A Busy Saturday (and now it’s Sunday)

Greetings Me Droogs n Droogettes!
What time is it?  The day flew by.  In fact, it’s now tomorrow.  Me ‘n Sapper did a lot of errands today.  Had to go and get my FFL dealer to start the paperwork on a pickup for the rifle, drop off mail (which went sideways a bit), get chlorine for the pool, and we managed to hit the surplus store so’s I could look for a mag pouch for the M1A mags.  
Found one too:

Condor mini-dual 20 round shingle style.  Was about $12 w/tax.  The other thing I found was a real plus too…

Common Tasks Manual for E-5 and up.VERY Useful.Like on the “must have” List.  Now the CTT manual or “Green Book” for E-1 to E-4 is also required reading.  That one covers literally the basics of United States soldiering.  The one -I- had ‘back n the day’ was at the time, freshly re-done and published.  This was the exact brick I toted around:

Woe betide the poor bastard who ‘forgot’ it. You were to have it on your body at all times.  A ziplock was mandatory to keep it from getting destroyed via water and shit.

It’s size is designed to have you carry it in your cargo pocket of your BDUs.  Canteen in the left cargo, , Green Book in the right.  It has -ALL- the standard taskers in it that every soldier should know for Basic Training.  In the case of the one above, it had the M-60 as one of the taskers, whereas the newest version has the M-240 in it.The new one looks like this:

They can be (and I highly recommend) bought on Amazon here:

Soldier’s Manual of Common Tasks Warrior Skills Level 1: https://amzn.to/3tTvjzh  LINK 

Soldier’s Manual of Common Tasks Warrior Skills Level 2,3,4: https://amzn.to/3aCKNA7 LINK

And yeah, I get a ‘taste if you buy with my links’.  Which I can’t argue with.  Last month, the link to the OC Grenade?  I made $80 in commissions on that… which is insane because I only get like a quarter +/- for each one y’all buy/bought.   #1, EM version, is dated 2017, and #2, the NCO one, is updated up to January of 2020.  They just updated it.  So I do highly recommend having them on hand.

Now, the particular copy is from August of 2003, but, with the exception of any Iraq-inspired changes, this one is relatively up to date.  I’ll take it though as a used copy on the Zon is like $15 and up… for $3 bones, I can’t argue with the price.  That and the NCO one, leastways according to a lot of the comparatives I’ve checked, as in what the differences are, the info in the old one is still valid enough for MY purposes.

So, other ‘stuff’… the credit card got a workout today, the whole ‘buy now/pay later’ this is a plus as I found a new design for an ammo pouch I hadn’t seen before… I mean I may have seen it, but don’t remember maybe?  Either way, it was worth the $18.  A handy 12 Gauge Ammo pouch:

As you can see, about the length of an AR 30 round mag.  

Two long molle bands, with plastic stiffeners in them, with plenty of cross-molle to ‘weave’ with in case you want to make sure it’s not going  to go all floppy on you.  Weaving molle straps can be a bit of a pain in the ass, but my own personal trick is using a butter knife to assist.  So, anyways… to open it, pull the flap…  

It’s got a couple of stout snaps to assist in keeping it closed because then, once flap #1 is open, you grab the top of the pouch by the snaps, and pull down:

And… like… wow.  Thats a LOT of 12 gauge.  It literally has a 25 round capacity, although #25 is a small loop on the fold-out panel that goes horizontal from all the other ammo… the above picture you might be able to see the loop.  It’s on the left, in between the first and second row of four shells… but that’s not really that big a deal.  24/25 rounds of 00 Buck? Sheeeeee-it.  That’s a buttload of buck right there, jes’ sayin’.
Too much IMO.  After this pic I took the lower part that unfolds and removed the 12 rounds from there.  Considering the fact that my Black Aces has a 6 round sidesaddle at the ready, plus 7 in the tube, which brings me to a total (if used w/out the lower flap being stuffed) of 25 rounds… if I repack the other 12, that makes it a total of 37 rounds.  Plus, it’s heavy fully packed and long unfolded… too much of a chance in ‘the heat of the moment’ that the lower flap will have rounds falling out willy-nilly… in a firefight, this is a thing of badness.

Either way however, that’s a LOT of ammo for a 12 Gauge in one pouch.  Especially since I don’t consider it to be a full-on primary weapons system.  Don’t get me wrong, shotties have their purpose… in Home Defense, the “shock and awe” phase, there ain’t nuthin’ like a twelve getting ‘racked and ready to stack’ and the Earth Shattering >Ka-BOOMs< that they produce are awesome, it’s just that in a prolonged, or even slightly longer distanced firefight, a gauge isn’t necessarily what you want…Initial Home Defense and Response?  Ab-so-fuckin’-lootly.  “Keep the skeer on ’em” as the Rebs used to say back in the days of the Northern Aggression.

So, the Surplus store is actually, besides surplus, is a prime Paintball/Airsoft supply location.  They carry all sorts of stuff, but they specialize in Condor Gear.  Now, Condor “airsoft/paintball” equipment?  For all the folks who knock it, all I can say is I’ve had, and still use Condor as my go-to for Tactical pouches and ‘stuff’.  In fact I’ve had Condor gear that’s outlived some Blackhawk gear, and a LOT of DotMil issued gear.  My only complaint is that their tactical vests, while awesome, are made for you stinking puny humans… No gorilla sizes unfortunately, because some of the designs are great, but wouldn’t fit me even if I was at my skinny size.

Now, observations:  Last time Me n Sapper went over there, it was to fill the C02 tankls for the Flammenwerfer… guy only charges $5 a refill.  There’s a big wall  in the Paintball/Airsoft side of the store (it’s cut in half, one side all DotMil and ‘stuff’, the other area all Paintball AND Airsoft stuff)  and the wall -usually- is covered in Airsoft ‘guns’.  Like tons of them… looks like some of those pictures of those insanely wealthy gun-guys… Kriss sub guns, FN P-90s… AKs, ARs, all the really cool looking firepower, even though they only shoot lil pew-pew 6mm fake bee-bees.


Nary a one.  My analysis is thus:  Some people, maybe because of economic issues, or past legal issues, or hell, even age issues, may not be able to purchase a real Boomstick.  So they get what they can  afford to get, either financially or legally.  I mean how many of those BLM assholes marching around had obvious Airsoft weapons?  I mean considering the very nature of BLM, and the ‘types’ it tends to attract, i.e. criminal grifters and dirtbags, the odds of a LOT of those guys being able to legally possess some of that firepower IRL?  Pretty fucking slim methinks Aye?

Hence, they cleaned out the Airsoft guns and (illegally) paint over the orange tip, thereby giving them the appearance of being geared up with shit that even I can’t afford.  Now, it’s illegal to paint over the orange tip.  Not that people inclined to do shit like that really follow the laws anyhow, but it’s also part and parcel why a lot of younger Ghetto Hood-Rats get graduated from “Dindu Nuffin” to “Good Hood Rat” because they’re carrying, aiming or flashing Airsoft at the Five Oh.  “A “Good Hood Rat” means a dead Hood Rat.  “Lay Down, be dead, Gooooood Hood Rat.”

Which brings me to this:  Part of why I can’t sleep.  Seems MomUnit got a totally random Phone call last week.  A blocked number, she picked up and said the person on the other end was obviously a black, soft-spoke female, who asked to confirm MY name and MYstreet address!!!!!  MomUnit, not knowing what was up, went on the “Who?  No idea who you’re talking about!?! Who are you?” mode (the right thing IMO) and on that, they immediately hung up.

Slightly nervous making.  I’ve had a few death threats in the comments here and in the emails, but nothing I take too seriously.  That being said, I’m not worried about MomUnit… where she lives is, well, lets just say the particular place she chose for retirement?  LOTS of celebutards, monies and security out the ass… what does concern me is the randomness of it… I mean like outside of family, I don’t think anyone would ever be able to connect MomUnit and I outside like that…  The last time I had any sort of connection that might be traceable was  when I was in Iraq…

So I’m getting soft-probed.
Me No Likey.
Head is now on FULL swivel.
Dammit… After I told Wifey, she shit.  She’s not used to such antics.  So, because the DotGov cheese is gone, as soon as I got home, I put the Titanium Skull Bucket up on Ebay.  $800 opener, $1500 Buy It Now so’s I can go to CostCo and get a full security Camera suite.  I’m not too concerned, but Wifey is, and what upsets her, makes me livid.

And, to whomever is playing fuck-fuck games, If y’all are reading this, let’s get together.

I’m always up for a discussion of the current political/socio-economic and racial issues of the day.  If I can rectify all of your action issues with transformational deconfliction through a effective application synergistic minute-of-angle, I’ll be MORE than happy to meet up.  I can then, hopefully, expand your thought process kinetically with an optimal application of approximately 3600 joules of energy.

So, Off to bedHopefully to SleepMore Later I Remain The Intrepid ReporterBig Country

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  1. Loose lips sink ships Biggie. You’ve been careless with OpSec.
    I know you love her to death, but Missus Biggies FIRST AND LAST NAME are in the fecesbook link you provided to help her vote count. Yoy’ve mentioned what major city is near you. The rest isn’t all that hard.

    1. Hes gonna keep at it until wifey leaves his ass or some left wing nut job pops him or her getting in the car. Might just be a government thing too. Nobody will ever know. Just another Florida man thing for the local talking heads. Pandering for quarters on the internet is dangerous business these days.

    2. Kinda late to criticize BCE for putting bits of his personal info on his blog, but what’s done is done.
      Some of us are already well known from showing up at 2A rallies and involvement in other pro-freedom activities. If not that, then pro-2A or pro-military bumper stickers on your vehicle parked in your driveway or simply flying an American flag on the 4th of July might be enough.
      The other side wants us completely cowed into silence.
      At some point the attitude gets to be I’ll live my life as I see fit and if trouble comes I’ll deal with it then.
      If nothing else it should be motivation to train and stay in practice, ‘cuz you never know…

      Home Security Camera System wise I would go with something like this:
      and the Hard Drive to go along with it:
      Also a nice bright tactical flashlight something like this:

      1. Thanks Wendy
        Completely Agree: “I’ll live my life as I see fit and if trouble comes I’ll deal with it then”
        Not my first rodeo, and to Hedge, you seem to enjoy the site, so what’s wrong with “pandering”? Unlike the shmuck on the street begging shekels, I work at this shit. DAILY. Ain’t easy coming up with new and entertaining commentary for you guys, believe you me. The occasional donation helps immensely with the expenses around here, and actually kept my head above water when I was between jobs before.

    3. Agreed, but hey, Like I said, -I’m- Not that worried… NOT the first time I’ve had a ‘death mark’ on me… First time was a 25K reward by Al Queda in Iraq for my head… literally. By name. BLM ain’t got shit on them, and I -did- tell Wifey when I poasted that that it was ‘unzipping my fly’ so to speak but hey… tis what it tis

  2. For a couple hundred bucks, you could invest in a basic camera linked to a smug-phone: Might make a savings.

  3. That common task manual has a few useful pieces, it’s main value is understanding how the conventional military fights. However, anyone acting as a partisan would do well not to emulate a large conventional military force. Even our own military should not be pretending there will ever be another World War II again. Read the great new book “the new rules of war” for more on this.

      1. Have you read the booklet SIX WAYS IN – 12 WAYS OUT ? If you have, what is your opinion of it ?

        I’ve never been in the military, just an ordinary hunter. But that book appears to have some good information for the forager.

  4. Yes, a camera system is a good idea! How are you going to power it? The grid? Dont! Depending on the size of your camera system, you can power it with a couple of hundred watts of solar panels and deep cycle batteries. This PV system can also then recharge cell phones, radios and a few lights. Remember you may need additional IR lights for your night vision cameras. You can also get solar or 12 V powered motion detectors. It is all really simple to do and you can start out small! You can also get inside audio alearts for your motion detectors, so you can view the monitors. Of course you can have it all computerized, just remember how it is powered and have a back up, no power, no workey!

  5. FYI the Patreon link comes up to an error page. Okay, plan B. Tried locating you in Patreon and your name does not come up.

  6. Well, assuming it wasn’t an old girl friend from many years ago trying to find you to show up at your door step with your son or daughter whom you didn’t know about who wants to meet their father and needs help paying for their college education…
    Then I guess a probe to confirm identity and location by someone on the other side is the next most logical conclusion.

    The other side seems to be pretty big on doxxing. Something about “knowing your enemy” that I have seen mentioned on sites on our side too.
    It wouldn’t surprise me if some of the donations to “fight hate” go towards paying people to check out “right wing” sites going online to places on our side and start building up lists and link trees of sites, handles of bloggers and commentators and links to other sites to further check out. They probably have quite a data base.

    No worries though – Having survived a reckless youth, the military as a REMF and many years of a boring fat happy lazy civilian life, once I finally got old enough not to care, and having decided that going out fighting is preferable to being a helpless victim and dying anyway in a re-education camp or from dementia in old age, it’s a lot easier to be out there and live openly about being a Patriot.

    As to yourself, I hate to say it, but with some of the pictures and links you have posted of you and yours in the past they could probably figure out who you are if they really wanted to.

    If people like “yoga hotwife Jen” can get doxxed and outed, any of us can.

    But so what, if they plan to bring it, it just saves us the trouble of looking for them.
    Think of one of the quotes attribute to U.S. Marine Corps Lt. Gen. Lewis “Chesty” Puller’s when he was surrounded at the Chosin Reservoir: “Great. Now we can shoot at those bastards from every direction.”

    As to security, am surprised you don’t already some kind of home camera security system. You can spend a lot less money on your own system. Maybe buy something like this:

    Security Cameras System

    Western Digital AV 500GB 8MB Cache SATA2 3.5″ Hard Drive for CCTV DVR

    Maybe even get a bit sneaky and have a totally separate camera set up and well hidden aside from the other obvious ones, preferably off your property (if you have friendly neighbors) giving a wide angle distant view of your house.

    Also I think adding some bright lights facing out from the house that could be turned on would be a good idea, since they love to shine their bright lights to blind their intended victims during darkness.

    Something like this is what some people keep in the car to give them a tactical advantage if something were to go down while driving and suddenly encountering a group of ne’er do wells at night:

    Rechargeable Led Flashlight, 90000 Lumens

    You may want to talk to your neighbors about “what if BLM shows up on our street?” if you haven’t already in order to identify who would be on your side if SHTF in your immediate area.

    You can put whatever extra cash you can save putting together your own system towards the M1A and ammo, mags, scopes, sling, rifle case, rangefinder, bug out bags somewhere located off your property, etc. etc.

    Just my thoughts.

    1. Isn’t there anywhere else to shop except Amoozoon and giving Boozooos more and m ore money so he can keep doing his sh11t? I get so tired of this. We have to stop feeding the beast!

  7. Another thought:
    SWATing is a thing.
    Sometimes the @$$holes pull the stunt of sitting in a car down the block and calling the cops about a man in front of his house with a gun pointing it at people or beating his wife to get the police to respond and check you out with guns drawn and a hair trigger mindset.
    So maybe a good idea to have a plan to immediately determine who exactly is banging on the front door – if you open the door and get immediately pepper sprayed by a punk it’s not good, but opening the door with a gun drawn and ready and it turns out to be the police is not a good thing either.
    An attorney phone number on an index card with your other in case of emergency numbers that your wife can call if you do get taken in to be checked out for something you got accused of or if you do have to defend yourself against some idiot would be a good idea.
    Having $500 or $1000 cash (Federal Reserve Notes – not gold bars or junk silver or bitcoin/non fungible tokens) on hand for emergencies is a very good idea. It might even come to having to get bailed out after being arrested for disorderly conduct or whatever after having to physically defend oneself from the actions of some idiot who wants to get physical if the police feel they have to take you in as well as the other party or to de-escalate the situation.
    Pain in the @$$ to have to plan and prepare for all this $h!t, but it’s still better to live an honest life and have to guard against the thieves and other evil people and enjoy every day possible with loved ones while in relatively good health and in relatively good times.
    We’re in a long run up to something, that much seems more certain every day.

    1. All good points, I would add that a few trail cameras covertly placed would be an added layer, if the power is cut on a wired in camera, or the internet link to a wireless battery powered set up is cut, then there’s at least some record of nefarious activity.
      In addition putting some fake mock up or old non working cameras up in some places where they can’t be missed as a head fake to cover the location of the real ones might be in order.

    1. It’s made by Condor… I found it in a store, but the model is an MA61 in the Condor Catalog

  8. You get what you pay for with security camera systems. Avoid cheap DVR based systems. In the past 12 months I’ve installed 2 Reolink systems and 1 Lorex, and did service on an older DVR based system.

    You don’t want a DVR. NVRs are superior in every way.

    The Lorex is a bit nicer, but costs twice as much as a Reolink kit, and the Reolink has better software for remote viewing on your phone, and a better AI that doesn’t get set off all the time when birds and little shit move around.

    The biggest thing for me is an NVR kit uses POE. (power over ethernet). Pull one CAT6 cable to wherever you want the cam, tip it and you’re done. No fucking around with transformers or power supplies at each individual cam.

    Reolink 16 chan

    Reolink 8 chan


    An 8 channel is probably enough for most houses, and the kit comes with 4 cameras. You can add more ala cart on the site.

    Good luck.

  9. Just to make a guess, I assume it was nobody professional. Nobody govvie. They shouldn’t need to call your mom to find you. Maybe an amateur or a second-rate private eye? .Gov wouldn’t need to call your mom and a professional might come up with a better lie to sucker her into giving up info. They train on liaison and rapport for a reason. I assume they have your name, so now it’s just tracking down property/car/tax records, etc. That won’t be hard. So they have or soon will have your location and other data.

    I figure a camera setup is a good idea. A lot of people like the Ring-type door bell/camera systems. I don’t like being connected to the net with my security/camera system, but at least you can get constant updates from those types of systems, no matter where you are.

    My buddy installed cameras all over the outside and some areas inside his house. He fosters kids and it comes in handy to see who is coming around and what the kid is up to at night. His current kid isn’t too bright, so she never figured out how he knew all the stuff she was up to. (She was smart enough to lock his dog in the basement to keep him from barking during a midnight visit.) His motion detector/cell-connected cameras came in handy when some meth heads starting coming around. IIRC, you got the canine front covered, so nobody is likely to sneak up on you.

    A camera watching traffic might be a good idea. Something that can catch license plates. Catching traffic and plates would be useful if the same strange car keeps coming by. I don’t know your layout, but even a trail cam might help, if you can hide it.

    I put up a fence around my property and keep the gate locked at all times to keep the riffraff out and my riffraff in. It pays off every day I’m not pestered by missionaries, salescrooks, and fundraisers. It was a pain in the butt to install, but it saved a lot over paying someone else. We’ve had some bad guys in my neighborhood, but none in my yard, and my kid can play outside safe.

    If you have a garage, I assume it’s full of crap like mine is. Consider moving your daily driver inside it, if you can. Being able to move it inside keeps it safe from low-level trouble and keeps people guessing if you’re home or not. If your garage has windows, like mine, consider bars to keep unwanted guests out.

    Another useful thing you might try is a motion-triggered alarm at the entry/driveway. There are a variety to pick from. Mine is 18650 battery-powered because the driveway is longer than I feel like running power and I pushed the alarm (mine can support 4 sensors on one ringer inside) all the way to the gate with a couple more past it. I think the solar-powered option might be better than having to go out and replace the batteries on mine at frequent intervals. Another drawback is wind can cause false alarms. Still, it’s a useful tool.

    My buddy lives in the WV mountains. Up there, folks defend their property with a lot of zeal and he warned me to never stop on the side of the road for anything, lest someone take a shot. He keeps motion detectors at both ends of his property along the road so he knows when someone passes by. He’s listening for 2 chimes, signifying they didn’t stop in front of his place. If he hears only one, it lets him know if someone is trying to pick his blackberries, or worse.

    Are you friendly with your neighbors? It wouldn’t hurt to ask them if they’ve seen anything suspicious and to keep their eyes open for anything unusual. You don’t necessarily have to tell them it’s you, either. “Hey man, I saw a weird car stop in front of your place yesterday for half an hour. The dude just sat there, looked around, I think he took some pics, and left. I’m going to keep my eyes open and please let me know if you see anything weird, too…” I’ve actually seen that happen at my old house and it was strange as hell. Neighbors can be useful for spotting stuff, especially if you got a nosey old lady nearby. You might have some friendly neighbors who are home a lot due to Covid, so it can’t hurt.

    Finally, I don’t know what kind of law services you. If you’re friendly with your local sheriff, perhaps you can have a conversation?

    Speaking of conversation, caution your close people about talking, posting, and saying anything about what you’re doing. My family have trouble keeping their mouths shut online. I have to repeat that warning over and over.
    Do you use local trash service or a transfer station? Depending on your location, transfer stations can be an alternative to leaving your stuff out for people to paw through. Alternatively, dropping your garbage in someone else’s can or dumpster keeps it safe from dumpster divers.

    I hope you’re just being paranoid, but as my buddy used to say, “just cuz’ you’re paranoid doesn’t mean people ain’t out to getcha’.” Sorry if I’m telling you crap you already know.

    1. Nonono… Greatly appreciate the time you took. Many thanks for your efforts and some good ideas in there… hadn’t thought of the trail camera… I like that

    2. I would also recommend a zip tie on the garage door pull down if you have one.
      Easy enough to cut if you to use it, but it prevents someone from slipping a bent out wire clothes hanger in and pulling the cord down by the handle and granting them access to your garage.

  10. “I mean how many of those BLM assholes marching around had obvious Airsoft weapons?”
    “The odds of a LOT of those guys being able to legally possess some of that firepower, Pretty fucking slim.”
    “Hence, they cleaned out the Airsoft guns and paint over the orange tip, thereby giving them the appearance of being geared up ”
    And you know this to be factual intel/reality how? You don’t. You’re making an ASSumption, based on nothing but your biased hubris.
    You’re a Copsucker at heart, a Cucksetvative Inc. shill, and a CuckPAC Gloryhhole staffer.
    Blog on, meme on, and grift on….your Presidential sELECTION was stolen, Murikan’…….by communists, multigays, bulldaggers, limp-wrists, Low-T Beta-Cucks, illegal alien shitholers, niggers, jews, and muslims.
    Without a shot being fired, a punch thrown, or a single fistfight.
    Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha!

    1. Well, isn’t that special. That’s your first and only freebie. Don’t come to -my- house, shit on the floor and expect to be welcome. The banhammer awaits, and you can move on. You -obviously- are new here…

  11. I used your link and picked up both books plus the Ranger Handbook for about $50 bucks. I guess you get a taste since that went thru your link. Do you know a source for field manuals (FM’s) and maybe old gun owner manuals?
    If so, please post a link so you get a taste.

    I’m trying to build my library of useful books. Also thinking that when the time comes for loaning bangsticks to neighbors, an owners manual and cleaning out along with stick food might be a good idea.
    As to game cameras, I use them on my long driveway in. Tells me who was around, although it’s after the fact. Only issue is you need to pull the card and download it or change cards every week or so.

    1. Hey, Retired Cop, Check out duckduckgo and search for military manuals. There are tons of free sites. Federation of American Scientists has a bunch. https://fas.org/irp/doddir/army/index.html

      You can find tons of them free online if you search around. If your handy with torrents, you can find tons of them on thepiratebay and elsewhere, too.

  12. Do a search on eBay for “loop detectors”. These are the electronics boxes that control things like parking garage time card dispensers, etc.

    They are really simple to hook up and can be had very cheap. Look at the manufacturers name and model number before you bid and do a Google search for the manual which is usually just a few pages. You run a twisted pair out to a spot near the entrance of the driveway and bury a loop of wire – something like 3 feet by 8 feet just 2 or 3 inches below the surface. I just used a shovel to open a tiny slot in the dirt next to the driveway and stuffed the wire in just a couple of inches deep all the way out to the loop.

    I have one that I got for $12 and hooked it up with a doorbell and a doorbell transformer. Whenever a vehicle passes over the loop, the doorbell rings. You have my e-mail address, so if you’re inclined to go this route, and you’d like some device-specific instructions, shoot me an e-mail with the make and model number and I’ll explain how to hook it up.

  13. Just used the links. I know it ain’t much, but positive jingle is better than none or negative… … gathering my coins for a “project”….

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