.

We’ll see long term… it’s allllllll viable now…A tough call… Problem is that Washington, outside of Spokane and Seattle is mostly blue… essentially anything east of the Cascades is libtarded like a motherfucker…

Rednecks Pickups and Shotguns oh my.

Methinks this will NOT pass, no matter how badly Governor Insleeze pushes it…If it does pass I don’t give good odds on any health official nor ‘strike team’ member surviving a week in the outer hinterlands of the wide wide wilderness of Washington State.

Shew’t ’em
Shovel ’em
Shut up about it.
Game over and on all at the same time.
So… More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter 
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  1. I’m currently stuck in western washinistan. Spent the weekend prepping my camper and looking at campgrounds in Boise ID and routes to get there. I keep wondering if the strike team idiocy is a distraction because a few years ago our vapid washinistanians voted the ALL semi auto rifles including grampappys .22 were “assault rifles”. On the legislative docket is a proposal to now ban ALL assault rifles and limit magazines to 10 rounds. This would basically ban every single semi auto rifle in washinistan in one fe swoop. I had a possible job lined up in Montana, until they asked why I wanted to move. There were more questions about why I would move there than about my quifications. I am a flaming conservative but they weren’t convinced. The liberal stench here wafts strong. I didn’t get the job… thanks liberal shitweasels, come from WA. and get tarred with the socialism brush. Next time I’m lying and saying I’m from Idaho in the interview…

    1. I’m Okanogan County. Not quite as conservative as in the past, but still a bunch of us who refer to anything West of the Cascades as “the other side” or “the dark side.”

      Sometimes I wish I could move to a solidly “Red” state, but I’m old and retired, so the money just isn’t there.

  2. BCE love ya but it’s West of the Cascades not east. I am a native born on the east side now live on the west and have for decades, am retired and am loving it. Lots and lots of firearms owners in my AO, friendly cops/council/mayor heck a couple of ranges AND smiths within a couple of miles and double-heck current mayor went FIRST to the local range to secure support for his running for his first mayoral term.

  3. Glad to hear there is traction on the bad guys.
    Sorry to hear about the barf-o-rama. I can’t do vomit. Just hearing it triggers my gag reflex. I can walk down Bourbon Street the next day and be fine, but hearing it and smelling it fresh-Raaaalph!

    I remember when my little guy was born, I was the first one to do diaper dooty while wife unit was in bed recovering. I thought I heard somewhere babies don’t poop for a while after being born. Nope. After a couple hours, I checked him in the little plastic bin they keep babies in, and he had several dumps in his diaper already. And it was that miconium stuff that looks like dark green nautical grease. I was holding his feet above his head, thinking I had control of him, and trying to wipe his bottom up, and he started doing this shimmy shake thing and somehow that dark green nastiness was everywhere. Head-to-Toe poop. I used an entire package of wipes trying to get control of it and yelled at wife to hit the emergency call button to bring the nurse, because I was way beyond my limits. It was magically everywhere and spreading. The nurse could wipe him up with 1 wipe while I was using all of them at once and still not getting anywhere. It was quite an education. Wife unit still laughs at me over that one.

  4. Wait….I’m all confusicious now. So is it Seattle where the libtards are? Or Spokane? One is close to Idaho-supposedly Red……the other is Pacific Ocean close. In Kommiefornia; LA (Which was Reagan Country in my youth), SanFran, SanJosie,Carmel, Sandy ego, and Marin, Sonoma are the Lunatics Commies. Get into ElDo, Lassen, Butte, etc. and they will shoot your butt for praising Pelosi. Parts of San Joaquin, and over to Nevada Line feel the same way. So the Eastern part of the state is VERY RED. Maybe it is the salt air….but the ocean attracts the Lunatics. Where is Washington State’s safe territory?

    1. Seattle, Olympia, Bellingham Spokane, Edmonds, Lynwood, & Bainbridge Island are the major problem areas. To a lesser extent Vancouver, the Tri-Cities, Port Ludlow, Everett, south Whidbey Island (Clinton area specifically, though it’s spreading island-wide as the communists keep moving in). Anacortes gets bluer every year & so do the San Juan islands. The basic rule of thumb is if it’s a city located on the I-5 corridor it’s going to be a liberal hellhole. (King county is the heart of the corruption plauging the state but most of the old liberal money resides on Bainbridge Island.) Everything north of Vancouver is red until you reach Olympia, then it’s mostly deep blue until you get north of Marysville. Skagit county is red. Whatcom county is pretty much deep blue at this point thanks to the university & the Lummi reservation. The red areas there get smaller every year.
      It’s been a little bit since I’ve done more than drive through eastern Washington so my info on that side of the state is somewhat dated.

  5. Like Steve said above, BC, it’s a fairly narrow strip located West of the Cascades that’s the Land of Fucktardia. And much like Idaho & Montana, Washington state is purple to deep red once you get outside the fag-arific bubbles of Seattle, Olympia, & the shit-stain upon the earth that is Bainbridge Island. A couple of other smaller bubbles of blue as well. Problem here is the massive invasion of libtard locusts from Commiefornia coupled with the institutionalized voter fraud of the vote by mail system we’re stuck with. Dino Rossi should have won back in 2004 but don’t you know that during that election they just kept finding boxes of ballots that had been forgotten in the trunks of poll workers cars. All for the dipshits of course, which is how we got stuck with megacuntasaurus Christine Gregoire for 8 years. And it’s been downhill ever since.
    Love the area but the political landscape here is long past being saved, they funnel literally billions of dollars of political dark money through the homeless-industrial-complex that has been built in King county.
    In person voting & voter ID would see Washington flip majority red in a single election. You’d still need 20 years to clean out all the state courts though.
    You know where I’m at, BC. The peninsula is nicer than the I-5 corridor but it’s been steadily going downhill the past 10 years or so. I don’t think it’s gonna be too much longer before I’m looking to pull chocks & hit the afterburner to GTF outta here.

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