9-11…and Being Over The Target

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Well, it’s 9-11
So, obligatory 9-11 Picture:

Box: Checked.
Yeah, not to be cold or anything, but my reaction is a big fat whatever.  Yeah, 4000 +/- Civvies died.  Welcome to real-life.  This’s a drop-in-the-bucket of blood that’s headed our way, which more than likely AGAIN by our own DotGov.  Not for nothing, but there’s just too many questions on 9-11, there’s faaar too many loose ends, and the more people try to look at ‘things’ and ‘discrepancies’ about that particular day, the murkier and more fucked up things are.

I remember that we’ve never gotten a straight answer to the plethora o’questions.
So, my thoughts are it’s just another insult in a long list of them inflicted on an unknowing, willfully ignorant population of sheep that our ‘better’s have deigned disposable at their whims.  Unfortunate, but hey, it is what it is.  I for one don’t intend to be on that particular list for their next go around.

What is tickling my mind is my poast from yesterday.

Since when have I become the “Voice of Reason?”

Sheeeeeeeeeeee-it.  I got hit with so many comments and re-links… my second most read poast that I can see… so far.  My thanks to you all.  Seems I was right about the general -vibe- on the intahwehbz of rage and “This means WAR!” and other such calls of “This shall not stand!!!” in response to the Committee’s provocation.  Lots of extreme boardline FedPoasting going on.  Lots of lines being drawn.  And to me most interestingly TONS of comments that I moderated out of existence.

ALL of the sort that I’d say were Feds.  A bunch of them were of the silly taunting nature.  Calling me a ‘coward’ and a ‘cuck’.  Our ole FedBoi DMV Gringo, a.k.a “Dogshit” showed up (BTW dickbag, you’re perma-banned… go play in the street Fed.) and spouted off multiple times as to what a cucked out shill I am.  Takes one to know one Mister Fake and Gay Felcher.  But a bunch others were like “What’s the real plan?  Who are you targeting?”  

Man… the stupid.  It burns I swear.  Then this A.M. Wifey got a call from a client she had months ago… this broad, is a whore we’re pretty sure.  Wifey got hired to do Hair and Makeup for a “Boudoir Shoot”… she came home and told me flat out this broad was a high-end hooker.  Well this A.M. she gets a text from the broad looking for ‘documents’ and if Wifey knew of where to get some? 
Blocked and deleted toute-le-suite.
Don’t know you, don’t know what your talking aboot.  Seems she’s told a couple of clients about ye olde blog here, so I’m guessing she read the poast back BEFORE the crackdown when I poasted the pics of the blank Vax Card (subsequently removed for legal reasons) and wanted a couple, since I used to have a copy.  My advice is go to the fucking DotGov web or google images.  They’re out there but if you want to fuck around and find our, be my guest.  I sure as shit ain’t going to play any fucking games these days.  Got me a hunch dis fookin hoor got hemmed up, and is now working for the Federales.  Sorry gang.  I’m clean.

My guess is that, and because my little history lesson on Poland was received with much acclaim.

And that above all scares the ever living shit out of Leviathan.  One of the biggest problems that r/ourguys have had is not knowing just -how- to implement a ‘strikeback’ without incurring the direct wrath of Leviathan.  Solidarity and it’s precepts, up until now, hell, I don’t think –anyone– thought of it until this last poast, hence why the instantaneous uptick in FedMail and possible ‘probes’ of my wire so to speak.

Yep.I think I’m ‘bracketing the target’ a little too well.  Gandhiesque nonviolent sit-ins and shit are for the birds.  You can manage that when you have a population that is literally disposable.  When you have THAT many people, you can afford to lose a couple hunnerd here, couple hunnerd there.  Sounds cold, but even Gandhi in his bio said that it was bottomless inexhaustible numbers he had that allowed his mass-sit-ins to function. 
Solidarity however hit the PTB where it hurt.  In the pocketbook.
Totally fucked up the economy, which in turn led to collapse of the bureaucratic state.  No money incoming, means no money to pay the aforementioned bureaucrats.  And believe you me, THATs who’s running the show right now.  The Vindmans.  The Rices.  The minor petty functionaries. 
The thoughtless mindless DotGov myrmidons got -nothing- on these fucking power hungry fucktards.  Nitzakhon (aka Red Pill Jew) linked me a vidya (BTW: per your comment?  Where was I cited?) anywho:

It’s a great vidya. 22 minutes of HIGHLY recommended watching.Pass it on to anyone you think might watch it on r/theirguys side in your family.  I sent it to MomUnit with a vain hope she -might- unplug, but I dunno.  She’s stubborn as hell.

Organize.  Can’t stress that enough.  Network.  Reach out.  Talk to people.  Start building acquaintances, then trust.  Meatspace when and if feasible.  

And never. ever. meet and talk about -anything of importance- UNLESS you shed ALL electronic devices.  Cell phones, iWatches EVERYTHING.  Act as if you’re under surveillance 24-7, because you are.  We live in a world now that only Stalin, Hitler, Mielke, and other tyrants could have dreamed of.  There are soooo many cameras.  Start looking around… you’ll be amazed at how many are out there.  The streetlights in our A.O. of Tampa have them on every single stoplight line.  They’re currently (supposedly) not connected.


But the very fact that they’re in place tells me eventually, when they get the Panopticon running at full bore-dirty-whore mode, they’ll be up and running 24-7-365, 366 on leap years.  Which is a -good- thing and a -bad- thing.  I’m of two minds.  It’s the Law of Diminishing Returns, if that is applicable… not sure if it’s the right terminology for this but, my theory:
Too many Cameras = Tons of Input to Process
Unless the Cameras are specific in their targeting the amount of Raw Data Input overloads the system.  Shit gets ‘lost in the sauce’ so to speak.  The DotMil had multiple experiences with this over the years where SO many ‘Operational Immediates” went out, critical messages like the Japs pretty much declaring war on us back in December 1941 got overlooked.  Leastways thats the ‘official story’ and as we all know, I no longer trust anything the DotGov tells me or told me period fucking dot.

So with Data Overload, that’s the key to operating ‘outside’  Harry Harrison’s character (a personal lifetime favorite of mine) “Slippery” Jim DiGriz, AKA “The Stainless Steel Rat” operates Far in the future, and as he said (paraphrasing from memory, so don’t have a snit) “In the old days, society was far looser and freer.  The nooks and crannies were far more available to a rat living in the wainscoting of society.  In today’s harder, cleaner world, it take a Stainless Steel Rat to find the cracks in the edifices of society.”  That’s essentially the crux.  In order to operate below the radar, we have to unleash the Stainless Steel Rat in all of ourselves.

Its time to start the Movement of Solidarity Here and Now.

I found a freebie PinClipArt of a Solidarity emblem I >really< dig.  The symbol is relatively simple, but it also ‘takes the piss’ symbolically speaking from r/theirguys… specifically AntiFa.  That emblem, (which I think we need to start using -everywhere- ALL the time is this:

I like it a lot

By re-taking the thrust ‘power fist’ from AntiFa, it undermines them and their cause.  It’s also going to initially confuse the fuck out of r/theirguys until they cotton on.  They’ll initially thing “Oh, a new emblem…” and the lack of knowledge and education, nevermind the complete lack of self awareness, it’s going to mindfuck them nicely IMO.

Solidarity Now Aye?
Lest it be Apocalypse Now
Either way, I’m comfortable with it.
What say you?
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

By BigCountryExpat

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  1. I got mixed emotions on the 3 fist logo. If it is to be used, then it MUST be where the fists are any color but black. And it must be used in its entirety, with all 3 fists present. Because fuck blm, that’s why.

  2. My dad was .mil and dotgov, for over 30 years. He told me that the government lies about two thirds of the time. They lie to cover things up or to keep people distracted and confused, they only tell the truth if it is to their advantage.And
    I’m concerned about the fed.gov overreaching in the short to mid term, 6 months to a few years. Less concerned in the long run, the systems that they depend on to keep us in check are too dependent on the petro dollar and the USD being the world’s reserve currency.
    One of the consequences of what Biden did in Afghanistan and what he’s doing to the military will result in the end of the petro dollar/world reserve currency status of the US. I envision a USSR style of collapse in the FUSA, only worse because our society is less homogeneous and far more divided. Imagine a USSR collapse and a Yugo style break up.
    And this won’t happen as a result of anything other than political entropy. Throughout history empires have collapsed under their own weight. Ours will be no different.
    That’s the thing to prepare for, and that’s what I expect what will happen.

    1. And this will happen regardless of whether the clot shot were to be benign and covid were to go away. If the shot is dangerous am covid sticks around it will.exacerbate the problem, definitely make it happen quick, but the die is cast.
      Our empire is too much in debt, and China Joe has eviscerated the need for the rest of the world to continue to finance our debt funded national government, either out of fear or necessity.
      A GOP landslide in 2022, and 2024, won’t be able to stop it.
      The roof, the roof is on fire.

    2. [They lie to cover things up]

      Way back when, when I had a higher-than-the-President military security clearance, I couldn’t help but notice that a lot of the classified stuff that I saw was classified to keep generals or high-placed civilians from looking bad. This was only a fraction of the legitimately classified stuff but it was significant. (eg, the budget and schedule for constructing a building on post was probably marked For Official Use Only but the memo a year later showing the cost overrun and schedule slip was classified Secret.)

      That was military, which was reportedly a very tight and proper operation compared to State Department and the spy agencies. I didn’t come across any of it with my own eyes, but people have told me that the great majority of classified State material is covering butts.

  3. re the sainted “Sleeps with twelve-year-old girls” Gandhi, the inexhaustible supply of disposable dupes was only a small part of his success. The fundamental decency of the Brits and their willingness to get rid of their empire was much more important. You can just imagine how well “the venerated one’s” strategy would have worked if the Germans had won WWII and acquired India, but you don’t need to. Look at how well Gandhi did in South Africa: arrested, got the shit beat out of him, and followers also arrested and beaten. You’ll note a conspicuous lack of success.

    As for “too much surveillance data”, you’re sorta right about there being too much to process it all in real time and catch criminals immediately or even before they make their move. That’s not the point. Everything gets stored (at taxpayer expense, of course) and it can be selectively processed later. If there’s reason to suspect that Joe Blow is engaged in child trafficking or saying hatey things, his entire banking history can be pulled up, his credit card transactions, license plate reader data, cell phone location history, and every other thing which can be monitored and stored. This data can be examined for evidence of a crime or suspicious behavior, where “suspicious” is nicely vague. Did Joe buy a length of pipe and some washers at the hardware store? Probable cause for a search warrant.

    It’s not currently practical to trawl all of the gathered data, but finding out everything about a limited number of individuals is easy enough.

    1. Now, more than ever, cash transactions.

      Radio (unit, not subscriptions, not digital).

      Observation. Me avoids screen monkey habits. Puts the screen down.
      In my readings the most successful intell organization was the British secret service in the years when Empire was still expanding. Their scholars bracketed all the targeted regions, knew everything. If they didn’t know something they’d talk to missionaries, explorers, miners, farmers, traders. Read The Great Game, by Hopkirk. The quality of their pre-invasion research was superb. Afghan was their only failure—maybe the Brits couldn’t get high desert warfare and the sort of killers deserts create.

      Point is that operators in the pre-electronic age, pre-radio, would be laughing at the mistakes the Great Beast is making now. Tech dumbs down more, because it is image-based. Words, I mean hard copy text, impart a power to the imagination that transcends the effects of digital information. Hardcopy induces more accurate imagination, and connections.

      My 2 centavos.

    2. BC, I can give you & SteveF a somewhat dated confirmation that there’s too much data to analyze in real time.
      Several moons ago during a stint of .gov employment we had a gentleman come to a facility looking for some general information to assist with a project. It was pretty straightforward: “my name is X, I’m doing Y, & if it’s possible I’d like to arrange some time to sit down with someone to discuss Z, so that Y is as accurate as you think it should be when it’s done & comes across as plausible. Here is my lawyers card with my contact info on the back, please have someone contact me at your convenience.”
      I wasn’t involved in the encounter but got the story when our local high mucky-muck spammed a summary email to everyone in his domain, with a CC to the local fibbie office. When the local fibbie responded they, no shit, did a “reply all” response. The gist? “We talked to the lawyer & confirmed the guy is who he claims, then ran his name through the (f^sion c£nt£r) & he came up clean, so go ahead & give him the info he’s requesting.” BIG fuckup on the fibbie’s part. Johnny the backhoe driver don’t need to know that you need a name first in order to make the magic spy box work, does he? But now he knows. That’s some just-stepped-on-my-own-nuts level of “Oops” right there.
      That was some time ago, & maybe by now they’ve developed an AI or process that can sort some of that info in real time & raise a flag automatically. Maybe not. For me it was a quick glimpse behind the curtain, & I suspect that with the amount of information they suck in daily, paired with the ongoing “this one slipped through the cracks” intelligence failures, there’s no way to do anything except store said info & do a look back after the fact. The foosion cenny can’t do squat without some hard data as a starting point. Name, address, license plate, farcebook account, whatever. You have to provide the starting point before it can work.

    1. Heavy and medium bombers was the most dangerous job in the war. More dangerous than the infantry—higher casualties, I mean. The more planes in the air, the more .50 cals, the more money wall street made. Then as now and always soldiers are a profit center—initially when they are outfitted, and later when they destroy the opposition and take their stuff and turn it over to wall street. Then the eskimos show up with their clip boards and take inventory.

      And please don’t buy into this alpha warrior meme. E. g. Patton and Wild Bill Donovan crap. Geo. C. Marshall. All phonies, all media creations. Donovan was a wall street lawyer. Patton was prima donna from old money. Marshall, probably homosexual, a lifer because he loved man candy.

    2. My uncle told me that his favorite thing about England during the war was seeing the White Cliffs of Dover when he was flying back from a mission because then he knew he would be safe

  4. Dude this was one of the best poast yet. That video was damn good. And I gonna start looking for Solidarność and Lech Wałęsa t-shirts, posters and what not. Hell I’ll fly a Solidarność flag on the end of the carport. Hang in there with the new job and good luck from NC

  5. Well I tried two different ways to down the Solidarity emblem. No go. It just reposts as a big black square. Sigh.

  6. Never in world history has government been so concerned with the individual’s health as to threaten their freedom and livelihood if they did not comply. Makes you wonder what changed?

  7. Long ago and far away (and so much better than it is today) certain meetings to “discuss” business were conducted around a burn barrel or wood stove by mutes whose thoughts were written on a scrap of paper and immediately disposed of. One did not speak arrangements out loud or even mouth the words, only a nod or shake was allowed. Surveillance has gotten much better now but can still be defeated.

  8. i never bought into the official bullshit story of 911

    the whole thing smelled like shit from the get go

    i did however understand the direction we were headed when george shrub said “you are either with us or with the terrists”

    and lo and behold the 20 year T.W.O.T. thus began…

    1. Fucking A Bubba. Controlled demolition — but why would they do that? And there was building across the street that just fucking collapsed later on.

  9. Agreed.
    9/11 has never meant much to me. I joined up after it happened, so unlike most, I actually did something about it. No empty wish fulfillment masturbation here. My conscience doesn’t bother me and I don’t celebrate or memorialize anything. Now, however, I tell junior NOT to join or consider joining. Just because I did it doesn’t mean they need to. They wouldn’t be serving the same country anyway.

    Can you imagine what your life would be like had 9/11 not happened?
    I can’t.
    In fact, I think my life has been pretty good as a result. Married my boo, got junior, got a career, went all over. Not too shabby.

    And Solidarity is a totally cool concept.
    Last week some dude lost his cool and mass-blasted a huge email to the entire company detailing how the clotshot doesn’t work, their policies violate the law, and the CEO’s official statements we should learn for ourselves, draw our own conclusions, and then get the shot was a total lie. They pointed out how it doesn’t work, it’s illegal to mandate it, and it’s still not tested, etc. It fell on deaf ears. I knew it was dynamite and copied and shared it ASAP. They deleted it from the servers within an hour. That was pretty funny. There are a ton of angry people where I work. I can’t wait to see what they do when they try to force the shot on us in earnest. I am guessing we might have an active shooter this year.

    FWIW, if you haven’t figured out a plan re-clotshot, if you look around, you can find a doc who supports your right to choose. I found one where I am. Dr. Feelgood is willing to listen to your objections and write you a note, if you ask. CDC and FDA both state you shouldn’t get any of the shots if you’re allergic to any of the ingredients. Do your homework. It’s not hard to figure out how you suffer from allergies to the chemicals in the shots. It’s not hard to research the symptoms you suffer, how they manifest, how you identified them, and tell your doc. They’re unlikely to actually test you, so self-report. You can get a note. Hopefully, that meets the “rigorous” standards for a health exemption.

    1. “Can you imagine what your life would be like had 9/11 not happened?
      I can’t.
      In fact, I think my life has been pretty good as a result. Married my boo, got junior, got a career, went all over. Not too shabby. ”

      huh? wtf?

      simply fucking amazing….

      nuke it from orbit- it’s the only way to be sure

  10. Big Country, this is too fucking strange: yesterday, driving to a customer’s facility with a load of equipment, what ran across my mind but “The Stainless Steel Rat”?
    Hadn’t thought of that character in years, and immediately thought that I should reread it (them, actually). May be some valid lessons for our time.

  11. BCE, your spot on on the provocation COINTELPRO bullshit these fags are pushing. The civil disobedience and solidarity movement is a great plan. I see Matt B. Picked up on it.

    Here is an idea. My parents have a neighbor with a 5 acre horse field, he cut ” Biden is a Criminal” in the field in like 25′ letters. Within 24 hours, black, yes black helicopters were surveying his property doing 500′ fly overs.

    A nationwide lawn cutting movement , cutting “Biden is a Criminal” into your lawn campaign would be a nice start. I got a large tract of acreage adjunct to field six at Eglin range where ranger camp is, right under the run in for jumps and field six ops the boys in the casas, c-130’s, cv-22s, and blackhawks are gonna love it as they fly over daily.

    I have no social media, but am endeavoring to get a few accounts to kick this off. Comments and opinions are welcomed.

    1. Also, put the “Fuck Biden” flag picture on your phone and all devices. I just flew all around the US with it on my ipad. I open up my ipad on the plane and make it seen. Not a neer peep from anyone. But, if your feeling froggy, leap, Ill be your huckleberry. Time to push em to the point of snap as my deceased father in law used to say. They snap, we chill, we win. Time to piss some people off, nicely….

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