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Evening Me Droogs and Droogettes!
Got an –interesting- email from a guy who knows a guy… didn’t know this but the term I use “Droogettes” is apparently a really hardcore all-chick punk band…

Who knew?
I just thought it was a clever term to feminize the Droog Handle.

So, as I posted earlier today before I went running willy-nilly all over da place (all the pre-deployment medical stuff) going to dentists, doctors and general bloodletting.  Had to do a 12 hour fasting test today… kinda sorta pulled it off.  I mean I -did- stop boozing around 22:30 last night… and slept in til 11:00… and then went to the Lab at 14:00… so 14 hours plus but I –know– the liver enzyme counts gonna be high as fuck-all… oh well too bad.  Got me Adobe and alllll the copies of past results to work with…

If you ain’t cheatin’, you ain’t trying.

Adapt, Improvise, Overcome.

The interesting part is going to be getting them to sign off on the weight waiver.  I’ve had to do it multiple times because the current Nationally Recognized Body Mass Index is meant for can’t-cut-it-cunts, soybois, and other assorted eurotrashlike skinny-jean wearing hosebeast losers.

I call it the “Kate Moss BMI”…  Fucking thing sez I should, at maximum mind you, weigh
197 pounds!!!!  I have no idea  where the fuck they get these trash-ass numbers, but, a BMI of 25 at a height of 76 inches (6ft 4in) sez 197lbs according to the national chart.  I’m –currently– in pretty good shape right now… (round is a shape amiright?)  No seriously, I’m at 332, and for me, thats fucking great.

Even my primary care Doc is like “Ain’t no fuckin way you could weigh that BC… yer LEGS alone are about 150-175.”  The LOWEST I’ve made it to was in Iraq during a madly stressful time in my life where I was a complete gym rat 2x a day, as well as 20-30 laps in Saddam Hussien’s Olympic Size Swimming Pool…ever single day.  And I wasn’t eating at all.  One chikin sammich a day… maybe.  I got down to 285 and was actually pretty fuckin unhealthy looking…

My Doc told me 300-325 is optimal for me.  Sooooooooo time to futz w/Uncle Sam and get a weight waiver.  Gotta send that tomorrow.  Get the ball rolling.

So now, for tonights Joe Chinaman HorseHockey Bullshit-O-Rama Numbers Game:
February 18, 2020 @ 20:30 Hours
Infected: 75176
Dead/KIA’d: 2008

Uh Huh.  Again with the 2.1…  I give it til the First Week of March… THATS when the end of the first 30 day Cycle will have finished… two full 15 day cycles, and then a mass of ‘other’ infections that weren’t counted, expected or planned on.  Sort of like what happened on the Love Boat.  Originally I called a total of 814 potential (at a 35% infection rate) infected within a 30 day period.

Looks like I might have been a bit -off- on that.  548 in 14 days… double the expected, especially if they get another 75 or more tomorrow.  It’s now getting into an exponential growth rate  as opposed to the ‘regular as rain for 11 days of 24 per day average infection.

Exponential growth rates scare the SHIT outta me.  That’s the one scene in the movies when they start showing a map of the world and by the end of the scene, the whole planet is infected with “X” and evvabody’s dyin…

So, anywho.  Got an appointment for my bro.  Still dunno if anyone else has jumped on, but shit

As long as John Cleese doesn’t show up to carve on me, I should be good.  No more updates -as of yet- but I did think of one really cheesy aspect of this.  IF I am a valid donor and I go thru with it, sounds horrible, but I’m see if I can get a publicity bump out of it.  “Disabled Unemployed Honorably Discharge Vet donated kidney to Former Brother-in-Arms”… if that doesn’t help me get a job then, whelp at that point I’ll be adding the term “Homeless” to the aforementioned list.

I mean at this point, if the Kuwait gig doesn’t come thru, I might be in a world of hurt.  It takes, on average, like 3 to 4 months to land a new gig.  And that IF yer record is clear.  Mine is sorta-kinda clear, as in it shows the charges as being “Dismissed”… however, to some companies that’s a GAFY moment (go and fuck yourself).  And there ain’t shit I can do about it.

‘Cept maybe file for disability.  Gawd and Lord knows I’m physically fucked up alllll day long.  I’ve actually been let go, not for a lack of trying, but that I couldn’t physically keep up with the twentysomething fuckers.  The whole ‘right to work’ laws are a piss me off tho… yah, we can ‘walk away from a job’ theoretically, but in reality?  Its a law designed to let an employer shit can you at any time or place without explanation.  Fuckers.

So, for now, I just kinda-sorta plug along.  Haven’t been Ubering much to tell the truth.  There’s a few things that were out on Gab that I’m not sure of as far as fact-checked / veracity.  This one:

Long of the short:  Senior Member of the CDC txted to a friend of hers saying that there are over 1000 cases in the United States right now.  States that 32 suspected states have ’em.  Whenb questioned, she’s blocked people, and ‘gone to ground.’
Now, knowing someone might have LARP’d this shit, ok, but still -I- looked up her accounts and such whatnot and they’ve all been deleted.  No denials, no “I wuz hacked by Russia” No anything, ‘cept this quack has gone to ground and dissapeared herself from social media


Anyways, add on that this:

Dunno if’n I’ma gonna be driving anytime soon.
Leastways at the Airport
OK… More later
I remain the Intrepid Reporter
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