A Bit Late but I was Driving

Good Late Night Me Droogs and Droogettes.
Getting caught up on some Ub ering as the cashflow has been somewhat restricted, and the Plasma Center(s) called back and said “80 proof” wasn’t viable… so until I sober up (fat fucking chance!) or a real job comes along, I’m forced to drive the hipsters around the Greater Central Florida Region.

I can dream can’t I?
Day 5 of my following and it’s still looking bad.  
42 Plus or Minus Dead, lots of fucked up vidyas making it out of the Chineseum A.O… and the most telling?  Well.. lately I’ve been re-thinking the judgement of one of the regular bloggers that I -had- a lot of respect for.  He spends the majority of his time shitting on anyone who doesn’t agree with his absolute and correct pronouncements.  He -claims- to be the open minded type, but I have yet to see him set down and have a dish of cooked magpie as it were.
And no, not Vox Day… I only occasionally hit that egomaniacs web page.  Anyone who makes as many pronouncements of his own self-worth is a complete and utter self centered bullshit artiste of the highest caliber.  I won’t sling arrows tho… no need to.  The dude of which I speaketh… His blog came to my attention back during the great Ebola Scare back a few years ago… intelligent writing, comprehensive.  Well thought out.  Now?  His “anti-anyone-who-doesn’t-agree-with-me-is-a-big-stoopid-poopy-pants” is growing tiresome.  
Add on that he’s -casually- blowing off what I personally think is -something- that bears watching with a casual “Meh… wash your hands and get over it” is questionable.  In fact some of the other bloggers I’ve been reading have actually been questioning his loyalties patriot-speaking and otherwise.  Considering he ramped up the Ebola Scare UUUUGELY!!! and has spent numerous posts shitting on, at first the IDEA of Richmond, to the EXECUTION of Richmond, and now?  He shits on ANYONE or ANYTHING that makes Richmond seem like –any sort- of success and deriding ANYONE who dares speak agaist his wiser and smarter self.  Now, he’s downplaying a Flu that, on its face seems pretty hardcore and nasty… in fact he seems to be getting his marching orders from CNN.  
Take it for what you will.  Me?  I’m not hyping it, but the parallels of this particular bug, and saying “Nothing to See Here” seems farcical on its face.
“All is Well!!!”
I mean hell, maybe it’ll be nothing.
Another GREAT Post-Apocalyptic Novel:  John Ringo: “The Last Centurion”
Long story short… Main Dude is a Captain in the Infantry in Iran during the Occupation.  World gets hit by MAD Crazy Flu Bug out of China… High mortality rate.  Sloooooow burn.  Dude and his troops essentially get ‘abandoned’ when the US does a RECONUS of all deployed units.  Dude realizes that they’re fucked and has to do an Annabasis (look it up) and it goes from there…  Funny, entertaining (the scenes with the Ghurkas had me howling, esp. since its a dead on description of the lil likable bastards that I worked with…)  Get it.  Read it.
Ringo is FLAT the fuck out my favorite modern author.  Unreal writer of MANY favors of fiction, from post-apocalyptic to sci-fi to modern war.  Was in the 82nd as a Intel Puke… I think enlisted from his POV.  Occifers have a different viewpoint, and his doesn’t match.  Either that or he was a mustang.
But, anywho… thing about his Flu… its a ‘slow burn shutdown’… No Mad Max…  just everyone gets sick, and like 40-60 percent of the world dies.  THIS is sort of shaping up very much like Ringo’s Plot.
Scary Prescient to be honest.  
So yeah.  Bad JuJu in my book.  Slow burn.  The guy-who-must-not-be-named goes off on how easy it is to avoid getting infected with the flu, and yet yearly, even without a deadly, possibly weaponized flavor, we get a couple of hunnerd DOA anyways?  
Imagine IF this IS a Joe Chink Flu-Flavored Weapon Of The Month?
And it’s doing a number on its own in China, as well as the 63 suspected cases as of 23:00 tonight here stateside.  43 of them in Washington State.  (Mask up Phil… bad JuJu comes yer way my brother!)
The one that has me personally worried is Chicago… the confirmed case in Washington State tracked down every person that guy got with… THATS what Ring Vaccination/Isolation is all about… however, the suspected/confirmed case in Chicago?  Apparently Mamasan was running loose around for 11 fucking days without knowing who/where/when she was.

Katy bar the door… if she worked in a Chinese Food restaurant and went to work with the sniffles?  It’s all over but the crying.
Got Preps?
Until Later, I Remain the Intrepid Reporter
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  1. Shit Phil, ya better post your shit for at least a year, ya going down… crap and I like him too. I absolutely refuse to go anywhere close to chicongo so I am good. Unless they invade you Big, you might be the only one left except 90 Miles From Tyranny…

  2. "Last Centurion" describes a mass pandemic like no other book has ever done. From the way the bugs work, to how they spread, to how society breaks down and how society breaking down stops the spread, finally.

    Ringo is da man.

    Tom Kratman is another good author. His book "Caliphate" is a dark future history of the world. Good story, dark as fudge.

    As to that west coast blogger, well, we now know how California fell into Hell's hands. Because all the 'good' people were sitting on theirs. He (west coast blogger) just doesn't realize there's a point that when they (leftist bastards) push, we stop moving backward, and prepare to start moving forward. Classic Shield Wall Push, which usually ends up with the crapheads banging against the shield wall being curbstomped into non-existence while being hacked and stabbed and shot.

    Yes, the Virginia State House is moving forward with it's insane plans, but that's not what the rally Monday was about. What da rally was about was showing the normal people that the People of the Gun (and knife, and tomahawk, and sword, mace, spear, Sherman… (what? 2A is about ALL ARMS, muthafukas. Including armor and ammo and stuffs to make armaments… It's like we went to war to prove that that is our God-given right. To fucking not be infringed, baby.) So the Leftists didn't listen. The rest of Virginia and the Nation sure did. At least 20K pro-weapons/armor/2A marchers, not a problem, streets clean. In comparison, maybe 2K at the Women's March, and they left the streets a filthy mess.

    And as to West Coast Blogger or Indiana Gun Lady freaking about open carry or drop-leg holsters, they can kiss my big white tuchus. We've been appeasing the Control Freaks since 1934 and lose every time. Even the ending of the AWB wasn't so much action to remove it but inaction to continue it, which is not a great achievement by any means.

    As to China Flu 2020, so far real reports are saying it is affecting healthy young adults more than unhealthy people, old people or young people. Last time we had a flu like that was… sometime around late 1916 and wrongly blamed on Spain but was really from China. I wonder if some dumbass CommieChina dumbass went and dug up bodies from that (1916 in Europe, so most likely 1914-15 in China) shitstorm and decided to recreate it (kinda like what USAMRIID has supposedly been working on, too, but they didn't let that cat out into general population like Joe Chinaman seems to have done.)

    Wash your hands… And stay out of buildings… And stay 10' or more away from people… If they're close enough to use a flamethrower on, they're close enough to give you airborne infections.

    By the way, good reporting on what's really going on.

    I hope your job situation/money situation clears up soon. And your VA bennies.

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