51 and Still Here?

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes

Hunter Thompson, (R.I.P.) was right.  Anything past 50 is excessive.  Not that I’m quitting or complaining (too much) but damn… 51 is a pain.  Literally and physically.  And these days, who the hell knows what’s going on.
Not much here I’ll tell you.
I got a nice custom Zippo from Wifey as a gift.
And a bottle of Man-Smell stuff she likes me to wear.  More for her than me methinks
It’s quiet.
Apparently –everyone- in the traitorous media is overwhelmingly jumping up n’down at the news that the GSA is starting the ‘transition.’  Transition to what?
PedoJoe or Kameltoe?
Notice we ain’t seen much of PedoJoe lately?
I dunno if they can keep him alive to -make- the inauguration.
IF they even get that far.
I mean I dunno.
Trump in many respects needs to go “Full NAZI” at this point.  He literally has nothing to lose.
Call out the Insurrection Act.
Deputize ALL militia 18-80, and all the veterans too.
Let the bloodbath start and give no quarter
Burn. it. all. down.
THEN “Build Back Better” (no leftists and/or their (((enablers))) nor BLM left alive.)
Kill ’em all and let them fertilize the earth

“Buzzards gotta eat, same as worms” Josey Wales

Because, sure as shit shootin’ they’re coming for us
And when the communists come for you, it’s not to ‘calmly discuss our differences’
If Orange Man Bad isn’t doing this to stave off some sort of bloodshed, then he’s a fucking retard and he needs to jettison (((Kushner))) and his (((cabal))) of reeeeee-tards that’re advising him.  
This ‘kinder gentler bullshit’ is only gonna draw this shit out.
No matter what the bloodshed is already ‘baked into the cake.’
There’s no walking it back.
They know they stole the election
WE know they stole the election
Fuck, the Crystal Entities on Sigma Alpha-4 in the Centauri Cluster see they stole the election 
And because they’ve been proselyting  “peace and love” and all that hippy-dippy bullshit for years and literally programming us, fluoridating us, and drugging us into submission, they think we -won’t- rise the fuck up, in an unstoppable force and take back our country.
Hanging and Shooting them all in the process.
Serbian War Criminal had to be restrained by his wife, he’s so pissed
And now?  He’s genuinely shocked at the lack of ‘ride up’ in his adopted country
Ashamed really
Said “If people here don’t love freedom enough to fight for it, they’re going to learn to love chains”
This from a fucking Serbian transplant
See, if Trump is trying to go legal, I can tell ya, it ain’t happening.
The Supremes are gonna fold like Lawn Chairs and refuse to hear the case.
You watch.
Roberts is compromised… 32 flights to PedoIsland with Epstein (who didn’t kill hisself)
So then, it’s up to CONgress
And y’all know how much THEY like Orange Man Bad.
So, that leaves the Killdozer for those so inclined.
That and the MORBARK 2131.
Making woodchippers great again.
So, More Later
I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

By BigCountryExpat

Fuck you if you can't take a joke. No one gets out alive so eat me.


  1. HAPPY BIRFDAY !!!!!
    Just so you can prepare, 59 sucks ass with a straw, too.
    I think everybody is hoping the heavens will part and suddenly, the steal is recognized and Trump gets the second term. Miracles ain't gonna happen, and as I've said before, fuckers are too "busy" sipping their Starbucks while driving to work and texting on their fuckin I-phone. I'm too old for this shit, but I'm ready if it starts. Problem is, I know there is no chance I'd have a wave of folks behind me when I went over the top. Everybody is too concerned with "Consume", "Obey". For the most part, only difference between our side and theirs is our side isn't all "be like us or we'll kill you'.
    I'm waiting for a Concord moment that gets the ball rolling…….

    1. I'm right behind ya brother. Over the top locked and loaded. Orange man good
      Leftist shit. Bring on the target Rich environment

  2. Happy Birthday.
    51 eh?
    Lol, just wait.
    Now the real fun begins.
    It's like my Dear Old Granny used to say to me when I was a kid.
    "If I had known it hurt so much to get old I'd have never done it".
    Now I know exactly what she was talking about.

  3. here a little something i come to realize, after 35 your warranty is expired, after 45, it's like your never had one. and after you cross the line at 50, lab tests mean a whole new thing- i got what ?
    your want to do what ? and then you see and hear about fuckers in their 60-70's climbing mountains
    and shit, well. they never did anything to wear themselves out when they where younger= i.e. they didn't
    do shit.

    1. Wrong!!!
      I'm 66 and worn out from a super hard life of manual labor and rough adventures. Doesn't mean I quit yet. Grunt, Recon Marine and spent time hard rock mining, logging and log home building among my many professions. Was still hiking and backpacking last year above 11,000' in the Winds and Absarokas of Wyoming. So don't think everyone over 60 is a pussy. When's the last time you were out hiking, and I don't mean walking the dog either?


  5. Sorry at fifty one i still get to call you a kid. At 52 i drove a 3000 lb. yes 3000 pound Dozer into a forest fire. When it stopped i continued with feet. AGE is just a number, it may slow us down a little but that is what determination is all about.

  6. I'll trade ya for 68 🙂 Wait, I can't be that old…. wait, shit I am…

    Well, at least the colonoscopies get further apart assuming they don't find any gerbils.

    Yea, I don't think the country has it in it. 30-40% are cheering this on screaming Take My Liberties, and about 80% are "Complying" with some shit that would have left all these assholes dead in the late 1700's. Not gonna happen. Maybe a good idea to hit bottom as quick as possible while people still have guns.

  7. I'll be 67 next Sunday. Got up this morning at 5:15 & did my 7 mile run in 58:39 minutes. It was 39F & felt great. Been running since 1977. Some of the gyms have re-opened here in the Fuckeye State so I'm getting back into the exercise machines & free weights routine. Just hope our douchebag Gov Dewine doesn't close 'em up again. Have to keep myself in good shape when the bugaloo begins.
    Love to get a MORBARK 2131 for Christmas. I just happen to have a yard full of trees & well…… ya'll know what else for, too.

  8. Happy Birthday. It is not age some much as the miles. That can tear you yup. I do TKD to keep in shape and Krav Maga for dirty tricks. 65 times around the sun on this end. I am holding out for the courts. Jan is the jump off. If they swear biden in as #46 I might have to be there. About 1000 yards out.

  9. If you think 51 is bad, I hope you make 78. BTW Where is our George Washington? Keeping and bearing arms is no use if they are not used to defend freedom.

  10. Happy Birthday! Agree that the SCOTUS will likely fold; I mean, what's in it for them? They already GOT the top job for life – that's supposed to help them stay independent (like tenure is supposed to work for professors) but really, does it work that way? If you can't be fired from your job for whatever reason how can you be accountable? We try to pick the best for these jobs, again, supposedly we do, but even then, we're all human.

    Who's on the court? They say it's a 6-3 split for Republicans, eh? Supposedly it's Chief John Roberts with Thomas, Alito, Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and Barrett, vs Breyer, Kagan and Sotomayor… but let's be real here, do we really think that Roberts is going to stand firm on this? After that they just need one more to fold. I don't think Thomas or Alito or Barrett will, and probably not Kavanaugh after the savaging they gave him getting in, but maybe Gorsuch?

    After all, if the choice is almost certainly civil war or at least unrest, and possibly having to deal with all the fallout involved with a big house-cleaning in terms of corruption (and thus many of their friends and associates going down hard), vs. selling out and bending the knee to the globalists and Chi-Coms (which they were presumably OK with before Trump screwed things up for them), knowing that you and yours will be comfy and protected while the rest of us slobs get thrown under the bus as America is allowed to slip below the waves (as if it's not actually being forcibly drowned by these fucks)?

    The one thing that would likely push them to prosecute and investigate these crimes and clean house, would be the sure knowledge that if they don't, it WILL result in an uprising… and while going to jail sucks, it's a Hell of a lot better to go to jail in a system that has an 8th Amendment and double jeopardy protections. Presently, they have many clever lawyers to help them evade or otherwise negotiate lighter sentences with legal threats. In reprisals in civil wars, not so much.

    One bit of law, straight out of the Constitution, that you may find interesting in these circumstances, when it comes to mobilizing and organizing those 18-80 militia? We got this neat thing called a "Letter of Marque and Reprisal". While traditionally privateering was done on the high seas, I don't see any reason why it couldn't be done on land. They made money by capturing the vessels, cargoes, and weapons of enemy nations and selling them at home. Privateers would also attack land targets and pillage enemy cities and towns and things like convoys carrying silver from mines… they also made good money on ransoms and bounties.

    I see no reason why this law, if revived into modern practice, would not cover seizing things like vehicles and other properties from declared terrorist organizations and other active enemies of the United States of America.

  11. Happy birthday!
    I'm 55, but I got crippled up at 43, so I got a head start.
    It doesn't matter, it's what's in your head, heart, and soul. I'm happier at 55 than I've ever been, & I was back in the wheelchair for a couple of weeks. Been walking again since last Wednesday. Still grateful for every day, & waking each morning figuring out how the world can be fucked with.
    –Tennessee Budd

  12. So Trump goes legal… what will the fucktard left (but thats redundant) do if he wins? It wont be about uniting and healing. I came to the conclusion I live in a banana republic – stolen election, propagandist 'news', biased legal system (not a justice system), the stuff expected from a banana republic. Got the firearms tuned up. My AO is mighty safe (32159) … until it isnt. I am ready to embrace the suck. Not yet ready to start it.

    And my 59 years could be worse – no meds, all my own (stiff) joints so far, and beautiful kin and kith worth killing for. Just hoping it wont come to that. Unless need be.

  13. 51? quityerbitchin. chuckling, you've had enough adventure for three regular people, but life ain't done with you. Or all of us that think alike. So embrace the suck, it will get more interesting than many people can accept over the next six months, and you will be called on to stand.

    I know I'm on a list or 7, or whatever, and I'm up there with Phil, but I will stand. I can't do anything else and look in the mirror.

    Have a good turkey day.

  14. I didn't know Roberts had gone Epstein's island. First I heard it. I'm 76 and I feel great. Live in rural Thailand. When I was 51, I was slicing big chunks of green water off the tops of waves in Hawaii.

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