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Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
So, cleaning up, reorganizing some of my gear (one always is doing the re-org shuffle when you have as much shytte as I have laying aboot, Jes’ Sayin’)  Repacking -some stuff- changing from ‘heavy combat’ to ‘mid-range/weight’ meaning I took the XSAPIs out of the carrier, and put some Level III+ soft armor in.  I’m not expecting anything ‘heavy right now per se, but the XSAPIs are retardedly heavy.

The bathroom scale sez 6.8 pounds each.


know they’re heavy, I humped them from 2010 onward.  Never put ’em on a scale tho.  The new 11×14 Soft armor?  Just under 2 pounds in total per ‘plate’?… pad? insert? maybe?  Dunno. Whatevz.  Thing is, whilst digging through all my ‘stuff’ I came across a couple of things.  One thing I’m really happy about is I found my old 40mm M-203 Cleaning kit… brushes and whatnot.  Seeing that I can use it on the 37mm, this is a mad bonus.  (That’s the old Supply Sgt. in me… pays to never throw any gear away.  Keep the best, and bogart the rest)  Then, I found a pair of WW2/Korean War Wire Cutters:

The case is actually a old radio case I found in Iraq, but it holds the snippers jes’ fine.  

Then, as I went along, Lo and Behold!
Here’s something from the really old Army (1985 on)

Wow… a complete earplug case with my old (still gnarly) earplugs.
THAT right there is a trip from the old days.

I have another set believe it or not in my Range Bag for emergencies.  Thing is, it’s missing the black chain that we used to use to hang them off the right? left? side of the OLD BDU pocket.  In basic you -had- to wear your earplug case (w/plugs) on the pocket of yer b-doos… pronounced ‘buh-dooz’ for brevity…  Yeah  didn’t know I had THIS pair until I opened a small pouch on the side of a cleaning kit I had laying around.  An OLD cleaning kit mind you, and inside was the 95 to what? Like mid 90’s I think when they shitcanned these for the 3M earplugs, which are now, of course subject of a MASSIVE class action lawsuit…

Jes’ Sayin’

But yeah, to include the fact that the top comes off, and can be used as a ‘tool’ to help you put them in the ears:

Man, Takes me back
Hilarious but true, when I was in Basic, during one of the confidence courses, buddy of mine got his earplug case smashed to hell n’gone.  Like -totally fucked up-.  He took it off, and placed it in his pocket.  The D.I.s during one of our formations that day went batshit on the kid because he didn’t have his earplug case.  The problem got worse when, instead of saying he lost it (not uncommon, hence why I’m still finding ‘spares’ around the house lo, what? 35 years later?), he said it got smashed and he had it in his pocket.

After the ubiquitous pushups til he died, they made him put the chain, connected to a broken, raggedy assed -stub- of what was left, and wear that around for the rest of the day.

Good times Aye?

So, More Later, I’ll probably get back into the poly-ticks tomorrow… I’ve just needed a break from all the fucking stupid that seems to be infesting every aspect of the world today.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. LAPG level 3+plates supposedly will stop 30-06 AP. Bit heavier than the soft armor, lots lighter than the steel.

    Pretty darn sure it would hurt though…

  2. Mine were the large ones – blue. The orange were the mediums.
    We had a round clear cylinder that had the cap unscrew. both ends were connected by the black chain. I still have mine too.

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