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A bit of a change up vis-a-vis the Plague.  It’s getting to be a bit of a bother, so onto the Intrepid Reporters OTHER fanatical love:  WEAPONS

One of my many nicknames in High School… along with “:Geek” and “Hey Loser!”

But, one thing the kids back then knew was I was one insult away from doing a Columbine, so they knew where to draw the line. So to continue…

Today Palmetto STate –finally– got me the parts kit I ordered oh-so-long ago from them.  Pre-Shortages no less.  They had a CMMG lower parts kit half off (which I jumped on) as I have a pile o’parts on hand, but as the saying goes repair wise “One Is None”.  I figured getting a bunch of springs and fiddly bits would be helpful.  Emergencies DO happen and I’ve actually experienced a M-4 firing pin actually breaking on the range when I was shooting.

One firing pin breaking at the range is annoying… one firing pin breaking in a firefight is deadly.

So, whenever I get the script up… bit of brass in me pocket, I throw for spares as much as new guns.  In fact, the parts and spares outnumber the other shit.  The only major annoyance I have right now is I misplaced 3 m-4 firing pins -somewhere- in the house…  I know they’re around, but I’m peeved that they ain’t with the rest of the firepower parts.

So, anywho-  shit showed up, and it was time to get everything together.

I got the upper slapped together in like no time.  I have a comprehensive armory in the house so, barrel tensioning and locking it in took about 15 minutes, including gas tube/block installation.  I threw on some MagPul POS sights until I can get either a good set, or, more than likeley, the cheap backup sights will stay on as I have a total of 30 rounds for this thing, and they cost $3 a piece.  This’s strictly for “Gorilla Killing” as it were or pure fucking intimidation as -any- SWAT team member in the stack on the receiving end of this Armor Smashing Elephant Gun is gonna haul balls rather than lose a limb from this thing.  Even a glancing hit from a .458 SOCOM invariably ends in bleeding out.

I used an Areo Arms Upper receiver for the build.  If you look closely, this’s a purpose-built “XL” Port, with the ejection port cut a bit bigger than usual to compensate for the huge shell casing that gets spit out.  The dust cover is from IS and is also an “XL” to fit the shaved ejection port.  A standard port would ‘choke’ on a .458.

The bore on this thing, compared to 5.56mm is like a Train tunnel.
And the bolt:

The bolt face and bolt itself are, as far as I’m concerned professionally, is the biggest weak point.  The bolt carrier is identical to the ‘normal’ AR-15/M-4, however, the face of the bolt, as you can see, the edge of the shell seat is almost paper thin compared to a normal 5.56mm.  The extractor is the same.  When and if I ever get the money up, I –might– buy a spare, but thusfar, this’s strictly a “for fun/fuck it” weapon, as opposed to a fully used defensive weapon.

So, mission complete.  I know it’s got an ‘illegal’ folder on it… that’s temporary til I get the Wave Brace.  It’d look stupid otherwise.  The muzzle brake is absolutely necessary from all reports, and I’ll let you know how it goes as we go.
Otherwise, Have a fun night.  I have to get it ready for Camouflaging, which I’ll cover later.
Until then I’m The Intrepid Reporter
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